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  1. I hear Ahsoka is the worst and no one should ever use her. Props on getting her to top 16
  2. Sounds fine but not as interesting as removing all of the things from the top 16. With 3 deployments/command cards you still get the same archetypes just with some weaker stuff to fill in the list.
  3. I don’t think anything really needs to happen right now with Gideon and Hera. Especially for Rebels with the sad looking units(assuming not much changes on the skirmish side) they are getting from Lothal. Hopefully the Clone Trooper is something to write home about. I dislike the fact that every Rebel list includes 9 automatic points because the RCP+ is too good but same good he said for the double eJets in Imperials right now for the most part. I do think it’s silly to think that Gideon, Hera and C3PO are too good in Mercs but not too strong in Rebels and so should only be banned from 1 of those factions by removing TA. I’d rather them take a small hit and then get more competitive figures that can realistically compete with them. I have a hard time thinking we’ll see anything that takes the spot of those 3.
  4. Skirmish players also generally want the boxes because a plethora of command cards come in them. I wouldn’t mind the main villain of the campaigns being added in the boxes and then that faction could be skipped for the Blister wave. Or just add an extra new figure in the blister wave for whatever faction it ends up being so the waves get slightly larger. Honestly I don’t see FFG changing how things currently work. They try to keep the cost down(ish) by leaving things that campaign players might not need/want out of the boxes. I’m fine with it being optional to get the villains.
  5. I’d be fine with 3PO losing cower and Gideon getting a range nerf.
  6. I’m not sure if there are any good answers here. I hate having erratas on cards that we have because it’s annoying having to remember everything but I really think if we are talking about things that limit design space that the RCP+ is the biggest problem. For me it doesn’t matter if the 5 points is an auto include in Mercs or in Rebels it’s still a problem.
  7. It seems Imperials are suffering the most diversity wise here. 3 of the units in the top 16 lists were featured in only a single list(DP, Terro, rJets) Out is the other 5 lists that gives us a pretty small amount of variety. Though I’ll concede that there isn’t much room to be original when at least 28 of your points is taken up by eJets(14) Vader(13) and Zillo(1). Add an officer that will almost always be included and you’re really only looking at 10 points of design space. As as much as I love eJets I’d really like to see other options that can realistically compete with them for spot in Imperials lists. Stormtroopers getting some minor buff could definitely help and I think Death Troopers will be nice as well.
  8. You could make an argument for sure about JKL and his traits but anything about Han is ridiculous. Smuggler is one of the top traits in the game and leader has always been a great one. It’s fairly obvious that Gideon and 3PO are two of the best figures in the game and could use a small setback. Being almost auto included in 2/3 of the lists since the game released is more than enough proof. We talk about how Temp Alliance limits design space for Mercenaries but Gideon and 3PO existing in thier current state does the exact same thing to Rebels and has for a long time.
  9. That’s @defkhan1 I’m pretty sure.
  10. They've never given a different amount of cards for campaign and skirmish as far as I'm aware so I doubt they would do that here. Especially since skirmish where people are buying multiple boxes it would be a huge slap in the face if campaign got extra deployment cards but skirmish didn't. Meanwhile I'm going to keep hoping for 4 with 2 regulars and 2 elites.
  11. I'm tore on my expectations on Death Troopers. The fact that history tells us we are only getting 3(1 elite and 2 regulars) is conflicting how well their ability goes together as a set. I think it would be silly to have an ability like they do that obviously wants you to run multiples of them and then only include 1 elite in the box. But I also know we are talking about FFG trying to milk every dollar out of us that they can.
  12. There is also cover for your opponent as they approach your terminal and get shots on you if you position your list there.
  13. You could try to save him hidden back for a end of round 2 bomb but I tend to agree that this isn't going to be his best map.
  14. Yeah and they were worth up to 10 points each if you got the there.
  15. Blue side. From his post in the other thread. “Objective grabbers with Move 5 (e.g. Hired Guns) or Officers, when you play from the worse side (the central objective is 10 spaces away from the worse side). Mobile and Massive figures (a lot of terrain to be used to your favor).”
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