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  1. Congratulations to the winner and everyone else who played. For the rest of us that need some games to watch are there any more vods of the final 4's games? With the quarantine going on it would be great to have some games to look at.
  2. More like how to make it where they can still sell it at a relatively affordable price. Balanced also helps a little.
  3. Yeah I never got it. FFG is trying break the gray up but they did it poorly. I've painted over them and then added more subtle smaller panel changes to create a sense of depth. They should of had slight color changes and much much smaller panels.
  4. I'm still waiting to hear if the 4th top 4 finisher is rebel or imperial but I wouldn't be surprised if it was rebel. My point is not knocking the players or their lists just merely stating that if we have 3 world championship finals in a row with the top 4 all being rebels I'm disappointed. Now what conclusions you want to draw from that is another story and I'm still thinking what it means myself. With the best players in the world attending playing both rebel and imperials I was hoping to finally see an imperial player break into the top 4. Why it's so hard for some of the best in the world to do that...I don't fully know.
  5. Do we have yet another all Rebel final??? Yawn
  6. My comment was more about the disappointment that the day 1 guys aren't picking up the slack and giving us more news. I don't expect any updates from the guys that are playing today.
  7. Missing the quality reporting we got from day one.
  8. Congrats to the top 2 and JJ making another final 4. Still a little disappointed that we don't have an imperial in the top 2 however. Hope the Empire can rebound day 2. The rebel domination needs to end.
  9. Thank you for all of the updates guys, appreciate your efforts. Any chance of some more pictures from the top tables?
  10. Congrats to JJ! Now someone upload a log file!
  11. Very nice turnout in SoCal. Maybe I'll have to drive in from AZ next year.
  12. I placed 2nd in the Phoenix regional winning all 3 games but in the end I didn't win by big enough margins. Round 1 I slowed down my ISD into a Gladiator sandwich and it cost me my ISD and I had a feeling it would cost me getting an 8-3 instead of a 9-2 or 10-1. The tournament was very well ran and it was nice to get 16 out considering the past 2 only had 10.
  13. Aresius vs BMcDonald7 ended with Aresius winning 296 - 142. Aresius chose 2nd player and we played his precision strike. Aresius flew well and avoided my attempts to block Liberty in to a death zone with my Demo and Avenger. Liberty is surprisingly maneuverable with 1 notch on the first joint for speed 3 and with a NAV dial he was able to find space and ET away. Demo having a double arc to the rear resulted in only 1 damage getting through to the hull thanks to some crappy dice rolls (I missed OE). MY demo now blocked my ISD from being able to catch up with Liberty and Demo went down to squads. His squads cleaned mine up and that was about it. We both got 8 tokens. Very well played game by Aresius, nice flying. My dice sucked for most of the game and it seemed like whenever I needed an accuracy they weren't there, it happens. GL in the next round!
  14. I'll be at the AZ regional but I'll Let Daht secure the lists
  15. Aresius vs BMcDonald7 is scheduled for next Sunday at 8pm +1GMT / 1 PM -6 GMT
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