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  1. Sorry to necro this thread, but this is exactly what I have been looking for. I've been racking my brain for about a week for something and this post led me right to it.
  2. If you're asking for my outline for the campaign all I can tell you is that it isn't ready yet. I've got a general idea that I'm fleshing out, but I keep getting bogged down in the details. Some of the things I want to explore is the Bendu and the philosophy of balance to the Force. Especially focusing on maintaining that balance in ones self. I want a three part mcguffin that has a light side piece, a dark side piece that fits into one big piece. I'm thinking about three holocrons that fit together and act as a waystone that leads to Tython in some way, either as a navigational computer or it leads to something that acts as a Stargate. Each part of the mcguffin will have it's own adventure where the characters are exposed to the ideals of the light side and the dark side. I also want some sort of interaction with the Whills.
  3. In some ways I'd like to see an on-line index. Something to let me know that race is in what book and stuff like that.
  4. Reprints are at the top of my list. Settings books would be nice. As much as I don't like the new trilogy, I'd still probably buy a Settings book if it had crunchy stuff. I don't want to see a 2nd edition, but a Rule expansion with a few upgrades could be nice. I like new gear, but I'd also like to see starship upgrade or customization options. I could also be happy with a GM's guide.
  5. FWIW, there are some great artists out there who do commissions for reasonable prices. You could probably get something customized if you wanted.
  6. I am looking into running a Discord game in the near future. My group of friends have all married off and moved to the four corners and we haven't played in years. I figured that we might try running a Discord game. I'm curious to hear from those who have successfully run a game this way. How did you handle dice rolling? How did the game go? Any problems I should be on the look out for?
  7. Hmm I had an inspiration while sitting in the inspiration place a.k.a. bathroom. It's amazing all the thoughts you can have there, but I digress. I think the messenger will have an assistant who is an Imperial agent and do all the double crossing. Especially after the party finds the maguffin.
  8. I'm coming out of GM retirement and running a game and I seek some advice. Are there any suggestions for coming up with good Star Wars names for characters and planets? I have a planet that is like the state of Montana and it needs a name. I also have an Indiana Jones knockoff character that needs a name. Any suggestions? I also have a problem with my first adventure. I've got a couple of ideas, but I want to start kinda slow. The first adventure will introduce the general theme but I'm not sure how i want to go. The adventure kicks off with the players at "home" and they get a call from a friend of their parents who will deliver a message and the plot hook. Parents are archeologists who are off world searching for societies that were early jedi/bendu. They uncover something that suggests an important artifact is on the home planet. My problem is dealing with the messenger. Part of me wants him to be a returning supporting character and above reproach. Another part of me wants him to be a double agent for the Empire. A third part of me wants him to be impersonating the messenger and working for the Empire. I'm worried that if I use the betrayal theme right out of the gate my players will be immediately distrustful of all new npcs. What do you suggest.
  9. I like that and agree with your point about it being a bit too passive and not setting up the in-media-res. I was thinking about using the crawl as a campign crawl and then breaking it down further by session chapters, but that mucks things up too much. Time to revise a little more. Originally I wanted to run a series set post ROTJ, but that doesn't work with the character backgrounds I have planned. So I'm thinking it's going to have to be right around battle of Yavin. Either that or my characters are going to have to be younger than Luke at the beginning. For those that are curious, my characters are going to be siblings and the children of a pair of Jedi who survived Order 66. The kids are left with their "grandparents" and Mom and Dad are away, if not dead. Parents have a hook of Archeology that triggers the children getting hooked into a reskinned version of the adventure in the back of F&D.
  10. I'm putting together my first try at this system. I'm going to shoehorn the wife to play with me. I've written my opening crawl to kinda set the tone, but it doesn't sing for me yet and I'd like someone else to look at it. Without further ado... Star Wars Episode 1 Force and Destiny For a thousand generations the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic, before the Dark Times, before the Empire. In the beginning there was balance to the Force, both Light and Dark. Slowly the Jedi Knights became the hand and fist of the Republic and became consumed with maintaining peace and order. As the Jedi Knights became embroiled in the macinations of the Galactic Senate, they began slipping in their duties to the Force and lost sight of it’s living nature. They failed to remember that the Force has a will of it’s own...
  11. Sorry to necro this thread, but where can I find the squadron rules?
  12. I steal ideas from history all the time. My own plans for post ROTJ would center around how the Greek Empire fell apart after Alexander the Great died. I plan to have the galaxy fall apart into splinter groups. I also have plans for Luke rebuilding the Jedi along the original legends ideas and going towards a belief like Bendu from Rebels. I would lean towards the concept of a "living Force" and Luke's search and growth that way.
  13. No worries. I still have all sorts of questions about this system. For some reason certain things just confuse me even though they're clear to everyone else. Maybe I'm just getting too old for this. ?
  14. One of the reasons I shoehorned Foresee in there was for story hooks like in Serenity. I could just do that with handwavium. Great ideas guys. Thanks a bunch.
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