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  1. To speak to this bit here, I have a secondhand quote from Dave Filoni (I do not own Season 2 to verify authenticity, but what this quote says is supported by this random recent article). I found this posted on this forum a while ago when I was doing my own research into whether or not the Fetts were real Mandalorians. I was going to edit it down to highlight bits that were relevant to Jango, but the commentary on Boba Fett is really interesting.
  2. I like to pretend that the exhaust port not actually pushing out gas was another tweak that Erso added. It being supplemented with false readings on diagnostics. How did the rebellion pick up on that? Not sure. Maybe Erso installed a scanner in the port hole that, upon detecting foreign objects, stops expelling gas. shrug, I don't care.
  3. I use Roll20 for all my gaming, namely d20 games, especially after I moved to the middle of nowhere. You can play FFG SWRPG on it with little problem. Google Hangouts has a plug-in for sw dice if you do not want to pay the subscription (if you are hosting the game). I am currently putting together a beginner's campaign on roll20 and we plan on using google hangouts or another method since I am not subscribed. Roll20 is fantastic. It is a strong program and has some interesting flexibility. If your have problems with the webrtc voice chat, use discord or google hangouts along with the plug-in. PM me if you have specific questions, either on Roll20 (better way to contact me) or here. Same username. However, it is pretty easy to learn.
  4. Hey! I would love to join if I can. I have DM'ed and played this system once for a couple months each so I am decently new, but I DM a lot of D&D and Eclipse. I want to get better at Roleplaying, as a theatre buff, if you need to know. Roll20 is great, I use that exclusively and I can also provide support for a Discord Server with the REM musicbot for atmosphere. Any particular reason you use hangouts and not the Roll20 voice plug-in? I am on EST time so 8-11 my time works wonders for my schedule. Please PM me with questions and we can start a conversation about the campaign! -Commi
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