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  1. ??? When was it ever stated that there was an online version of the game? They announced a companion app for tracking stats and finding events, but I don't recall reading anything about online play.
  2. The rebel list was Spencer Albert, he was playing Jedi Luke, eRangers, Hera, Gideon, 3P0, R2, and rSmuggler with RHC.
  3. I've got a really janky list that I haven't had the opportunity to play yet. It's not really designed to be good, but just trying some combinations out to see what works. 12 - IG-88 (with Focused on the Kill) 7 - BT-1 (with Prey on the Weak) 9 - HK Assassin Droids (with Explosive Armaments) 6 - MHD-19 (with Trusted Ally) 3 - Elite Jawa Scavenger 2 - C-3P0 1 - Black Market
  4. While I would have liked to see more diversity hit Top 16, I'm very pleased with the way the game is developing. The new wave this week is going to introduce some additional diversity to a trait that was sorely lacking, and the wave after looks like it's going to make a big splash for Force Users and perhaps brawlers. I think what we saw at worlds was, as it was last year, a disproportionately large number of players bringing a safe and consistent list. While the Rebel and Imperial figures introduced in Jabba's Realm require different lines of play than we are used to in order to work, the Merc units (particularly the Weequays) played a much more straightforward game of building up focus for an explosive round 2. The few matches I watched on stream it seemed like everyone was playing extremely cautiously and not pushing their opponents very hard when they got an advantage. I don't know if the swiss rounds played out similarly, but that was my observation.
  5. If you target a hostile figure, they would have to perform an attack targeting one of your figures if able since it is not an optional trigger. They would not be able to target their own figures since a figure can only target a hostile figure. Murne Rin's False Orders is an exception, since Murne is performing the attack, while Sheev and Jabba allow the figure to interrupt to perform an attack itself.
  6. Also, Frogtrigger's breakdown of the differences between updated Vader and Jedi Luke actually misses an important point: access to Zilo Technique. Vader is going to be much tougher to take down when he can add blocks and reduce pierce once per round. And since it isn't just for Vader's use, the increase in cost is negligible.
  7. I would speculate Chewie or Han with Boba Fett. That way each faction gets an improvement to an iconic character.
  8. Since I'm not going to Worlds this year, I've spent the last couple of weeks helping my friends prepare. Other than that, I've just been dreaming up fun lists for the next wave, but without knowing all of the command cards the options are somewhat limited. I am excited to see what the faction ratios look like this year. Mercs are probably going to get a lot of representation relative to the other two, and I think Imperials might go from most played to least played.
  9. The dice look a little less vibrant than the ones from last year, but that might just be the image quality.
  10. I was buying tickets for some friends who were too busy to do it, hit refresh about every 5 seconds 1 minute before they were set to go on sale. I was able to register one ticket, instantly went to the other browser window I had up and they were sold out. They were legit gone in less than 30 seconds. I don't know how many seats were available, but the demand far outstripped FFG's capability to host, especially alongside other games.
  11. Fenn doesn't allow you to get 6 attacks per activation, he can only grant Assault to a single figure per round. Typically though, you won't find very many opportunities to utilize Assault since it requires your figure to already be in the correct position prior to activation. Now, if he had Rapid Fire (from Vinto) and could grant it to another trooper, he might be worth playing. As it stands, Fenn just doesn't function well, and he costs too many points.
  12. Sorry, but I will disagree with you until the end of time about Rangers, I would consider them **** near essential in any Rebel list that isn't trying to run Heroic Effort. The elite versions are one of the most effective long range units in the game. I've played a lot of games with and against them since that last thread, and they've been nothing short of incredible. Trust me, the elites are worth the cost. Focus them up and watch them annihilate anything in their line of sight.
  13. Depending on which faction you want to play, there are a few recommended blisters, depending on which type of list you want to run. Imperial Agent Blaise Captain Terro The Grand Inquisitor Rebel Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight) Alliance Rangers C-3P0 & R2-D2 Obi-Wan Kenobi Mercenary Bossk Bantha Rider Uh... most of the good stuff is in boxed expansions, particularly Jabba's Realm
  14. I think the best use of covering fire is regular trooper builds. It enhances their weaker attack and evens out some weaker rolls for a round. They'll also just throw more dice, giving you more opportunity to go for stuns. It's a bit redundant on most elite troopers, who typically already have a +2 damage surge and aren't likely to roll multiple surges on most attacks, even with rerolls. To wit, regular Rebel Troopers are the most enhanced by this card, due to their higher propensity for surges amidst middling dice. Proper use of Aim could make them a force to be reckoned with for a turn, but then you are running regular Rebel Troopers for the rest of the game, to your detriment.
  15. At the end of your last game, if you had taken your second sab and gone after his 1 hp sab rather than attack Luke, you could have maintained contest on the objective by moving back after the shot, as well as blocked Luke from easy access to Davith. It would have forced him to use 3 movement points to reach Davith, leaving him with not enough to reach the objective if he needed two attacks to kill Davith. Also, it was covered when it happened, but your sab against 3P0 was focused, and you scooped up lethal damage. Also, unless I'm mistaken, you had 31 points at the end of the game and he had 30. He had 28 points from kills and two points from Diplomatic Mission (first two rounds, he shot with Gideon the 3rd), while you had 21 points from kills and 10 points from objectives. It seems you may have forgotten the 1 point from On a Diplomatic Mission when killing Gideon.
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