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  1. I think this is pretty much the point of Hate though. First Order is notorious for abilities that punish you actually firing at them. It's part of the shtick. Seps having a smidgen of that now kind of makes sense.
  2. Ion Scyks were one my favourite Scum fillers. I really must give them another go.
  3. I did save the Y-wing and Nantex, actually. In case anyone wants them.
  4. Manaroo is a kind of expensive co-ordinate with some advantages and drawbacks. Advantages mainly being that you can double down on focus tokens for a ship that may have already taken that action, and that she can pass tokens to a bumped ship. Drawbacks are mainly in the cost; both points and opportunity. To make her ability worthwhile you need to stick a token stacker like Perceptive Co-pilot in there, which only makes her more expensive. She's also going to be regularly without tokens for herself because it's likely something you're going to build around. The range is also pretty tragic for an already restricted ability (green tokens only now, so no target lock passing, and no evade potential).
  5. Hard 1s and barrel rolls make the Scout a much better blocker. The YT1300 is a better overall ship that's sort of wasted in that role unless you're really planning around it, and even then it's an easier dodge.
  6. Yeah I'm pretty sure at the time that I had a points reason why I just wanted to stick DMS on them and have another ship shoot them, but I can't remember what. Baffle is a good shout though. Especially if they're on one hull after wading into a swarm and will likely die anyway. I do rather love mechanics like that.
  7. R5TK is the answer to the problem I had in 1e with Dead Man Switch on a Z95 swarm. I needed them to explode reliably, but couldn't pop them myself.
  8. If I could even get a preorder in I'd be doing it for 3x N1s. Apparently the allocations are already taken. I'm torn on how many Hyenas to order though. The preview spread kind of left me deflated on them. I was all set for four and now I'm trying to justify two.
  9. Astromechs, the RIO of Star Wars. New astromech: •"Goose" Deploy with this side face up. When defending, on a critical hit you must eject this astromech and gain 4 charges. On the next 4 turns, before revealing your dial, you must spend 1 charge to perform a 0■ maneuver, and rotate 180 degrees. Once all charges are spent you suffer critical guilt and are removed from play. Flip this card. Reverse side: •"Merlin" You may redeploy from any board edge, or within range 1 of any friendly ship with at least one damage card. You may spend stress tokens as focus tokens while at range 1 of a friendly ship.
  10. Naturally 9 max, sure. PS11 or 12 wasn't unheard of though. One of the /fo Fighters was PS12 until he had a damage card, and PS10/11 Vader wasn't unusual for a while. Heck, I ran a list for a while with both of those, and a Decoy Echo. PS11/12 was absolutely unusual, but I6 is a good representation of it. The absolute maximum initiative you can get. I'd agree it's a bump from I5. That number is relatively rare.
  11. Once we see ion bombs back in some form or other, I can see a return of Genius for something like Kavil.
  12. This. A mini-swarm has always been 3-4 generics or low cost named pilots to me. Swarms have always been 5+. Generally swarms are unaccompanied by other ships, or have a single other ship of no significantly improved ability beyond the swarm ships themselves (think Mining TIE swarm with an Escape Craft as a distraction or crew carrier). Seps kind of muddle that because you can squeeze in 5 drones and a Bubablub that synergises with them (Sear and Tambor), but the drones are squishy enough that it's a net zero. Mini-swarm are almost always 3-4 of something relatively low threat but agile, with a big, expensive threat alongside, or 4 of something small base that's a bigger threat. Something like a Boba Fett and a bunch of Mining TIEs, Falcon and A-wings, Decimator and TIEs, etc, or 4x T70, 4x Strikers, 4x Phantoms. 3-ship is generally triple ace but can be 2x high cost aces and a filler/support. Occasionally you'll get a fat ship and a pair of flankers (the old Dash+2xA is a prime example). 2-ship is always aces, but can be anything from 160 points on one ship and a cheapish harasser ace, to fully balanced spread.
  13. NakedDex

    why ffg?

    You've never played against Echo, have you?
  14. My apologies, I didn't see that bit and misunderstood. I'm working under the assumption that FFG will avoid adding fix cards, but as you mention, they still have time to add the card to the box if it's a unique that matches the ship, if they haven't already decided on doing something of that style and just haven't revealed it yet. Who knows. We'll have to wait for the previews for now. I'd imagine any points or upgrade bar changes will be made public before the ship releases anyway, to generate hype for sales.
  15. Not to sound condescending, but I'm very familiar with them. I took a pair of scouts (albeit built in a way that made everyone cock their head and ask questions because they were *not* normal/meta) and Palob to win a sizeable regionals back in 1e, and have played a few the new version several times to see what can and can't be done with it. I'm not the herald of "JM5K can DIAF", rather I'd like to see it back and fun. I'm not convinced anything to do with torps will allow that though. It still has a ton of potential without crutching on ordnance. I've won more games with Feedback Array on that frame than any torpedo, and that was at the height of their explodeyness. Nobody suggested a points drop below the level that would make five possible. I even only suggested a drop of two points, and that was just by way of making something like Agile Gunner or FCS (assuming gunner and/or sensor slot) easier to purchase as compensation for the horrid action bar. Nobody wants five. I honestly don't think people even want four. If anything, if they got a sensor slot as well as gunner and kept their torpedoes, I'd be calling for an increase. Your suggestion isn't, as you say, perfect. Its primary problem is it flies in the face of how FFG have intended to balance/fix things in the game. Firstly, it requires giving a droid slot to all ships, but that kind of nullifies part of the Punishing One title. Granted, theres a solid argument for giving up a crew slot for a second astromech slot (and I'd be ok with that, honestly, given its unique and pricey), but it's a **** of an over-write for the errata if FFG disagree with that swap. Secondly, and this is honestly the bigger one, it requires issuing new cards for a ship as a fix, and including them in an expansion that can't use them or doesn't need them just to distribute them, which then also requires you to buy that ship - again, which you may not want or need. Obvious counterpoint here is that they could issue them separately as a "fix pack", but then why not just issue new dials and adjust the points cost? It also sets a precedent the company may not want to follow for other ships. The frame is poor right now, no question. The gunner slot it seems to be getting is a step in the right direction, but I'd still like to see a swap of torps for sensors, and let this thing be the literal scout vessel it was supposed to be. Heck, give it a device slot to make up for the torps. Let it poop out a mine to cover it's weak turning side, or plop out a seismic to make room for its turns. If passive sensors wasnt on the way, this would all be a lot easier.
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