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  1. I feel ya, but it would be cool to use Force Misdirection in villain. Hero has some cool tricks, but they just don't compare to the overwhelming firepower of villains. Flavorful, yes, but fair? Not so much. But that is a whole other subject...
  2. Hey Kieransi, how are you playing Force Misdirection in a villain deck? It's Hero only, I believe.
  3. "Rebellions are built on hope!"
  4. I jumped all in on Destiny when I first read about it here on FFG. I got a box of Awakenings when I could, and I've been very happy with it ever since. My wife is very similar to yours in that she likes a simple game in which she can remember all the rules without me having to help her (if I help her or let her win, I'm cheating...). She was skeptical of the game at first, but I taught her how to play it, and she beats me all the time (without me "cheating"). And I still have yet to acquire a Force Speed, but I can honestly say that the legendaries in this game are definitely nice, but not 100% necessary to have fun with the game (I don't even have FN-2199, because I'm a TRAITOR!).
  5. Here's my two cents opinion. A good player will be able to play around this card. Resource denial is definitely a thing, and you can't look at a card in a vacuum. For every supposedly OP card, there is a counter, and that's why I love this game. And while the villains in this game have huge advantages, I have a feeling that this will not always be the case. We are nearly to Empire at War, and we have no idea what else is going to be coming down the pipeline. I recommend a chill pill.
  6. Well, dear old daddy Jango was only rare, and he dominated the meta for the first set. Hopefully, if Boba is rare, he'll have a more lasting impact.
  7. I thought I'd be playing the Emo Kids for some time. Now with Quinlan Vos pairing so perfectly with Asajj Ventress, I'm going to be really experimenting with a new mono blue. Vos is such an interesting Jedi, and I can't wait to see how those two do for me.
  8. Weequay soldier sitting in the sarlaac : "Oh, so you fell in here too!" Boba Fett: "Fell in? Volunteered, more like! I was fighting like 80 Jedi, and I took out about 60 of 'em. Then the rest had me flanked, but I said 'No sir! I'm not given' you the pleasure!' and I jumped on in. But not before I left a little thermal detonator for them to chew on after I was gone!"
  9. Si after getting into the game a few months ago, I started rereading the EU Rogue Squadron books, and I understand why ffg put Corran Horn in an E Wing, I just wish he had a T 65 card too. But other notable Rogues include Gavin Darklighter (Biggs' cousin), Bror Have, and Nawara Ven. And don't get me started on Aaron Allston's Wraith Squadron...
  10. Greedo isn't really Greedo (his body is still smoking in that kriffing cantina), it's really Jar Jar in a Greedo mask. Boba Fett doesn't just have two different voices, he has two different pilot cards. Corran doesn't mean to shoot twice in a row, the firing buttons just get jammed.
  11. I sure as Hoth hope that UPS and FEDEX aren't delivering an APT to me! What if it went off!?
  12. I have to say I would totally buy another YT-1300 if it had Rey as a pilot, and while I think her pilot skill should be fairly low (to reflect her inexperience with the Falcon's controls), I think that ability works perfectly. The only thing I would add is that the model has to have the rectangular sensor dish that was presumably the replacement for the one that Lando lost in that RotJ Death Star run. And Chewie is nice, but I would sacrifice him as a pilot if it meant a Rey pilot. Finn with a gunner-type effect would be perfect.
  13. Thanks! I generally stay away from missiles/rockets/torpedoes, but this combo is too fancy to pass up.
  14. So I have a newbie question, and sorry if this has been previously addressed. Deadeye says "You may treat the Attack (target lock): header as Attack (focus):. When an attack instructs you to spend a target lock, you may spend a focus token instead." Fairly straightforward. Now, enter into the equation Ion Pulse Missile, which states: "Attack (target lock): Discard this card to perform this attack. If this attack hits, the defender suffers 1 damage and receives 2 ion tokens. Then cancel all dice results." From my understanding, Lt Blount would not need to even spend the focus token to launch the Ion Pulse Missile, because it does not require the spending of a target lock (now a focus token via Deadeye). His ability states that "When attacking, the defender is hit by your attack, even if he does not suffer any damage." So I just wanted to confirm that Lt. Blount can simply discard the Ion Pulse Missile card to deal 1 damage and 2 ion tokens to the attacker and keep his focus token. If this is at all possible... Yippee ki-yay, mother Sither!
  15. I started out as a Rebel pilot, so my jump into S & V has been slightly easier, though I still need to pick up the Firespray to take full advantage of the all important Most Wanted expansion. And with the controversial Punishing One (Dengar!), you're going to have a fun intro into Scum indeed