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  1. I mean, if nothing else, there's a kinetic impact. Blasters have been regularly used in all forms to blow holes in doors/panels/etc, so I'd say there's plenty there to say it'd cause damage. Maybe not immediate, but surely something. Armour is designed to take the impact of the shot though. I wouldn't use stormtrooper armour not displaying gaping holes as a perfect example of blasters not doing physical damage.
  2. My money is still on medicine too, especially with that Stimpack Specialisation in there. As much as I love the idea of playing an Alchemist given that my character is already known for using drugs and poisons to infiltrate and turn the tables on fights, having an Int of just 2 precludes going down the crafting rabbit hole.
  3. Ah balls, I read three of the four skills. RIP the dream.
  4. I can see the Prophet having the lightsaber ranks too. Arbiter is a social/lightsaber crossover, and it's a nice kind of combo. I'd like to see more talents like Aggressive Negotiations, and Prophet could potentially hold that.
  5. I read it as the Lightsaber skill weapons are balanced in a way that suits people proficient with lightsabers, rather than lightsabers having any particular propensity for dealing with bolts. It doesn't strike me as crazy that someone who has trained to deal with blaster fire using a lightsaber could use something balanced similarly to react to at least a single shot. The training stick, for example, is probably instantly destroyed, but the Ancient Sword could probably stand a couple of hits before being FUBAR. Perhaps if the attack has Pierce or does a base of 10+ you could say reflect wouldn't work or is halved, but if it was an average blaster shot - especially something smaller like a pistol or holdout blaster - I don't see much issue.
  6. I've gone from wanting Alchemist to Magus, though I have to wait and see the full tree. Prophet probably works better for me since I'm running a face character, but I so rarely get to actually roll for social checks that I'm starting to think there's no point in pursuing the talents anymore (which really hurts to say, because I've dumped half of my XP into social talents that I never get to use). If Alchemist's crafting is based on something other than Intellect skills, I may still be in, but otherwise I'm thinking it'll be Magus. Power of Darkness alone is not just a solid gameplay choice for my character, but a solid thematic one.
  7. As someone who has been using the Phase Knife as a primary weapon for several months now, this is both shocking and amazing for me. I mean, I have my sabers, but our GM seems set to viciously punish any use of them by the two force-folk in the party. The knife I can get away with, so it's about all I ever wield, but I seem to have just been sucking damage unnecessarily all this time.
  8. I figure it's more to do with it's balance making it easier to pull such a fast reaction. It's comparatively easier to parry a physical weapon attack away rather than deflect a blaster bolt just in terms of speed and accuracy required. That said, for me, you get to use reflect once with the practice stick and then that item is toast, unless it's narrative capable of resisting the damage, like being made of metal with a minor cortosis element to the alloy for durability. If it's a wooden practice stick, that thing is a one use item for reflect.
  9. 3 spec jedi

    I've been running a Makashi/Arbiter/Gadgeteer for a bit now, and I kind of love it, but do really feel restricted in some ways by having dipped out of FaD trees. I was originally going to take Warden instead, but a combination of our GM trying to literally kill us at every opportunity, and some thematic character reasons necessitated the left half of the Gadgeteer tree. Warden is still looking tempting though. My character leans heavily into the social stuff, so the Makashi/Arbiter combo actually really works for me, but man am I missing that force rating, and some talents.
  10. Back to hording XP I go...
  11. Welp. If anyone needs me, I'll be weeping in the corner while spending the 90xp I had begun to hoard for impending releases.
  12. Ultimate Power...

    You're not alone. I've ceased plans to horde xp until the book's release. Partly because I no longer expect it any time soon, and partly because I have a feeling that - with my luck - the moment that bank of points hits zero, the book will release.
  13. Warriors rejoice

    Don't raise my hopes... please...
  14. [kermitflail] I mean... ahem, yes. That seems... fine.
  15. Warriors rejoice

    I would take absolutely anything that helps with reflect. I have a single rank of it, and I can get just one more. I fall like a wet paper bag to concentrated blaster fire. I already have a shield set aside in my inventory for the glorious day when I don't have to take the difficulty increase for going sword and board. I get it for two offensive weapons, but I feel like for offensive and defensive mix, the difficulty increase is rough. Even an upgrade feels harsh. A setback I could totally see, though, to show encumbrance of the shield up close.