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  1. This may have been discussed so forgive me. How is it that he is in 7 of the 9 movies plus solo and we really don't see him go on a rampage and take out some bad guys singlehandedly. For being the mighty Chewbacca his biggest moment is winging Kylo I guess? Maybe I am forgetting something
  2. I get the criticisms of TROS , is that what we are calling it? Just saw it last night. I will say I enjoyed watching it which is what I want from a movie. I want to see it again. I really don't have a desire to see TLJ again.
  3. I dont get all the hate on some boards when we have very little. I am stoked but wonder if this will end up a Star Wars Greatest Hits album..or a This Is Your Life episode
  4. Trghpu1994


    Happy Birthday
  5. Hoping ffg trolls everyone on April fools day and screws with the point values just to blow the forum up
  6. Wait..are they setting us up for a Maul bio Flic?? good point btw. Hadn't thought of that
  7. Then why did Maul flash the lightsaber? Just to remind her of who's boss? Maybe she is force sensitive.
  8. That is my concern, there are so many interesting charatchers we could do dozens of movies. I think I would prefer a Rebels style cartoon show where there could be some good character development.
  9. Wow I wasn't even close in spelling. Too lazy to look it up this morning. It almost felt like they left it open for a sequel which I am not sure I want. Even thought I enjoyed the movie. I would be interested in a bounty hunters /smugglers tv series
  10. Was it just me or did Maul look like he packed on some pounds after his limb attachment procedure? Or the hologram adds some pounds. Is Kera (Don't know how to spell it) supposed to be a Jedi apprentice to Mail or a non jedi but still an apprentice type?
  11. Just watched it. Enjoyed it. Had zero expectations. Why can't the people that produced this one and Rogue one work on the sequels?
  12. I think I would be more interested in a bounty hunter/smuggler tv series be it animated or live action that starred Lando. I think it would be more interesting if done well. There are so many characters out there to pick from a series could do more justice to a character development. Not that the mouse ears are concerned with that
  13. Did someone say BLT?? Oh my bad..im starving
  14. Not sure about this. I like obi wan but the book was meh. Plus spending 90 minutes watching him be a hermit??
  15. Mincemeat is my favorite by far..however a close second is Apple. Apple is an excellent wingman..of course if I do triple aces I would throw in a turtle cheesecake...no combo can beat that..dang now i want pie
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