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  1. @a1bert Dont trust myself to remember the answer to this one so I'll phone an expert.
  2. You choose your opponents figures and he chooses yours. You can use Emperor on opponents figures but it is like Jabba.
  3. Agreed. Those cards will see little to no play imo.
  4. Yeah they'll be interesting for sure. The Merc one seems expensive for what it gives you unless you are trying to go all in on strain. Actually all of them seem a little on the expensive side especially because they all come down to a dice roll.
  5. Title. Any thoughts on the new command cards that were spoiled today? Any new auto includes?
  6. That's why I like maps that have good cover near the middle of the field. Take Jabba's for example. There are some great nooks and crannies that work well for Luke or ePigs but rarely do I see eRangers or eQuays advancing that far.
  7. Riot Troopers!!!!!
  8. I hope it replaces Nal Hutta
  9. I know :/ sad days. If he gave pierce 1 to all adjacent figures that'd be pretty stellar. As a mostly imperial player I'd get slightly annoyed having to deal with that.
  10. Won't your opponent just avoid or kill Jax if he's immobile? I mean you could drop him by an objective but if he's causing enough damage I imagine one swing from most things would just take him out completely.
  11. I think you'd be fine on activations. Honestly if you aren't going to have something that's planning on making a big play at the end of the round you aren't even gaining that much by having the most activations currently. As long as you are taking passes and positioning units out of the way from heavy first round hitters(Alliance Ranger, Jedi Luke, sometimes eQuays) then you won't be losing out on much. There is an advantage to having more expensive activations as well. During round 2/3 when most of the action is happening you'll be able to get off most of your damage and attacks before someone running a plethora of support units will. Think about two lists; one running 5 and another running 8 activations. During the second round it's going to take 3 more activations for the second list to get all of it value out and during that time it may have lost some units who now won't get to activate at all. That could be 10-15 points all activating after your opponent has performed all their attacks for the round. You do almost always want to have something you can tap for TI though so that's one advantage of throwing some support units in. Even using them to sit at terminals now is pretty dangerous with Chopper running around and being a menace. TLDR - Having 7-8 activations just to have them isn't giving you any real extra advantage. And it may even be hindering you slightly.
  12. For reals though I can't wait to see what the eRiot looks like. It better be spectacular.
  13. 2 x eRiot Trooper 4 x rRiot Trooper 2 x rOfficer RbF Zillo Shields out boys!
  14. What scouts are you talking about?
  15. Droid Uprising! Defintely not all off meta pieces as IG 88 is the centerpiece but this list is about keeping him alive and letting him do his thing. Shadow him with 3PO and MHD to give the extra evade and recover whatever health he loses and then send BT-1 to clean up whatever survives the first salvo. Use 0-0-0 as a distraction and if they don't deal with him he hits surprisingly hard. Jawas will run around and generally be annoying and take objectives if needed.