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  1. It's rather sad how the two most powerful Imperial women in the old EU were both written to be incompetents who got to their positions through sleeping with their superior officers. It's telling the most popular female character (Mara Jade) and the most popular Imperial officers (Thrawn and Pallaeon) born from the old EU were all created by Timothy Zahn: He actually knew how to write interesting characters and not tired caricatures. No arguments about Daala, but at least Isard sort of earned it by framing her father, the previous Director of Intelligence. And also, in the old EU, discrimination against women was part and parcel of the Emperor's New Order, so there weren't many options if they wanted to rise in the ranks.
  2. Only tried it once, but it worked ok as a double-munitions lineup: Esege Tuketu Recon Specialist [some torps and/or missiles] Dutch Vander R7-T1 Adv Proton Torps [other torp slot] I only have one copy of Extra Munitions, so I only had that on Tuke, otherwise I'd have it on both of them. I've been wanting to boost into range 1 and blast people with Dutch for a while now, but just recently got my E-wing. It was glorious.
  3. Some pilots I'd like to see from the old Rogue Squadron game: General Rieekan in a Y-wing ("Ha! Like shooting Y-wings, do you? Here's a little message from Gold Squadron!" *repeatedly ions*), Kasan Moor in an Interceptor, Moff Seerdon in a Lambda shuttle. I would be so excited if they released Jag in a clawcraft. Especially if paired with Jaina in a StealthX.
  4. Face Loran. We don't have any Wraith Squadron pilots yet, and if Tetran Cowall gets a pilot card then Face definitely should.
  5. OP: I think that this is a great idea, and I'm glad that you're putting in the work to make it a reality. If FFG ever sold coralskippers and StealthXs and clawcraft, I'd buy them in a heartbeat.
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