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  1. Chewbacca...and Han?

    I honestly don't see why it wasn't just added as an extra card in your hand. Or maybe have it not even count as a card in your command deck? "At the start of a game after drawing CCs a player may add the command card Debts Repaid to their hand"
  2. Zion's Finest -- Episode 7! Listbuilding!

    The official ruling is from Jabba's Order hit. He can give an enemy figure an attack just like Palpatine can but it was ruled that the owner of the figure controls this attack. Palpatine is worded the exact same way so I doubt there will be another ruling.
  3. Zion's Finest -- Episode 7! Listbuilding!

    Yeah check the difference in wording between Palp and Murne/Lure the Dark.
  4. 2017-18 Regionals Lists

    I know. I'm really surprised no one represented the Rebellion. If you had come then you coulda done it.
  5. 2017-18 Regionals Lists

    The lists in Houston were fairly spread out. 16 players and I think 3 Rebels, 6 Mercs and 7 Imperials. Surprisingly I don't think I saw a single new Rebel figure except one guy running Drokatta.
  6. 2017-18 Regionals Lists

    They've been posted on Facebook a couple times. The top 2 lists were eRangers and a Vader and eJets list. If I had to guess I think the eRangers was eRanger x 2 Hera Gideon 3PO RHC rSmuggler Not sure on the last 5 the Vader one was something like Vader eJets x 2 eRiots rOfficer x 2 Zillo RbF
  7. Ugnaughts at regionals

    What did you Vader lists end up looking like? Or is it a trade secret?
  8. Ugnaughts at regionals

    Maybe it's just me but losing sucks in general. It doesn't matter to me if it's Ugnaughts or Vader bashing my head in. Imo unless you lose to Ugnaughts on Raining Freight(which could possibly be unwinnable or dang near close to it) then you probably got outplayed at some point. If you think the Junk Droid is going to be prevalent at your tourney then bring something with a shot at beating it. It's not this all powerful unbeatable list that the forums sometimes make it out to be.
  9. Heart of the Empire Imperial Impressions

    Except they aren't really two points. They are 5. And for 5 you could pay 2 more and get eJets which are actually good. So maybe if you need more Troopers and already have two sets of eJets in Imperials then I'd consider rRiots.
  10. I need a super jank list.

    Talk about bringing back the dead.
  11. Heart of the Empire Imperial Impressions

    Not when RbF is 1 point and Officers have easy access to Planning.
  12. Jodo Cast Skirmish Videos and Extras

    Yeah but the Rangers are good and sadly Lando isn't.
  13. Love letter to Shyla...

    Even better when you throw Motivation on Shyla so she can remove the stun from them.
  14. Jodo Cast Skirmish Videos and Extras

    If it's just between the two lists and we are talking purely about how well they'll play I'd say the top one. If you are up for a mixture of the two though if go something like this Hera Gideon 3PO eRangers Han rSmuggler Ko-Tun or Mak/Murne(for spy cards)