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  1. Hello everybody! I need your help again. Now it's talk about time and availability. So, my players reach nearest weapon supermarket and now going to buy some guns. Their PF equal is 40, population of city larger than 100,000 people. So, they can find there almost anything what they want. And there is a trouble - they want almost anything. And there is a main question: how many Availability rolls can they make at the same time? Roughtly speakig my players want more than 20 objects (weapon, armour, grenades, etc.) and more than in one number (10 grenades, 4 xeno mesh coats, etc.). Can they do all this roll at the same time, or each additional roll is possibly after result of previous (after few days, weeks or months)?
  2. We've used Roll20 for a year or nearly. Yes, top-down tokens are very-very good, but I couldn't find proper tokens for WH40k, too. So I use round tokens with portraits ard facing-rear arcs for now. It's not so cool as top-down token, but it's easy-to-create and enough usefull for battles. For creating tokens I use CorelDraw and Adobe Photoshop. For portraits I use WH books and any pictures from Internet (espicially I love Fallout Tactics Portraits). https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5QNpGfJhiBETzJaT2pTeGkyX0E Besides, I've bought drawing tablet and going to draw some tokens for my game in near future.
  3. javcs, thank you! I've found some useful information about instant killing. Particularly, I liked your post. Summary, I see instant killing like that: 1. Opposed Test of Silent Move (Attacker) and Awareness/Scrutiny (Victim). 2. Weapon Skill Test (Attacker) with +30 for a Surprise, but -20 for a Called Shot (head, throat, heart, spinal column, etc). +20 for an Aim Maneuver looks appropriate. 3. If Attacker passes the test, Victim dies instantly. Or Victim may make Toughness Test and will live, but anyway he will be critically wounded. Of course it is only for low level enemies without heavy armour. What are you thinking about this? Does it look balanced and fair enough?
  4. Hello again! Today I have got a question about Silent Death in Rogue Trader. There are some situations, when players want to avoid direct confrontation and act stealthy. In computer games (Splinter Cell, Hitman, Dishonored, etc) if you sneaked to your opponent close enough, you can kill/stun him(her) by one hit. But there is no game mechanics of silent death in Rogue Trader. Yes, a player can sneak to opponent by Silent Move skill, but a knife deals only 1d5+BS damage. Not always enough to wound, let alone kill. So, how do you manage Silent Death in Rogue Trader? Which opposed tests make your players and NPC and how many damage they deal if succeed?
  5. Erathia Thanks for your help! Lots of love to you! You really helped me! Now I understand this and in next games will use it. Thank you very much! Nameless2all Thanks for your understanding and support! About necroposting, yeah, I know, that isn't good thing. I tried to find something about aerial combat rules on this forum, but didn't find. So I found this thread and asked my question there. I didn't want to start a new thread for my question. Completly agree with both of you.
  6. Hi everyone! Firstly, sorry for my bad language. I'm from Kazahstan. I have got a question about aerial combat from "Into the Storm" book. I can't understand one rule, so please, help me. Pleaseeeeee. It's about Combat Mechanics at page 175. The last paraghaph says: If a pilot fails his Piloting Test to perform a specific manoeuvre by less than 3 degrees, he must make his basic manoeuvre as normal. If he fails by 2 degrees or more, the flyer goes into a steep dive, and the pilot must make a Challenging (+0) Piloting Test to recover. I can't understand it. What does it mean "specific manouevre"? Any manoeuvre at pages 175-176, or only multiple manoeuvres in a single movement action? And if Pilot fails Piloting Test more than 2 degrees, does in mean, he goes into a steep dive? In Adverse Conditions (p. 176), for example? I really broke my head, trying to understand this. So, I really need your help, guys. And give me few examples, please. Hope, my request isn't terrible.
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