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  1. Well my gaming group consists of my wife and me, and while costs of games are indeed split to an entirely fair ratio (100% me and 0% her), her purchasing her own copy helps me none. As an aside, I agree with the excitement of not knowing. I'm fairly positive that I will indeed purchase this game in the future based on the simple fact of not knowing what I am getting initially is very exciting. I just don't want to feel like I am missing out later on. And I know some people will say that other peoples experiences should not affect my own plays...but it does, ok? It just does. As someone who spends most of a work day browsing various board game forums, play session envy is real and I don't want to feel like I bought an inferior copy of something someone else paid the exact same amount of money for.
  2. I can't imagine this hasn't already come up behind closed doors at FFG so I'm assuming there is some sort of response to this. I'm willing to concede we are drawing conjectures from very little information released so far. Maybe like others have already suggested there will be "booster packs" that may contain smaller but guaranteed content that will sell at reduced cost, but if this is true, potentially different players may have to spend varying amounts of money to achieve what the community deems "the most fun" set of content, if such a thing will exist.
  3. Here's a hypothetical Buyer is excited about the premise of a survival game and will purchase this game, but also is hoping for a wilderness or arctic survival experience. Buyer purchases game and receives a box with a set for the desert island experience. While disappointed, Buyer is still excited to play the game and try out the mechanics. After enjoying the desert island experience to the fullest and enjoying the game, Buyer decides to purchase a second box to hopefully get a different experience in a different biome. Buyer receives second copy, full of desert island experience version 2. This game does seem like something I would be very interested in, but this unique game thing is making me a little hesitant. Currently there isn't enough information to support the above example actually occurring as written, but this was the first place my head went after reading the initial details. I actually don't have an issue with the unique idea, as long as if I decided to spend an additional $60 for a second box I would be receiving an additional $60 of value. Thoughts?
  4. Very excited for this release as is and happy to have it in Terrinoth. Although I also find the Android universe very interesting, and would have been pretty excited to see something in that realm. I think Star Wars would work against FFG in the same way as the Games Workshop deal fell apart. Using their own IP in Terrinoth allows them complete ownership of the game and freedom to do as they please. Plus, coming from a Star Wars fan, enough Star Wars games already...
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