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  1. good to know! thanks! very understandable! Thats fair, though I'd say this is more of a hack then a setting. Choice is a lovely thing!
  2. my bad, that's a typo. I had meant to write strain. If you'd like to combine efforts please do let me know
  3. I should probably write something up here so I can be held accountable by other people and get some feedback on what I'm doing. So I want to run a Fallout RPG, and given my history in EotE, I figured I would run it in Genesys, problem is, I REALLY want the SPECIAL stats to be in the system, so I've started hacking the system to work for that. I apologise if I use a lot of EotE specific terminology as that is my entry into Genesys. NEW CHARACTERISTICS: S.P.E.C.I.A.L When you see a skill followed by a skill name in brackets, the name is brackets is the Genesys name, and the unbracketed name is the new name to fit the Fallout setting Strength Athletics – Physical ability, running, jumping, swimming Unarmed (brawl) – fighting with your fists, or unarmed weapons, grappling Melee (heavy) – two handed melee weapons Perception Cartography (astrocartography) – an understanding of map reading, compasses Discernment or Insight (perception) – ability to pay attention to, or spot, details (active) (not sure what to name) Vigilance – general awareness (passive) Discipline – ability to focus and remain calm Energy weapons – ability to use energy-based weaponry (plasma guns, laser guns) Explosives – ability to use grenades and other explosive weaponry (should I change this to thrown?) Endurance Resilience – ability to overcome pain, poison, disease, AND RADS Big guns (ranged heavy) – ability to use BIG guns (miniguns, missile launchers, flamer), and use of tripod turrets (gunnery) Charisma Cool – ability to work under pressure Charm – ability to flirt or butter people up Coercion – ability to bend people to do what you want through threats Deception – ability to lie, fool, or deceive others Leadership – ability to lead, inspire, or keep people in line Negotiate – ability to haggle, make a deal, or convince openly Intelligence Chemistry (alchemy) – The creation of chems and meds Computers – hacking, programming, turret and robot control Mechanics – ability to repair, build, or modify machines Medicine – ability to administer chems and meds Knowledge – understanding of concepts (eg: survival, pre war tech, farming, military strategy, etc) Agility Coordination – dexterous ability Driving – ability to use vehicles Sneak (stealth) – ability to move and act unseen Lockpick (skulduggery) – ability to open locks, disarms traps Melee (light) – one handed melee weapons Small Guns (ranged light) – ability to use small guns (pistols, rifles, shotguns) Luck Luck is a bit different, my current idea is that it will act like story points that only that player has access to, or be a number of buffs a player can use in a session Wounds will be based on Endurance Strain will be based on Agility RADIATION When a player takes rad damage, it will lower their wound and soak limit by that amount (to a minimum of one). Talents, equipment, items, and skills can lower or raise rads (eg: Rad Away works on rads like a stimpack, the Medicine skill can be used to lower (or raise i guess) rads, a Hazmat suit makes a player an infinite rad soak) New Archetypes Human (2-2-2-2-2-2-1) Starting Wound threshold: 10 + Endurance Staring Strain threshold: 10 + Agility Starting Experience: 140 Starting Skills: one rank in two different non-career skills Ghoul (2-2-1-1-2-3-2) Starting Wound threshold: 8 + Endurance Staring Strain threshold: 12 + Agility Starting Experience: 100 Starting Skills: one rank in Knowledge Immune to radiation. Super Mutant (3-1-3-1-1-1-1) Starting Wound threshold: 12 + Endurance Staring Strain threshold: 8 + Agility Starting Experience: 110 Starting Skills: one rank in Athletics Immune to radiation. Robot (1-1-1-1-1-1-1) Starting Wound threshold: 10 + Endurance Staring Strain threshold: 10 + Agility Starting Experience: 175 Starting Skills: one rank in two different career skills Immune to radiation, chems. Do not need to eat, sleep, or breathe. Inorganic: Since robots are inorganic, they do not gain the benefits of recovering wounds with painkillers or a Medicine check. Robots can recover wounds and strain naturally by resting, as their systems attempt self-repairs. Robots can also be “healed” by using the Mechanics skill instead of the Medicine skill, but otherwise following the guidelines detailed on page 116. Metal Body: Plus one to soak. Human, Ghoul and Supermutant need a starting talent, and some different archetypes of humans may be a good idea. I still have to work on custom careers, talents, weapons, etc. I just wanted to get some eyes on this and let me know what people thought. I've also uploaded a custom pdf of a character sheet I threw together Thanks Jordan fallout character sheet.pdf
  4. Hey SkyJedi, I love the program! I'm currently in the process of hacking Genesys to work for a Fallout RPG I'm currently working on, and one of the things I've done to the system is changed the six attributes into the seven SPECIAL attributes from Fallout. (these have then been remapped to skills, and custom skills have been added) I was wondering whether you were able to open up the player characteristics to be another thing to be editable (rename them, add and remove characteristics, remap them to custom skills).
  5. I've clearly over-estimated how much this exam period was going to take out of me, so I have to rescind my request to join. Sorry about all the fluffing around :/
  6. So sorry about the delay folks, it's exam season for me and I got suuuuuper one track minded on exam prep and just completely forgot about this. My exam is tomorrow, so I'll be able to sort everything out really soon Again, so sorry about just going radio silence there
  7. @April what do you want me to do? Should we work it out via PM?
  8. Am I expected to insert myself somewhere? I'm waiting on @April to reveal me (as April said I was hanging somewhere from a meathook, thus the butchers)
  9. So I assume the activity in the butchers' is me? Is @TheGuardian118 in here with me?
  10. mechanically skiptracer, though narratively, hes done some big game stuff (to fit with the party better)
  11. Just submitted my big assignment. so I can focus here now So here is Daygo Rehn. Ex man of justice, now big game bounty hunter. Alcoholic, broken chimney of a smoker. Character Sheet
  12. Oh wow I've been playing for over a year and never knew you could wear any two pieces of armour haha Awesome, when my character sheet says Good Cop, its actually Bad Cop
  13. And can you wear a Smuggler's Trenchcoat and a Catch Vest?
  14. @April Is there any chance I could swap out Good Cop for Bad Cop on the Skip Trace skill tree?
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