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  1. I swear, when I saw the title of this thread I thought the topic was going to be how Bren and Wedge are pilots with solid abilities and PS, but rarely/never see play due to the ship they're in.
  2. I do have a list someone once described as a blue/black removal deck... If we're rolling back nerfs, I'm going to run 5x Bombers with 10x Tacticians. New Meta.
  3. To be fair, the Bomber is a name, not a primary role. It's primary role is as a general purpose ordnance delivery ship. Jack of all trades, master of none, but cheap and capable. Several ships mentioned above are better bombers, but few are better missile/torpedo platforms, and none are more cost effective.
  4. The problem with "fixing" the templates now is that you're 10/11 waves deep into a game. Changing the standard now causes further confusion as the cards start to intermix. I agree, the you/ship thing is poorly phrased, but it's better to have everyone understand one meaning than introduce a second meaning. Trust me, my better half is a proof reader, and I've seen her lose the plot over these kind of sudden phrasing changes on projects she's worked on. It's better to have a keyword and stick to it if it's understood, and right now, it's understood.
  5. Wouldn't a Battle of Scarrif pack just be a box with two dozen TIE Fighters in it, and a special rule that allows you to field all of them, but still lose the game?
  6. Consistency isn't a word used in the SW universe...
  7. You may well be right. I was going from memory and thinking you not your. Very different interpretation there. I think the nearest you can get to help from other ships in that case is someone passing you a focus to fire with.
  8. ^ This is your answer. I kind of like it. I can see it more a crew, though. There's an awful lot of cheap/durable ways to get that into a list in an EPT socket, but a crew slot might be really interesting. I mean, we already have unique crews with effects on unique pilots (Dengar, for example). I could see this benefiting the U-wing or Quadjumper in a Battlebus style of build. Heck, even Whisper would get a kick out of this as a crew. I had thought in the past about a crew that adds a condition card to a pilot of your choosing at the start of the game, allowing you to ignore that pilot's ability when defending against them, or attacking them. Essentially an Anti-Biggs card that has utility elsewhere, but not everywhere (movement abilities wouldn't be effected, obviously), but this seems much simpler (and simpler works so much better in this game...).
  9. Jonus, no. M9G8/Palp/etc, yes. Jonus allows you to reroll as if you were spending a target lock, where the others modify on your behalf. The keyword "you" is the definer there; it refers to the ship firing, so if another ship can modify on your behalf, you're golden. Yeah I've come against this with Deadeye Bombers with Homing Missiles. Deadeye lets me fire with the focus, and Homing says I don't have to spend it. It usually takes some explanation if the person hasn't seen the interaction before, but it's fine as long as I don't spend that focus for mods.
  10. If the /ln is your P51, the /fo is your P51B. Get yourself a Merlin engine and start shifting. Of course, that probably means the /sf is the P51D, and that's clearly the beast...
  11. Ultra Pro do side loading pages, but they're not too common. They also do a top loading "secure" page, which is essentially the same as their regular pages, with an extra little flap of plastic at the opening to prevent anything accidentally falling out. Sounds like they're the ones for you. Personally, I use the Ultra Pro 9 and 16 pocket Platinum pages in a pair of binders (one for pilot cards by faction, one for upgrade cards by type). They rarely leave the house, so having the secure one's isn't as much of an issue. Cards only get taken out of those for use in lists at the store/tourneys etc, so they end up secure in the travel kit anyway. Both the secure, and the side loading ones are the same size as the Platinum I use, so I can tell you they are fine for sleeved cards too.
  12. 6x TIE Bombers with Lightweight Frame, Shuttle title, Tactician, and a smattering of Fleet Officers and Operations Specialists. Make them Gamma Vets and chuck in PTL for the giggles. It's not the best list you'll make, but it'll confuse the hell out of your opponent, and you can be **** sure at least one over-invested ace isn't getting an action for the rest of the game.
  13. 5x TAPs with your choice of missiles is pretty hilarious. You can run them all with Prockets and chips for 100. I've done that in regular 100/6 games and had the great pleasure of murderkilling a Decimator in a single turn, but epic would let you at least run a bunch of them with Concs and chips. Heck, you could run Barons and be a proper nuisance.
  14. Noticed a problem with Operations Specialist too. Everything is fine until I miss an attack, which should trigger OpSpec, but it freezes instead.
  15. They're already strong. I've been rocking them for ages to the chagrin of many opponents. They're just getting another potential option now.