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  1. Oh be still my beating heart... If I can get Supreme Inspiring Rhetoric in any of those trees, I'm diving on that spec so hard it'll break the sound barrier. As excited as I am about the possibilities for alchemical crafting (come on sythesising chemicals...), my character is a face. It fits too well to pass up.
  2. Well they could still choose to if it was set up as a guided conclusion. Using that bridge example, if it was the only way in/out of the area and you had a force sensitive NPC initiate the Move/Bind, then they can choose to join or not. They may still find a creative way around it, but there's always ways to gently lead rather than push toward. May take some planning, but it could prove fun.
  3. Have you considered maybe making it a quest rather than an XP spend? You say they'd earn that much XP in 2-4 sessions anyway, so why not spend those 2-4 sessions exploring a lost temple, searching for a powerful artefact, or doing something worth of light side paragon action (personal sacrifice/hardship/journey for betterment of downtrodden). In that way, they "earn" increased abilities with the force in a natural way as a reward, rather than just a purchase. It accomplishes the same end goal of increasing everyone's force rating at once, but it becomes a plot point, and arguably more satisfying as it's something they worked together for. You could even have a part of the final act actually require them to make force checks together for a single big purpose (like using a combination of Move and Bind to keep a failing bridge up for escaping innocents, the act of which gains them a closer relationship with the force through their teamwork. Maybe one of them has neither power, but can use Protect or Heal to support the effort of the team/innocents). Once that check comes it can be the trigger for your sudden burst of extra force power, and you can award them all the extra rating to use immediately. Speaking as a player, I'd always appreciate the opportunity to earn something like that rather than just bypass purchasing a tree. It gives more of an ownership of the ability boost in my mind, over just grinding XP to purchase a rating. But that's just my two cent.
  4. Some doubts on Lightsaber Mods

    In fairness, auto-fire isn't a great comparison. Auto-fire rules are a bit... well it's very easy to make an auto-fire weapon desperately overpowered. Thing is, a good mechanics roll can build you a great ranged weapon, but there isn't really a better engaged range weapon than a saber. It's just a different speciality. Wait until you meet a guy with 8 soak, 3 defence, and a gunnery weapon, and your auto-fire buddies can't land a thing on him. That's your time to shine. Also, see if you can spend some time finding a Philaxian Phase Knife in your game. It's one of the best little purchases I've made for my character, and really helps in those times when taking out a saber might be risky, but you want to... get your point across...
  5. Some doubts on Lightsaber Mods

    You're making delicate alterations to a highly finessed system revolving around a rare crystal. It stands to reason that any changes made will make further changes more difficult to complete them without damaging other parts or altering the system negatively. Three mods on an Ilum crystal will get you -1 Crit and two +1 Damage, leaving you at a base 8 with crit 1 and Breach 1. That's still pretty difficult to deal with given that Breach bypasses so much soak. Lightsabers aren't supposed to make you unstoppable, they're just a tool, like any other. They have their speciality in the same way an autofire gun would, but it's horses for courses. You won't always be able to wander in somewhere with a heavy machine gun, but your holstered saber might slip through a crowd a lot easier.
  6. While not a politician, my character started as a Makashi as she's angled toward talk first, fight last. In concert with the Arbiter tree and Sense, she's pretty nifty in pretty much any social check. Makashi doesn't really give you any bonuses to social check, but it does at least allow you to bump that Presence stat right at the start, and still hold your own in any early... hostile negotiations, should it come to that. Makashi's biggest failing as a starting career for this kind of character, though, is a lack of force rating upgrade. I don't expect many social checks in a clearly combat orientated tree, but the force rating really hurts.
  7. Arbiter springs to mind. They're very focused on Charm and Negotiation, and they have access to an extra force rating so you can get into powers like Sense and Influence. I'd be tempted to plan an early multiclass into Politico too; partly because it's thematic, but also because it not only boosts your charming political skills, it's also a **** of a support tree for your group. They also synergise really well (and Supreme ranks Inspiring Rhetoric and Scathing Tirade are amazing). Another option is to go with Leadership based trees, if you want more of a "hands on" politician (do they exist?). Either way, all the Presence and Cunning forever.
  8. In fairness, of the two Armada models releasing, one is literally just a repaint of the existing ISD, and not a complex one. The rest of the entire box is little more than a dozen cards and some cardboard tokens. Running the molds for the models takes seconds (literally. Cycle time for the kind of injection molding machine they'd be using is approximately 4-5 seconds depending on resin mix and mold depth). The most time consuming part is painting, but even that doesn't preclude the ability to set out an article in a timely manner. Page printing and card printing take about equal time. There's considerably more pages to print than cards, though, so the balance there tips against the book. Cover printing and model molding takes about the same time, but the model still has to be painted so it tips back against Armada on that one. Lastly there's finishing the packaging; in the Armada instance, it's little more than printing a box and popping the cards into a zip-loc bag in the box, where binding the book is a bit more of a process. By the end of it all, a book is likely finished before the model, but not by a significant amount. The key thing here is that because the processes are so vastly different, they're run simultaneously, so the real competition is it's own category. Armada stuff is being delayed by the production of Legion and increasingly fast waves of X-wing thanks to new movies releasing. I'd hazard a guess that FaD books are in competition for production scheduling with not just AoR and EotE, but Legion's rulebooks, and literally every publication FFG produce. I'm not disagreeing that it's not unreasonable to expect an article by now. I'm just saying Armada isn't the yardstick you want to be measuring frustration by.
  9. Oh, good point. I still reckon there's room for Perception (or maybe Vigilance) talents with that style of character though. Maybe more in a passive style, but I feel like it's at least a little thematic. I'm hoping for all three levels of Inspiring Rhetoric to be in there for that reason too. I was just mentioning Negotiation as a potential as I can see the Prophet being a talky character. It might step on the toes a bit of the Arbiter tree, but it'd be a shame if that style (if it even was that style) didn't have a rank or two of Congenial, which might point toward having both Charm and Negotiation available.
  10. It's not unusual for Armada. We're used to going most of a year without an article, so 4-5 months is relatively brisk. X-wing has the other problem; the releases arguably come so thick and fast that you can't keep up and never really get to fully experiment before the new hotness arrives. So for Alchemist, I'm thinking Medicine, Discipline, Knowledge (Education), and maybe Perception? Alchemists would surely have had to study their craft and have an eye for detail. I'd put a shout in for Resilience replacing Discipline there too, as most chemical effects in the game are Resilience checks, and an Alchemist is bound to have picked up some resistance to what they work with... right? The Prophet I can see having Perception as I imagine there's some talent in there that allows force dice to be added to perception checks. Leadership and Charm tally for me there, too. After that, Negotiation? Could also be the Lightsaber tree, which would make for some interesting characters based around Sense and Misdirect/Influence. The Magus I'm guessing is going to have the biggest force power emphasis, so probably Discipline. After that, it could be anything, but I'm guessing they might take this a kind of darker route? Vigilance and Coercion perhaps? Maybe even Deception?
  11. If it makes you feel any better, Armada players have been waiting since August just for that preview article, and it only told us two things we didn't already know from the announcement article. Seems like FFG have been drawing out the time between updates on the products lately.
  12. I had that feeling too, but all are linked to Intellect, so I'm still going to have to dump two Dedication into that. I'm secretly hoping they specialise in liquids and energies rather than mechanical objects. I kind of love the idea of being a specialist in synthesising unusual liquids that have effects from healing and ability boosts, to paralysis and amnesia.
  13. If Alchemist turns out to be our crafting spec, I'm going to be super happy I haven't tapped those two Dedication talents yet. I'm going to need some Intellect for those Mechanics checks...
  14. Sarlacc Sweep Question

    QFT. I started with a Makashi that multi'd into Arbiter as I was immediately handed all social interaction responsibility for the group when I joined (I had presence 4, next highest was 2...). The absolute best I can hope for in a blaster fight is disarming the biggest foe first, then running for heavy cover. I mean, I love the idea of Makashi style, but hot **** does the game really force the specialisation...
  15. I so badly want to know what those signature abilities are... Even just the titles at this stage...