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  1. Not sure I'd be into the idea of having to pay extra into what is essentially a kit event just to get errata cards that... well, aren't really needed if you have an FAQ to hand. If it was a pack of alt-art errata cards, then maybe, but I don't see that happening. Not everyone is going to make it to an event due to life stuff, which means those people miss out just by circumstance. Missing out on an alt-art in a kit is easy enough to get over. Missing out an entire pack of cards that, let's face it, will bolster your collection and list building options over others for virtually free because there's no way to force players into using "new" or "old" versions of the card. tl;dr no.
  2. Interesting. I'd never really considered it, mainly due to the list types I've been playing lately rarely make it to 45 minutes, nevermind 75. I think a lot depends on the lists, but I kind of based my answers on how long it would take for a 3 ship v 3 ship turn, in my past experience. Also, I tend to play my turns fairly quick, so maybe I'm skewing an average there. I kind of have a personal guide that if a decision is taking longer than 30 seconds, I'm over thinking it, so I just make a snap decision and carry on to the next ship. If I was playing a list I'd never used before, or a high synergy list, that expected number of turns would probably go down significantly.
  3. I reckon you have more chance of Sabine getting into one that Maarek at this stage.
  4. I'm really curious as to what the dice combos would be for the various ships if it was Armada style range dice, and how they'd effect the defensive system as it stands. X-wing: red, red, blue. Interceptor: red, red, black. Something like that? Immediately it would seem like you'd have to re-evaluate defence, as this works nicely in Armada due to it being a purely token system, where rolling a really hot red-red-black against a 3Agi that rolled equally perfect evade would still result in five hits and a crit cancelling to two hits and a crit. That kind of spins you back to "dice creep", albeit in a different way. I'm guessing the best way to do it would be to have evade results straight up cancel dice? Or are we thinking of new evade dice too?
  5. In fairness, Armada having range dependant dice from the start meant the design space was much more open to creating that differentiation through different combinations of dice for various arcs, the defence token system, and the adjustment of the dice pool using clever upgrades. X-wing was somewhat locked in the second the core set launched.
  6. Sabine crew is one of my most hated aspects of the game, honestly. Autodamage is one thing - I actually don't have a problem with autodamage mechanics when they're done well - but Sabine taking the mickey. Mechanics like Feedback Array, Ruthlessness, and Wampa's pilot ability all have drawbacks that balance them, and only work for one ship. Sabine inexplicably works for every bomb on every ship on the table, at any range. As soon as I see her, even in a casual game, I know I'm going to enjoy that game less than I should.
  7. Officially "Q4 2017". Which probably means next year considering they're not "On the boat" yet. My guess would be February, though they may push hard to make Christmas. I'd never seen the Howlrunner before. I thought it looked familiar, but not from Star Wars. Thank God I wasn't losing my mind. Although the Buck Rodgers ship actually looks better...
  8. The game itself, for me, is still fun. What I realised after winning a Regionals is the competitive side isn't. I played for almost 12 hours that day, and came out with a win after some amazing games, but I didn't feel like I had fun doing it. This year, I took 4x TIE Bombers to Regionals and made top8. I had much more fun doing that, especially with the reactions the list got. I didn't win, but I didn't care, because it didn't feel like a slog through needing to win. At one stage I even conceded a game early so we could restart it. That felt great.
  9. I think the K-wing is when they should have introduced the medium base ship. It would have changed it's dynamic a bit, but opened up design space at the same time, and solved some problems for similarly odd choices for ships like the U-wing, and maybe the Silencer and Gunboat. There are definitely some design space limitations evident, and they're trying to work around them, but the pace of releases hasn't slowed much so the dev time for these adaptations is probably equally constrained. Maybe even rushed in some cases.
  10. I flew TIE Bombers in a kit event on Sunday, and met everything from batwings and Aggressors, to Alpha Interceptors and B-wings. In the high meta, there may only be a few ships in doing the rounds at any one time, but in the semi-casual world most of us inhabit, more ships = more diversity.
  11. Hahahaha oh man that made me laugh. Probably not for the intended reasons. Have fun on the internet!
  12. Meh. Name is considerably less important than the content of the card. That's like arguing the artwork in the bridge is the wrong ship. Besides, in Armada Leia is called Leia Organa, but Ackbar is still Admiral Ackbar. So, y'know, things can change.
  13. Truthfully, I didn't. I'm mid way through a 12 night shift after only 2 hours sleep from my previous one. My perception is less than stellar right now, and I still have 6 hours to go...
  14. The boost/barrel roll only happens once from a tractor beam in a turn, but the agility debuff stacks, so it's still decent if you're setting up for an attack. This is why I feel like if you're running a four Gunboats, two need to be firing ordnance and the other two should be reloading and firing tractors. The tractor shots will either strip tokens or drop agility, but the success of the build will hinge on the ability to reengage quickly like that.
  15. Ion Cannon Turret. Sorted.