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  1. All the information I've heard the progression was: Clone troopers grown and co-oped by Ben Kenobi. becomes the major armed ground force of the Republic. Republic co-oped by Palpatine, Order 666, becomes the Galactic Empire. Clone troopers phased out for Storm Troopers. Somewhere for some reason an Imperial Army is created, Han Solo enlisted in it, and it fights on some planet.
  2. But see this don't seem to hold up. If Stormtroopers are the new Troop, why are prolific in holding down a Terminal in Coriellia 3 years before Solo is shooting it out in the Army as a mud trooper? I don't think they are bad, or a problem, for the movie, loved the movie, but I wish someone would lay out a TOE for the various phases for the Empire, and then make some directors stick to it.
  3. Watched Solo.. Some minor spoilers..but when you combine in Solo, R1, ANH, ESB, ROTJ, and you now have storm troopers: Solo – Acting like Roid Raging TSA agents. But not really participating in the battle on unnamed planets? Rogue 1, Acting like garrison troopers in Space, and on Space Ships, but not external to the facility, where Shore Troopers are the external security force? ANH where they do a ship boarding actions?, And Do SAR for Droids, and garrison the Death Star? And act again like TSA agents on Tattooine? ESB, where they take over Bespin, and various other actions, but Snow Troopers take Echo Base? ROTJ when they again garrison the Death Star, and garrison the shield generator when they aren't losing to Teddy bears? And compounding the issue, now in Solo you see that the empire has a normal army. So if Stormtroopers are Marine equivalents, why are they guarding a Terminal in Solo, and transporting Kyber Crystals in R1? If they are a special Ops unit, why are they garrisoning the Death Stars/ Shield Generators? If they are the main troopers for the Empire, why are they not the main participants in the fight on whatever planet Solo was fighting on? I mean I do understand your talking about 5 movies over 40+ years, and several of them with no real continuity director. But they should think these out a little.
  4. I want there to be Force using Luke! He can be the I'll be in my Bunk image from ESB, Sans hand, all Daddy can feel me emo, and he grants you a target lock!
  5. If you can make an app that changes card configuration, I’m sure you can also make the app react to some things that would create problems for the game. If you agree with the OP’s Tie swarm is great at 5 ships, but OP at 6 ships, if this actually proves to be true, chances are that you could change your app so the first 5 ships cost X, but the 6th ship cost X+2, or so. Chances are they should do this anyway, to promote diversity it builds and ship types. 2 Ties might cost 10 points (fictional, but go with it) but the 3rd might cost 12, and the 4th might cost 14. This also is a win as it will cause some people to freak right out, proclaiming that they own X many ridiculous number of X ships, and any change to the game that invalidates the 5 for the cost of 1 deal they got in 2014 when that one store was closing is Right Out.
  6. Massive amount of over reaction on an issue people can't even be sure exists. And even if something thats is not properly considered makes it to game release, FFG has said they will be balancing the game through the Point cost, and I'm sure Errata if it proved to be something that needs that level of detail. Either way, its silly to panic over this, and its really amusing to see people denounce a game mechanic they don't even know exists.
  7. I'm hoping the clear out some of the old none cannon stuff. If it wasn't in the new books, Clone Wars, Rebels, Movies, Chances are it should go. I understand that isn't what some people want, but some disappointment is inevitable no matter what they do.
  8. Right now its going to cost me about $150. 1 conversion box, 1 new core, 1 new x wing, 1 new y wing, and presumably 1 new Bwing, perhaps a new Awing. I've kept my Falcon, yt2400, I'm hoping to trade my current Xwings, Y wings, Lemba, Jump Master, and assorted none rebel other ships for a ghost, and Sabine's Tie. Maybe Arc170. Ohh and that Wookie Gunship.
  9. The main advantage of 2.0 is the promise it has of clearing out some of the massive amounts of hurt on these boards. And returning some of the more iconic movie ships to prominence.
  10. Why is this a sacrifice? Isn't a ship in false colors about the most skum and villany thing to do?
  11. I'd like to see it as a heavy support slot. Perhaps 3 guys, and it has to be set up to shoot. What might be great is it it comes with a Storm trooper Eweb, A snow trooper eweb, and a scout Eweb. All int he same box, a bit more expensive.
  12. At this point, I somewhat wonder if the license keeps them from pushing into clone war. If you look at the miniature games they present, they seem to avoid clone war as a rule somewhat. With that said, I think that the Mouse is a little conflicted about the prequels. Somewhat universally panned, I'm sure one of the thoughts was perhaps they should be redone. But how can you do that easily? So in someways I think they are kind of isolating them and trying to build more around other portions of the universe before they dive into that bit of mess. It might be that one of the small consequences of that is that FFG's license doesn't extend in that direction. That said, I'd like to see a clone war armies, someday. But I'd like it better if we saw some more stuff in the Galactic civil war, and maybe the resistance and first order.
  13. I wish they did the Red Army 2 man 1 rifle bit. First man shoot. When he dies second man shoots.
  14. I feel I called it. What’s more, the First Order and Resistance have been reformed into their own distinct factions, separate from the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire, with their own themes, strengths, and weaknesses. They should just make more Factions now.
  15. I think they should just bike the bullet and announce Separatist, Clone, Resistance, and First Order now. Even if they are a bit of unfunded mandates..
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