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  1. RayCidivist

    Halp! I need a Hyperspace jousty list!

    Go on...
  2. RayCidivist

    Help with Sloane List, please.

    I''ll find out Friday!
  3. My Collection: 2Core sets, 1 VSD, 1Imperial Squadron I, 1 Imperial Squad II, 2x Rebel Squadron, 1 Gladiatot, 1 CR 90, 1 Assault Frigate, 1 Neb Frigate, Rogues & Villains, 2 ISDs, 1 MC 30, 1 Gozanti, 1 Interdictor, 1 Quasar. The List: ISD 1, Sloane, Avenger, Leading Shots, Point Defense Reroute, Gunnery Team. Quasar I, Stronghold, Expanded Hangar Bay, Boosted Comms Raider I Ordinance Experts Colonel Jendon, Marek Steele, Major Rhymer, TIE Bomber, Howlrunner, TIEx4. Suggestions?
  4. I put Expert Handling on Vader for an epic game. My opponent target locked him once, then never bothered again. In that venue, it was definitely points well spent.
  5. RayCidivist

    K-Wings still viable after Adv Slam nerf

    I've been running 2 Advanced Slam Wardens for a while now. It's beatable, even by aces, and takes a lot of practice to fly well. I can understand Miranda-hate, **** I hate her. But Wardens? Not the meta-dominator.
  6. Ace-lovers want to be the only ones to have point fortresses that can run away at the end of a match and pray for time. I get it. Now that we do have 9+ point small ships, its time to do away with the half point rule on large bases and put Han Solo back to work. MHGA, muff'kers!
  7. "It takes only one drink to get me drunk. The trouble is, I can't remember if it's the thirteenth or the fourteenth. -- George Burns
  8. Krull, how sauced are you for these? Also, thanks for interviewing KineticOperator. Great perspectives on the game!
  9. RayCidivist

    Was it a **** move not letting opponent change his dial turn 1?

    It's not wrong. Completely legal. But because it was turn one at a SC, its a **** move.
  10. RayCidivist

    Sumo-Wing: The Slappening

    Not all heroes wear capes.
  11. RayCidivist

    Odds with 4 tie bombers against 3 scum bombers?

    The Star Wars answer is to never tell you the odds.
  12. RayCidivist

    Upgrade card bloat.

    Sounds like somebody needs a hug. And maybe a Plano case.
  13. RayCidivist

    Positivity Thread

    Connor Net drops on a stressed Echo, throwing that player for a loop.
  14. RayCidivist

    How to answer dice complains?

    Buy them a drink. Talk them through what went wrong. Remind them of what went right. Ask them what else they think could have gone better. Time spent being a friend makes for great competitors. When I first started, after every game I would ask "What would you have done differently if you had been flying my list?" I lost a lot and asked this a lot. Then I just asked when I lost. Now, it hurts to do it,but I stay with the discipline. Eventually you reach a place where you can recognize the point that you have lost a game before the dice are even thrown. But I got there with the help of friends, and by trying to be one as well.