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  1. 2.0 should have streamlined those annoying double-sided ship tokens. I've always disliked swapping those around. Have just one and the same ship token per ship! Who cares about pilot name and initiative when you have the ship ID token.
  2. FFG has done a lot of subtle streamlining with X-wing 2.0, but I for one would've liked to see more trimming of the fat. Purely for the quality of the game, I'm not sure X-wing needs: 7 factions 50+ unique ships 16 upgrade types 13 different actions 16 different small tokens/markers If it was me, I would've refocused on the classic Wave 1-4 ships (plus the Gunboat ?) and make the best possible streamlined game out of that. Of course a 'quality over quantity' approach without power creep wouldn't make nearly as much $$$.
  3. One of the best things about 2.0 in general is that the classic and recognizable Star Wars ships are rebalanced (buffed). Most people I know prefer to play with the ships from the classic trilogy. It will be nice to know that you're not playing with severly underpowered ships now.
  4. It's possible but Farlander's Imperial counterpart Stele is also a Force user, even according to FFG's own SW LCG. Yet Stele's X-Wing 2.0 pilot card has no Force ability. This may be my biggest gripe about 2.0, which I love overall. Replacing EU characters with "canon" characters annoys me. Especially when they're EU characters from the holy X-wing/TIE Fighter VG series. I really hope Farlander shows up somewhere.
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