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  1. With the new very clean look in 2.0, it's been fairly easy for me to start duplicating the style and creating custom upgrade and pilot cards. I do this mostly because the group of nerds I usually hang out with prefer the RPG, but love all things Star Wars. For a while now, when the full group can't get together for the RPG, I've started running Imperial Assault and X-Wing with custom cards based off of their characters just as a way to keep the game going since sometimes it'll be a full month or four before I can get the whole table to sit down again. One of the group's favorite characters came from when one of the players decided to 'challenge' himself by consistently being the least relevant character in any scenario, but never getting on the group's nerves by being as useless as possible. As such, he decided on the character archetype of "Ithorian Jedi Ninja Gardener". That's all it took for the group to instantly fall in the love with the character. Now that we've started doing the crossovers, I always try to start with that character and see what completely useless mechanic that I can come up with that that player would still push and argue towards using as much as possible on nights he's there for the off-nights. Without further ado, I bring you Greensleeves, the Jedi...Ninja...Gardener...
  2. Hey everyone, I kind of took Odanan's original template and went all kinds of crazy-sauce on it for my group. We play the RPG mostly, so I like to make little custom cards and scenarios for nights when the whole group can't get together so we play "side missions" using Imperial Assault and X-Wing. I've got plans to polish up the pilot template a little more for all 4 factions, plus the option for your own custom one, the upgrade card is 90% ready to go (just need to do the back), and I've got all the fonts used bundled up in a zip for you. Pilot & Upgrade templates: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AhPE0PEY_qOziTEbLpBRPGmxFRRZ Font package: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhPE0PEY_qOzixAk11IWIvaKA8Hx Couple of the ones I've done: https://imgur.com/a/W1HcRrM The templates are made to work with the template available at makeplayingcards.com
  3. Foghorn

    Savage Genesys :)

    I also agree with all this...mostly... My group's been running a SW pirates campaign for years now and if we were going to switch that over to Genesys, for the most part it'd be pretty simple as there's nothing really hard-coded into the SW system to make pirates work...except for one thing that's a little different. The system of using playing cards for initiative is something that the group loves and has become an intrinsic part of our "pirate experience" while playing. I think that every once in a while, there's some aspect of the mechanics that also bleeds into the feel of the game that you might want to at least take a look at. My group also just loves pirates, so once this campaign is done, we may switch over to Genesys and with a fresh batch of characters, probably no one will notice if we don't use the cards for initiative any more, but there's definitely something palpable about the excitement around the table when the first round of cards are being drawn for initiative.
  4. Very nice job with the cover
  5. I see how the mechanic works and I think regardless of how you word it, it's intuitive and works within the framework of the way the game works. Basically, once a player makes the roll 2 or 3 times, it should click and they'll be able to handle it. The only thing that I would request is that you name the sword the, "Pewpew Stabby Stick"
  6. Which is obviously not to poo-poo on your work. If I had to run an Earthdawn game tonight, I'd grab your doc and run with it and be happy.
  7. Let's see if I can through together a more cohesive example...Clearly the categories might not be actually how I'd end up with things, it's more just to set the framework so you can see how I'm looking at things. Thief Thieves take stuff from people and are super good at it. The Thief gains access to Thief Weaving and gains 1 rank in Deceive, Perceive, or Sneak. Initiate A Thief chooses two skills to become Discipline Skills: Coordination, Deception, Skulduggery, or Stealth. Karma: Once per session, as an out-of-turn incidental, you may spend a Story Point to ignore some setback dice on a Deception check. Deceive Thread Actions: Avoid Blow, Conceal Object, First Impression, Haggle, Surprise Strike, Taunt Perceive Thread Actions: Awareness, Danger Sense, Disarm Trap, Melee Weapons, Missile Weapons, Throwing Weapons Sneak Thread Actions: Climbing, Great Leap, Lock Picking, Picking Pockets, Sprint, Stealthy Stride Journeyman A Thief chooses one skill from the Initiate list to become a Discipline Skill. Karma: Once per session, you may spend a Story Point to reroll an check made to attack a surprised opponent. Shadowcloak: For 2 Strain, upgrade Perception checks to spot you for the remainder of the scene. Deceive Thread Actions: Blade Juggle, Dead Fall, Disguise Self, Engaging Banter, Mimic Voice Perceive Thread Actions: False Sight, Second Weapon, Spot Armor Flaw, True Sight Sneak Thread Actions: Call Missile, Fast Hand, Graceful Exit, Slough Blame So the idea being that for the Thief, Melee Weapons may use their Perceive Thread Action, but the Air Sailor would have it in their Swashbuckling Thread Action list, so you wouldn't have to worry about how and where those might crossover into different areas of different Disciplines.
  8. So here's an idea I had regarding separating Disciplines from Careers: What if some of the more overtly 'magical' Talents from Earthdawn were covered as magical actions for skills that each Discipline had? Each Discipline could be covered by 3 'thread skills' (or something along those lines barring better terminology), and then each skill determines which actions you can take and how they work? Example: The Thief has the Sneaky, Stabby, and Charmy 'thread skills' (just throwing skill names out there, but I'm pretty sure I just nailed it on the first try). Stabby has the 'Melee Attack' action at the Novice level and 'Second Weapon' at the Journeyman level, each giving out different bonuses based off of how it works. More examples: Melee Attack Thread Action You gain a number of advantages equal to ranks in your thread skill to all Melee (Light) and Melee (Heavy) checks. If I continue down this rabbit hole, I'll probably set something up that limits how many actions you get per thread skill or something so you just don't have access to a giant crapton of actions through each skill, there's still some pick and choose and customization while trying to maintain some of the light-crunchiness of Genesys.
  9. Maybe even a "meet in the middle" situation where you have your career skills, but also your Discipline skills within those that are asterisked or something in the list that give you the explody option. Maybe let the player choose 2 with a T2 talent that gives you a third?
  10. I was more thinking of just tying in the Story Points as Karma and tying those things together, with a touch of the superheroes idea to simulate the open-ended rolls from Earthdawn. So, a Thief who uses a Story Point to add to a check to sneak around not only gets the upgrade, but rerolls Triumphs and adds that result to the total result sort of thing.
  11. Most of it is just crazy thoughts for now, I think the blood elves are the one thing I have the most concrete so far. I'm mostly building from a lot of the same foundations you did for yours, but I have a couple of divergent thoughts on things that I want to see how they run their course before putting them anywhere. I'm more in the experimentation phase of things for most of it. Mixing Karma with Story Points (obsidimen add 2 Story Points to GM pool at the beginning, windlings add 2 to players' pool), had a crazy notion today of separating careers (which would still give you skills and tie more into the artisan skill side of ED) and Disciplines (giving each Discipline a set of 'magic' actions very similar to what's already there), and some other random thoughts. It's all still very theoretical, and some of it like the career/discipline thing I like on the surface, but I'm afraid will add too many fiddly bits to be worthwhile.
  12. That's awesome, thank you. I hadn't considered that. I'll take a second look through my stuff and see what stirs up in my brainspace. Meant to include that bit, just typing too fast. Excellent example of me trying to be clever when it should be something that's already there. I'd definitely say go with this. That's an interesting idea. I'll take a look back at Obligations again. Nailed it. Thanks for the feedback. I'll see if I can't get a redraft done sometime soon
  13. So if a buddy of mine is going to play, there has to be blood elves. Here's the extra stuff I was looking to throw onto the blood elves to help set them apart (aside from minor tweaks to characteristics, WT, ST, etc.) Strained Healing: All healing checks performed on you have their difficulty upgraded by 1. Pain Threshold: Ignore Easy Critical Injuries and don't count them towards your total number of Critical Injuries when receiving additional Critical Injuries. Armor Restriction: If you wear armor other than fernweave armor, or clothing not tailored for blood elves, you suffer ◼ to all Agility and Cunning based checks for every point of Soak it gives you (min 1, max 5). Wood Longing: At the beginning of the session, make an Easy (⯁) Discipline check. If you succeed, increase the difficulty by 1 at the beginning of the next session. If you fail, you gain an Easy (⯁) Critical Injury that can only be healed by spending time in the Blood Wood, and the Discipline check goes back to Easy (⯁). If you fail this check again before healing your Critical Injury, increase the severity of the Critical Injury by 1. Not sure why the background color...probably something to do with copypasta from gmbinder.com There should probably be something in there about Wood Longing superseding Pain Threshold, but it's still WIP
  14. Foghorn


    Just in case anyone was still watching this thread, I am still working on it, albeit slowly. Thought I'd attach one of my nuggets that helped make me excited to work on a setting for Genesys. Psionics was always something that seemed like it wanted a place, but didn't belong in the Dragonstar setting, but I really like how easily it plugs in like this. I still need a psionic exclusive action for Curses, since I think each magic skill should have a unique ability for each action it can have, but I'd welcome any feedback people have for this. Re: the 'alternate secondary skill' that was something that recently started bouncing around in my head and was wondering if anyone else had considered something similar. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vPkxdDNfI77n1M5Wa5v6aD-d_IAB7LBU/view?usp=sharing
  15. So first lightbulb would be Talents for "fighting styles". A "Quick" version that lets you spend Advantages to give your attack Pierce that you can only take if your Agility is higher than Brawn, and then a "Heavy" version that lets you spend Advantages to gain Vicious if your Brawn is higher than your Agility... I still liked that the accuracy/damage was intrinsic to the system and not an optional bit, but this may be a rabbit hole that I can dig into...
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