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  1. No worries. I still have all sorts of questions about this system. For some reason certain things just confuse me even though they're clear to everyone else. Maybe I'm just getting too old for this. ?
  2. One of the reasons I shoehorned Foresee in there was for story hooks like in Serenity. I could just do that with handwavium. Great ideas guys. Thanks a bunch.
  3. I'm working on a two new characters and need some help planning them out. The setting will be before Yavin. The characters will be brother and sister whose parents managed to avoid the early stages of order 66. Details fuzzy at the moment, but both parents were either padawans or master \padawans. The sister is inspired by River Tam from Firefly. She's going to have Sense and Farseeing to the point she doesn't have control and it makes her a little unbalanced or "Off". I'm looking at Mystic, but not sure. The brother is inspired by Simon Tam, and I'm leaning towards Guardian. River is being difficult to nail down class wise and I'm guessing the instability is just more of a role play element. Suggestions?
  4. Overall I did not like The Last Jedi. It did have some good parts, but the end of Luke's journey was badly handled and not what I wanted. I had figured he would die at sometime in this new saga but not this way. I enjoyed Poe's development. Fin still needs more development. Rey feels like giving a monkey a machine gun. Too much power and no wisdom to use it. She feels like a reverse image of Kylo. If this is the last we see of Snoke it's a waste of a good villain. If he comes back Star Wars has jumped the shark. It was bad enough that Maul survived being cut in half, but if they repeat that. <shudder> I can buy Luke having some PTSD, but Yoda or Obi-Wan should or would have visited him sooner. That talk about learning from your mistakes was decades too late. It just doesn't feel right to me. Story wise I'd have been tempted to have Leia killed in the bridge explosion. Her parts in the rest of the movie could be adjusted in reshoots. That's not saying I didn't like it, but it would have dealt with her passing in a more efficient manner. Here's hoping we don't get some crap CGI next movie. I saw this movie having been spoiled for Luke's death. I had already bought tickets before I got spoiled and went ahead and saw it. If I hadn't bought tickets I might have given it a pass. I liked it better than I thought I would, but overall I didn't like it. Hopefully that makes some sort of sense. There is a part of me that thinks the Star Wars saga in some ways mirrors the times. The first saga felt like the heroic mirror of WWII and we had heroes rising to the occasion to do what needed to be done. The prequels seemed to mirror the decay of society and the corruption of Government that seemed commonplace in the new millennium. The new saga seems to follow the themes of today with the empowerment of women and a dash of tearing down the heroes we once looked up to.
  5. Tahl

    Adventure Seed

    Thanks for the wonderful ideas. It's really helped. I'm writing a ton of notes and ideas to flesh out my setting. Hopefully when I'm done I'll have something worth sharing. One of the problems I constantly run into is I get tied up in setting minutiae. I want everything to be internally consistent. Towns and cities need infrastructure and a reason to exist. The bad guys need believable motivation. There have been many times where I dumped an idea because some small facet doesn't work. I know it's just a game, but it gets frustrating. Sometimes I'll drop something because I get too bogged down with details. Anyone else have this problem? What do you do to get past it?
  6. Tahl

    Adventure Seed

    Here's a weird one. I don't really have a group at the moment, but have an idea I'm kicking around and want to flesh out but would like some help filing off an edge or two. The inspiration is the Lincoln County Range wars that inspired the movie Young Guns. On some planet to be named later the big export will be cattle....err Nerfs. There are various ranches all vying for rich Imperial contracts. One faction, secretly backed by the Imperial Governor, is bullying the others to sell out by rustling Nerfs and getting the Imperials to turn a blind eye and stuff. Both sides are hiring mercenaries for their little war. My biggest background complication is "what's keeping the Empire from just taking what they want? Could it be that one faction has the backing of a favored Imperial Senator? Depends on the period, but I'm looking at the Dark times between Episode 3 & 4. Then there's the problem of does this feel Star Warsy enough? Does that really matter? Anyway, like I said I'm kinda hung up on the reason why the Empire just doesn't take what it wants and it's driving me nuts so I'd like some opinions.
  7. Yep. The bearded fellow, like my Avatar Icon. Thanks for the replies. I guess I get hung up like in other games where all suits of armor with certain stats look the same. It really didn't occur to me that the stats can be the same for different cosmetic appearances.
  8. This has probably been asked and my Google fu is weak at the moment so I was wondering if the brain trust here could help me out. In Force and Destiny the picture for the Jedi Guardian is depicted wearing an almost medieval suit of armor. What kind of armor is it?
  9. Here's an interesting thought about a Krayt Dragon. I can easily understood why a Jedi might balk about slaying one just for the off chance of getting a crystal. There's a lot of potential here for some epic stories. Pulling from movies like Dragonheart or Feist's Magician series and add a little Force Vergance and options abound. The PC's find an ancient Dragon that is on it's way to die but game hunters abound. It calls through the Force for help. The Pc's hear the call and respond. After a few awkward moments they agree to escort the dragon to an ancient graveyard so it can die in peace. Another option is the Dragon has a need of a service and calls to the PC's through the force. After said service is rendered the Dragon barfs all over the character and somehow dislodge a crystal that had been bothering it for years. A Dragonna has been causing a ruckus in a nearby farm or village. This is just your plain run of the mill wild animal. Hunt it down and kill it. Maybe the Force led them to this location to put the beast down in the first place?
  10. Here's a thought. Would it be worth our while to contact the Disney legal department to make them aware of this issue so they could untangle this mess during the next contact renegotiation?
  11. This point was illustrated in the old Radio Drama. Luke had to prove himself in the SIMS before they'd let him fly. Nice background piece, but not necessary for the movie.
  12. I'm suddenly reminded of an old Knights of the Dinner Table strip where the group encounters a gazeebo.
  13. Hey Mercenary, I know how you feel. Just remember that the US used hit and run style raids that we learned from the Native Americans. I imagine that many of us are familiar with the history of people like Daniel Morgan, Frances Marion, and Robert Rogers. If you really want to go nuts you can read Mao and Che Guivara, you just have to sift out the communist propaganda. There's stI'll juicy stuff to be found. My problem is I want to bring in all the cool history bits, but suddenly get so bogged down in details that I lose sight of "it's a space opera" game. For example I have an idea for having my players being involved with the covert manufacture of say an X-wing that they eventually get to fly out on missions or deliver to the Rebellion at large. My problem is having an idea how much goes into building a real life aircraft I think this can't realistically be done and get bogged down trying to Star Wars it.
  14. I had forgotten that this was the season finale. I actually watched it recorded rather than going directly to on demand to get it commercial free. I agree that the whirly helicopter lightsaber was a bit much, heck I never liked the whirl blade to begin with. I was disappointed with the Vader vs. Asoka fight. I wanted a resolution of sorts. I've really enjoyed the Vader cameos this season I imagine it's difficult to use him but not being able to really defeat him. He's the ultimate boogeyman. My one big complaint, for the love of all that is holy, would you please get rid of Darth Maul. Having him keep showing up is just rediculous. If Maul can survive being cut in half they should have been able to give Qui-Gon an artificial heart. I always feel bringing Maul back is a Jump The Shark moment.
  15. Having only two players is no big deal. I've run many games with one player and me running a Gm/Pc. Think of it as an NPC who gets involved.
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