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  1. I think its a solid rule and it gives the best of both worlds without doing the knight level thing. For me though, it would take the fun out of the game. The fact is, when first starting, they aren't Jedi. At least, they aren't supposed to be. Even in the MMO you can't start with a lightsaber, you have to work for it. That's the fun part! Players should want to work up to that point. Let their character grow in to the Jedi and build the lightsaber based on their views of the Force. Not just jump in to it. Anywho, rant over. I really dig the rule lol.
  2. I really liked how, in the book Plagueis, they compared Qui Gon to Count Dooku. The two were very similar in their feelings toward the Jedi, one just went dark side and the other didn't. I wish Qui Gon would have lived longer to see if maybe he would have fallen just like Dooku did.
  3. Here's a topic of discussion just for funsies! Who, if you had the choice for your F&D characters, would your ideal Master be and why? I'm probably going to catch some flack for this, but my choice would be Revan. Preferably before he was stored in a tube and fed off of by the Emperor, inevitably shattering his mind, but after he completely recovered his memories. The idea of being able to channel both sides of the Force simultaneously, unleashing it in its purest form, is pretty cool to me. He was also able to do a little bit of everything, making him a little OP. Public service announcement: I wouldn't want my character to be anywhere near that powerful, I chose him strictly for the knowledge he possesses of the Force. So Revan haters go easy on me lol.
  4. Honestly it all boils down to the imagination of the player. Anyone who is good at "optimizing" character options is going to outshine other players who play whats fun and don't focus on being OP. I will admit that some classes are more situational than others, but again, imagination of the player. Another example, I might not be able to make a pathfinder work in a campaign because I don't know how an animal companion would be useful, but someone else could easily step in and make that character more of an asset than anything I could make. Everyone has their own flavor and I think the Star Wars games have done great at providing options for just about everyone.
  5. This is probably how I'm gonna try to do it in games. This makes the most sense to me of anything I've heard or read yet. Nice man!
  6. Has anyone taken a crack at homebrewing any of the options previously discussed? I would really be interested in any Form VII trees people could come up with.
  7. I kind of look at it like this... If you have two small shields, using one in each hand, and you get in to a fight with someone, its not like one isn't gonna do what it's supposed to do. Same with having two weapons with defense bonuses. Having said that, don't get greedy. If you go nuts with the defense mods, GMs might have to consider nerfing that.
  8. I'll message you. I'm more than interested and have some questions.
  9. I've never actually played yet, but really excited to try and find a group and I've been pouring over the character options trying to figure out what I want to play. It's been tough because it all sounds pretty good. So I wanted to see what you guys have done that you really liked and why! What were your favorite character builds? What about them did you like/dislike? Do you have any opinions for indecisive players?
  10. That's actually a really solid idea. I think this is the key. If the player wants that accurate boost die, then lead with the shoto and bat clean up with the "main hand" larger weapon. Its weird and makes my brain hurt in a "does not compute" sort of way, but what must be, must be. I think it does compute ..... .if we toss out everything previous RPG's have taught us about two weapon fighting. From people with experience in two weapon fighting there isn't an off hand or a primary hand. You have two weapons and you're expected to attack and defend with both. And you're trained to know when to use one weapon over the other. For balance reasons most gaming systems come up with this whole primary/off hand thing. But that doesn't seem to be a real representation of how two weapon fighting really works. I think it only gets weird if we insist on viewing the matter from the perspective of how rpg's have done as opposed to what actual fighters have told us. I completely agree. Expanding the perception past rpg mechanic to real world two weapon fighting is the tough part. It all makes sense though and I feel a lot better about potentially playing a two weapon fighter and/or having someone in the group play a two weapon fighter.
  11. If you stayed with a regular lightsaber in your offhand, you could attach the curve hilt and get the defensive that way, plus an extra advantage engaged against a single enemy, which could help with hitting more.
  12. Thanks for the input everyone, this has been super helpful
  13. That's actually a really solid idea. I think this is the key. If the player wants that accurate boost die, then lead with the shoto and bat clean up with the "main hand" larger weapon. Its weird and makes my brain hurt in a "does not compute" sort of way, but what must be, must be.
  14. Soresu specializes in defending from blaster fire as well as lightsaber/melee attacks, so it makes sense that it wouldn't have the supreme reflect. Kind of a jack of all trades, master of none concept. It would take away from Shien to give it to Soresu also.
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