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  1. The official app is both poorly layed out, and poorly optimised, both of which I imagine are a result of a misunderstanding of the cost of developing and maintaining such an app. I can't imagine it would take much for OP to just quietly give an approving nod toward the most popular third party apps for use in tournaments.
  2. I am joining this conversation late, and I will go back and dutifully read all the posts, and I may even contribute an opinion or two, but I want to just say this: @Blail Blerg, it has been a long time since I have been so triggered as I was when I read the words "best balance", "diversity", and "Starcraft 2" in the same sentence. I'm still a little shook...
  3. People view concessions strangely, and rarely well. I was playing an Armada tournament that, frankly, I was having zero fun at because a plethora of very serious try-hards flew in for it. Long story short, mid way through the third round I knew I'd made an early missplay and was really hungry, so given the game state I offered to concede. The guy was literally offended, and in very clear terms told me I was worth more points to him by playing, and refused my concession, then spent the rest of the game criticising how I was playing, because I wasn't being aggressive, and then because I was apparently "needlessly sacrificing ships". This isn't an answer to your question, but just an example of how wildly weird the attitudes towards conceding can be.
  4. I used the official dice app in a tournament years back, and one person complained about it, despite it being sanctioned. I figured someone would so I had dice ready.
  5. Where's my Solar Corona shenanigans?! Nothing more amusing than taking Solar Corona into a fight when you have 6x Raiders that can abuse positioning quickly against large base anything. Adapted Armada rules is where I'd go on this. Player with initiative is declared "first player" and picks from two of the second player's scenario cards. You can either move/shoot first, or dictate the scenario. It'll honestly depend on the rules stated on the cards though. Armada's scenario cards do a decent job of balancing advantages for first and second players, where there is any. These cards don't seem to have the categorisation you'd need to balance fully though, so I'm not sure they'll ever be a tournament option.
  6. Because then people would just proxy everything like they did after every reveal in 1E, and give super competitive players a distinct tournament advantage on release, which is compounded by the new hyperspace format.
  7. Tractors have existed for both sides in Armada since wave 2 in the form of Phylon Q7 Tractor Beams. All it does is allow you to exhaust the card to slow down a target ship in range by 1, to a minimum of 1. It can be useful, but its rarely taken unless you're building with it in mind. The effect does stack if multiple ships hit one target, but you still have control of your own movement path. Only the Admiral Constantine commander card let's you speed anyone up, and only the Interdictor can use it's own special upgrades to bring anyone's speed down to zero, which is important enough to be a unique ability on an expensive(ish) frame. Tl;dr tractor shenanigans in Armada are rare because they're expensive and pretty situational. A 6-turn limit on what you do in the game doesn't allow you to go ion-tractoring someone off the board, like X-wing.
  8. I mean, the Interdictor is an Armada ship built entirely around screwing with tractor/gravity effects that screw with enemy speed, and it's been there for a long time. This would only be new in that the Rebels would get it.
  9. It's a horrible model for the consumer but - and it pains me to say this - it works really well.
  10. Part of that is the rise of tabletop gaming in recent years providing more competition, which is fine. The slightly shady advantage taking in that is less so. GW lost me for that reason a looooong time ago.
  11. Games Workshop has done this a few times. There's an inevitable period of backlash before enough people fall in line and it happens anyway. I have an enormous Eldar war host for Epic which will apparently be utterly useless for the new edition as they're changing the scales. Same. Hyperspace hasn't even been particularly common around my area, even for events. There's been a few, but most of the new players have either bought old collections and a conversion kit, or just bought one of the prequel/sequel factions, so it hasn't made a major difference to them. Surplus upgrades from conversions or expansions are passed around readily. The attraction for players in Extended over Hyperspace isn't to get one over on a newbie, it's just pure experimentation. In Hyperspace format, you have five or six ship options per faction. For new players, that's a fair bit to explore. For seasoned players, much of that is explored territory, even within the setting of revised rules and abilities. Folks who have been playing the game for years use Extended format to try out strange things that would never make it to an event table, not because they're not Hyperspace compatible, but because they're not optimised for tournaments. tl;dr Hyperspace is a tournament setting. Extended is a sandbox. You have all the toys for a Hyperspace setting, but you don't need all the toys for a sandbox.
  12. As a European I find it baffling.
  13. Or a Hwk. I doubt anyone would be that much of an Aggressor anyway. They'd face a Torrent of backlash, and most people really don't want to force a judge into Punishing One of the players in any event.
  14. Yeah only a Scyk person would do that at an event anyway. That kind of thing would cause Havoc.
  15. Does hopping to game 4 make you a Quadjumper?
  16. I'm somewhat known for my Top Gun... fandom... It's not uncommon for me to blast the soundtrack on the way to an event or literally just leave copies of the movie in people's houses after I leave if I find out they don't own it. These are some of my custom shield tokens. Sixteen unique callsigns, though not all are shown here. Nothing gives more emphasis to your laments of Goose dying than flipping his shield token in the process. Also, for the record: The perfect Top Gun ship already exists in X-wing. It's called the Alpha-class Star Wing. An ordnance based dogfighting craft with the potential for heavier cannon armaments? A frame that can pull a negative 4G inverted dive to keep up with more agile opponents? A system that thrives on target locks and fancy, fast flying? A chassis that literally makes you say "He's too close for missiles Goose, I'm switching to guns". I've said it many times, and I'll say it again. The Gunboat is an F14 in space.
  17. I was going to have a friend pick up a couple of Hyenas for me and send them over, but alas the sale apparently doesn't extend to them. RIP. Still might be a cheaper way for me to get the three extra Rebel and extra Scum and Imperial conversion kits I need. I hate having to spend so much on those, I've been playing around the lack of dials.
  18. I have six B-wings already. Flappy ones don't do anything for me. My big issue is that I can't justify paying for enough dials/cards to actually break them out. I've needed a second rebel conversion from day one, but because it has such a weird distribution, I really need three of them to cover the A/B/X/Y ships, but I also really, really don't want to spend all that money on them.
  19. If you're stuck for some mine tokens I might have some hanging around still. I chucked out quite a lot of the unpunched 1e cardboard but I'm fairly sure I have a couple still there that you're more than welcome to.
  20. Ah, my bad. Spot the person who hasn't bought a 2e packaged ship yet. I have so many mine and bomb tokens from 1e that I stopped even punching them out of the cardboard years ago. I just assumed it was still all one of each, or maybe even that was just memory bias.
  21. I wouldn't mind paying $5 for the single card but those are all sold too. New hotness and all that.
  22. I was unaware only one copy of autoblaster came in the transport, so now I'm probably going to have to buy another. If I can find one in stock within the next several months...
  23. I don't think any ship has ever come with more than one of each mine or bomb token. This isn't unusual.
  24. NakedDex


    I think that would cause more issues than the drift of a ship. It might be visually a little jarring in game terms, but it sounds perfectly plausible as a simple mechanic for squadron flight.
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