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  1. Also, @Magnus Grendel, you are right: I did mean "Calculate" and not "Coordinate". Still getting my terminology right. And thank you @meffo for that in-depth explanation. Dang ... I really do think I'm going to enjoy this game. My armada (not to be confused with Star Wars Armada) is already growing ...
  2. oh my gods gang, I am so sorry. I had a response typed up and I went ahead and submitted only to find out that I didn't even log in. So my words are lost into the internet! I want to say thank you all for taking the time out to answer my simple questions. You're right, as the instructions were in the booklet. It was just sorta ... hiding there. A few paragraphs, and I seemed to have skipped them. So from all that I have read: A linked action is in two parts, but if I opt to take the second action in that link, I HAVE to gain a stress token. And, unless otherwise written, if I'm already stressed, I cannot perform that particular action. And in the case of the modifier card: I can have it associated to a ship, but I can only use its abilities if I meet that criteria (aka stressed boost for the Engine Upgrade). Again, I am terribly sorry for this latent reply. It also doesn't help that I work 12-hour shifts and I am dog-tired when I get home.
  3. First, let me apologize if this has been covered elsewhere, or if the rules have been printed off somewhere. There are over 300 pages in these forums, and the Search option didn't seem to yield any results (or, perhaps I wasn't searching for the proper thing). I'm new to the game, and to these forums, so please, go easy on me. Secondly, if the answers are in the forums somewhere, please be kind and either let me know where they are, or tell me what the rules are. I just want to learn how to play and I'm a smidgen confused. So, onto my questions: Let's take the crew card "Tactical Officer". The stipulation to play this is "Red <Coordinate>". Does this mean that I need to be stressed in order to utilize this card? Same thing with the modification card, "Engine Upgrade": It requires a "Red Boost". So that means I have to be stressed while boosting in order to use this card? For the second question, let's take a look at the Starviper-Class Attack Platform, and its actions. It's either a "Barrel Roll -> Stress Focus" / "Boost -> Stress Focus" or a the same, but "Stress Coordinate". So, the inevitable question is this: If I do a barrel roll / boost, does that give me a Stress token and a Focus / Coordinate? Again, I'm just confused and can't seem to find these answers anywhere, and I'd rather not go on assumptions. There aren't many (if any) groups around my area right now (that I know of), so figuring this out by asking people in my vicinity is somewhat limited, and I apologize if you are made to repeat yourself. Thank you!
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