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  1. Seems an odd choice to expand a game called Outter Rim to, ya know, not the Outter Rim. If that were the direction I think you would see it called something else.
  2. Right, its just going to have more than the 70. And that is really the issue, both aesthetically and mechanically it will be very similar, but since its a "later model" it just gets more. It isn't going to fill a drastically different role, but will have more bells and whistles. And while I understand there isn't a ton of stuff out yet, but that almost makes it way worse to then release another X-wing into the faction.
  3. Adding the T-85 to Resistance would be problematic, similar to how the 75 just outclassed the 65 in 1.0 there is no way to add in a upgraded version of the ship and not just make it better than what it replaces. That is besides the fact that I think its better to just get some new ship designs out there. Another X-wing and another Interceptor (less of a problem as the FO no longer has any access to one) just isn't as cool as really exploring the desgin space and adding in a new ship that is more unique in its appearance and role on the mat.
  4. Reoccurring charges are a rare thing, so remembering to flip it back is usually pretty easy. For the most part it is the same as flipping the card from 1.0. Use the item flip the charge instead of the card, and done. I don't think you will have any issues with adjusting.
  5. Based on what I have heard from my local store as well as other with similar stories any preorder issues rest entirely with FFG not the seller. FFG seems to routinely tell stores that they will receive more product than they do (anecdotal evidence from multiple sources so take it for what it is). Both MM and CSI have (as I have heard) great about customer service when these issues arise, it is unfortunate, but all FFG preorders are pretty suspect.
  6. Actions are so much more of a premium now, so red maneuvers are much more costly. Its a nice tool to have when needed but shouldn't be abusive in gameplay.
  7. PastrySandwich


    I just call him Steve.
  8. It wouldn't matter if these movies predicted drastically different eras, they are gonna be required to create product tie-ins to anything new or they will lose their license.
  9. Sure if they end up having to make less bases overall there is room to come down a little on the price, but you still have an issue with the lost/broken pieces. You can't just have people have to buy a new core set just to get a single base to fly the ship they just paid for in a blister. The packaging and shipping on that is going to price it basically at cost. I don't see it being a real option, not to mention that you are asking stores to give up valuable shelf space. That being said, I think the biggest hurdle is the mentality of the situation. Regardless of people actually being able to save money to a hypothetical situation, you are asking them to sell a incomplete product. That's a tough one. Even if most people (and they probably do) just open a pack and throw components into a bag, case, etc with everything else, you know when you buy the product it is whole. That is really a big deal. And I get that if you put up the two head-to-head with or without that 95% is probably buying that cheaper one, but that isn't what people are seeing. In this situation, they are only seeing 1 item at a 1 price that doesn't include all the parts it needs. Rational or not, buying something that requires something else just to assemble is not going to feel great for the consumer and is just something companies aren't gonna want to do.
  10. I was specifically speaking towards the mentality the OP stated that if you want to fly a swarm than you should have no problem buying multiple core sets since you are OK with buying more product in the first place. I disagree with that as a good reason to approach it this way. I was not looking at what was actually the most efficient, which may be your way. I like to fly named myself.
  11. I think you are a bit overestimated on that. But either way, just because the swarm player is willing to buy more ships to fly a swarm that doesn't make sense that they should also be required to buy additional core sets. It isn't like the only reason they are flying a swarm is because they need a reason to spend money. Then, of course, you run into the issue of people breaking, losing, or otherwise damaging the accessories. And any gains that would have been made in packing/shipping are wiped out in a single manufacturing run for just an accessory pack. FFG would have to jack up the price to an absurd level to make it make sense.
  12. Solemn doesn't equal wise, but Yoda just wasn't a goofy clumsy character. He appears that way and to see how Luke would react and once he sees that Luke is ignoring him as a hindrance to finding this "great Jedi warrior" he understands he is not ready, he even says as much. From that point forward his entire demeanor has changed, the mask is off so to speak. Yoda in TLJ is played off as a "Remember how fun he was when he showed up in Empire?" instead of who the character was shown to actually be. He never had to show up in the movie, but if you are going to add him it should be well thought out, not in "just cuz". In fact Yoda is a great example on why so much failed in TLJ. He is a master class on how to subvert expectations of the auidence. Luke heads out to find this great warrior, a master with the Force. When he lands he finds an annoying little creature. Neither Luke (as a character) nor the audience think much of the creature. So it makes the reveal that he is Yoda that much more powerful. Like Luke the audience assumes that Yoda could not be a great warrior as he is so small and frail. As a story telling element this gives us so much more about the Force. Instead of having to spell it out for you, you can "see" how powerful the force is. It allowed someone so small and seemingly unimportant one of the most powerful beings in the galaxy. For the characters, Luke's failure to notice showcases how he truly is not ready. He jumps to conclusions and is impatient. Something that will come up again soon as he feels he must to help his friends, bailing on his training only to be easily bested by Vader and losing his hand and lightsaber in the process. He was shown not to be ready, but rushed off anyways, leading to his lowest point. In just one example, contrast this to Rey. TLJ tries to subvert the expectations by making Rey's parents meaningless. The whole story so far is "they must be important" and in the Star Wars universe lineage has produced some important things (you can even see that here as people still want to discuss who her parents must have been). Except nothing comes of that. That is it. She is a nobody and it was done for the sake of doing it. There is no bearing in her growth as a character there is no bearing on the plot at all. It could have been so easy for her to use that she is a nobody FOR growth. Look at Luke's lineage and he has failed, look at Ben's lineage and his failure. Her lack of important parents could be the reason why she succeeds. Soooooooo much of TLJ were things like this. One offs to designed to subvert the audience but then had no payoff. No reason to do it other than just to do it.
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