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  1. Except they aren't really two points. They are 5. And for 5 you could pay 2 more and get eJets which are actually good. So maybe if you need more Troopers and already have two sets of eJets in Imperials then I'd consider rRiots.
  2. Talk about bringing back the dead.
  3. Not when RbF is 1 point and Officers have easy access to Planning.
  4. Yeah but the Rangers are good and sadly Lando isn't.
  5. Even better when you throw Motivation on Shyla so she can remove the stun from them.
  6. If it's just between the two lists and we are talking purely about how well they'll play I'd say the top one. If you are up for a mixture of the two though if go something like this Hera Gideon 3PO eRangers Han rSmuggler Ko-Tun or Mak/Murne(for spy cards)
  7. But then you won't have access to the vehicle command cards as easily.
  8. I'd go with double eJets for sure.
  9. No because the effect from the command card can only be used once. If you had two copies of recovery then you could do it I believe.
  10. Yes please.
  11. H9, H10, I9 and I10 can easily get into the opponents hallways above the terminal and take shots on units hiding out there(especially with reach or 5 speed.) When you are playing a melee list on this map your opponent isn't going to necessarily move up very far round 1 because they have the advantage of range. These four spots can get you very deep towards their deployment zone. On the stash map they may be forced to come out towards you but on the crates mission they'll just pick you off one by one. F11 is the only one of blues safe spots that can take a shot up above the terminal where ranged units would be camping out for you. The other two aren't close enough. If your melee units aren't in striking range round 2 you can just get stalled out by an opponent reusing Gideon and 3PO while you waste important activations.
  12. I don't know that Greedo works best while controlling any stashes round 1. I think his 5(maybe 6 or 7 with Hera or Gideon)movement puts him in a really good place to get a shot off on a unit that won't have LoS to back to him and avoid the return fire he'd normally take. My preferred spot would be F12 but it all depends on where your opponent places figures.
  13. I probably won't do anything with Obi's map since it will likely be rotating out before Regionals season. But when we hear news about the new map I'll hit you up for the third one.
  14. It's beautiful thanks! What are the odds we could get something like that for Nal Hutta?(planing on that for week 3)
  15. One specific reason I like the red side is when I'm running a melee centric list. I've be mostly been running ePigs x 2 and eJets x 2 and adding Terro in to finish the list off. If you look at the four red safe spots we've been talking about they have a much greater reach on round 2 to attack if you put 4 ePigs there. If you look at the three safe spots on the blue side if you opponent is playing conservatively or takes his strength through the main room then it's possibly even 4 move figures with reach don't have an attack on round 2. That could be devastating and potentially cost you the game by losing out on those attacks. Like I said this is going to be a much more specific problem to the list I was running by I imagine other melee centric lists without access to extra movement could potentially have the same issue. Edit - for those looking at the new map Tvboy posted the four spots I'm talking about are H9, H10, I9, I10 for stashing melee units. The other safe spots on the blue side are F8, F11 and F12.