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  1. I mean there is always another FAQ coming, and its always gonna nerf certain builds and indirect boosts to others so... I guess this one has more reality, but in the end if you don't know if its true or when it releases how is it any different than just assuming a meta list is gonna get FAQ'd next?
  2. Sabine Falcon or riot.
  3. Scarcity makes a collectors market, not quality. There was far more garbage produced for the films before Disney took over, While I wouldn't call all of what the House of Mouse drops out as great quality items, it sure as **** isn't worse than when Lucas ran the show.
  4. The biggest reason they won't is they don't feel they need to. They are happy with the play test process as of now, or at least happy with any changes they have made over time to that process. Regardless of what this forum states, they know the customer-base a bit better, and if play testing is sufficient/insufficient they will make those adjustments as they think its needed. Besides it isn't like just add more play testing is some magical panacea that just fixes everything.
  5. Rly -- Han Starwalker, Bounty Hunter
  6. Stuff won't release for a long time and FFG has like 30 new products that are releasing before then, its time to let those breathe. Or, Clearly the game is dead, there are no more ship ideas, Disney is stifling all things x-wing, etc, etc.
  7. I don't have any hate for a netlister I just don't understand it. Building a list is like half the fun of the game. Its deck building and that's great. It is so much fun to find a combo and build around it or find some great synergy. Also when you THINK you have a great combo and its an utter trash fire on the mat can be equally as fun (for other reasons). I will amend my point to account for these. I have no problem with a netlister, but I will agree netlisters tend to have, anecdotally, far more sore losers. Netlisting seems far more in line with the WAAC mentality. Seems people that went out of their way to make sure they brought the "best" list to the mat get very upset if that list doesn't just auto win. I find this especially true if they simply get outflown or are totally unprepared to face a list made of "random garbage". End of the day fly whatever the **** you want, but its a game with toys, so have fun about it.
  8. So double the number of crits needed? Two crits for a card.
  9. It actually seems surprisingly balanced for such a simple solution. Clearly there would need some other tweaks, but it seems close.
  10. You realize that is like exactly what Lucas did right? In the early days Lucas had very little power to enforce his "vision" (which you can see when he had no one question his ideas we got the turds that were the prequels). About 90% of all the things people love about star wars was not due to Lucas but to the many others that worked on the project, but they rarely receive any credit. And Lucas was always about the M.O.N.E.Y. His decisions during the entire process were totally motivated around selling toys he held the **** merchandising rights. Empire quite literally invented the merchandising marketing for movies that is so commonplace today. Star Wars has been a toy franchise, not a movie one, since day one. Even with Disney's, recent, uptick in marketing and merchandising items, they have nothing on the amount of garbage Lucas put his brand on. And not to say any of that is bad. Just you can't pretend that Lucas was doing this for the art of the situation, he was in it for the money as much as Disney is.
  11. There are a few of these out there already. However, none of them actual work to any practical degree as of yet. Eventually though in a generation or two of miniatures games I would imagine that they are built around this type fo stuff where, while planning you can run visualizations of your own and your opponents moves.
  12. I'm guessing that has more to do with your "hardcore tourney goers" than the ships in the wave.
  13. Looks pretty similar to the wookie ship (color scheme aside).
  14. He is spot on though, I mean last time we had 30 years before we got new on screen ships and the game just barely made it through. You think we get that lucky again?
  15. Depends on the context really, but in general it refers to two areas. Either it is the attitude of gameplay this would be counter to the win at all costs (WAAC) mindset that arises in many miniatures games communities. Basically this would be its a game, treat it as a game. If you opponent inadvertently bumps a ship its not the end of the world, that kinda stuff. Otherwise, it is the attitude of how to play. The idea that there is no "correct" way to play x-wing or to not follow the meta. That kinda stuff. Overall, when anyone is talking about flying casual the idea is to take the game less serious and try to enjoy it more. It keeps it as a game, and makes it much more inviting for new players. The fly casual mentality that has been openly supported by FFG is a big reason the game grew as much and as quickly as it did.