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  1. It does, thanks! Good to know it's a manufacturing issue rather than a general "forced rarity" issue from production being in small numbers. Guess I'll just stick in a pre-order with the local store and wait (im)patiently for the book to arrive in the new year some time.
  2. Hi folks. I'm new to these parts of the forum so apologies if this is already a well hashed topic. I've just recently started into a campaign and cannot for the life of me seem to get my hands on a copy of the core rulebook anywhere, short of paying the guts of $100 for it. Right now, it's not hurting too much as we have resources among the group and I got lucky finding a Beginner Game box by chance for a rough rules reference, plus we have resources among the group. However I've never played an RPG in my life so it'd be nice to be able to reference things without relying on group resources or a heavily trimmed text. I do, at least, have my character built and set already. Is the shortage just a straight print delay issue, or is it generally in short supply? I notice it's listed as "at the printer"; what's the usual lead time on these (presumably it's the usual 4-8 weeks on the boat, too). I'm having the same issue with finding many of the sourcebooks at non-scalping prices, too, though I think that's more to do with where I'm living rather than stock shortage.
  3. I'm not sure it's the "fix" that will solve all of the X-wing's problems, but it does offer something toward one of it's biggest issues - positioning. Yes, it's situational, but as a 1-point astromech, it's probably more useful on the whole than R2, even if you just want something as IA fodder. For the T-65 it offers, at least, some basic ability to tighten a turn after a joust or scrape a ship into an arc. Rookie Pilots still won't get a huge benefit from it, but some of the higher PS folks might actually start to appear. Wedge vs Dash becomes a lot more interesting when Wedge can begin to keep up with a Dash diving out of his arc, and Dash is surging in popularity lately. For the T-70, it probably does more for the low-PS than anyone, as the likes of Poe are going to want their regen buddies. It does have some interesting interactions with pilots like Snap, Nien, and Ello though, and I'd imagine Jess is going to like it if you're not plumping for M9G8. Y-wings may well like it. You do get the in-arc-only restriction, but you can just stick BTL on there too and make the best of it. It's no stressbot, but... if you really want that TLT/primary double tap and you really like Y-wings, then it could be fun. Beyond that, I don't see anyone else even looking at it. E-wings need a lot more than a situational boost/roll, especially for the generics. ARCs would barely ever trigger it, and they prefer to take astros that compliment their pilot abilities anyway, and ditto for the Sheathipede. You could barely make an outside case for one on Hera/Sabine Attack Shuttle, but... I'm not even sure why you'd fly those outside of a casual game anyway. This could simply be another case of a decent upgrade being decent rather than superpowered, therefore looking subjectively disappointing due to being... well, balanced. It's no fix card, but it also offers few reasons not to take it on the ships it's aimed at. It's just... decent. A good option. It's not R2D2 or R3A2, but it's also not R3 Astromech or Targeting Astromech. It's just decent.
  4. I gave Viktor a go today, thinking "I'll play one with Viktor, then move on to Talonbane". By the end of the third game, I think I declared him my new favourite PITA pilot. I may try PRS with him next now.
  5. I ran a 4K list tonight that had Pulsed Ray Shield and Feedback Array. That honestly might be my most loved synergy with the Vaksai title now. For two points I can essentially deal a free damage. Man did that wake up the Whisper that screamed into the tail end of my formation to avoid my arcs at range 1... I haven't tried it on the StarViper yet. I played a couple of games with Guri and Thweek, and I can honestly say Autothrusters saved both of them from an early bath on more than one occasion. I'm dying to stick it on my old Palob ICT build though. Maybe tomorrow, if I can sneak in a game or two.
  6. I mean, the Kimogila is a smidge better, but without seeing the dial it's hard to truly compare. The only things we know about the Kimogila dial so far is that it has a red 4k, and red 1/2 turns. It's not supposed to be a particularly maneuverable ship (despite it, oddly, having barrel roll...). Meanwhile, the B-wing arguably still has one of the best knife-fighter dials in the game (that 2k is still godly). The problem is more that knife-fighters just aren't needed, so one of their chief tricks is now redundant. I'd also trade both the illicit and salvaged astromech slot for a system and cannon slot any day, so I'd say their upgrade bar is fairly on par, honestly.
  7. My wife still dislikes the game, but our entire wedding party was two dozen board games, several crates of craft beers, and a literal van-load of incredible donuts, so I'm not going to complain. Especially when we went to a game store on our honeymoon and she insisted we buy another game. Tomorrow she's making fresh waffles for myself and the best man from the wedding while we play X-wing in the kitchen. I may not be able to convince her to play, but I don't think I could be happier anyway.
  8. Solid. Gold.
  9. I mean, CC is free on the Khiraxz thanks to Vaksai. If nothing else, the ability to dump it in an emergency in the way you would with Glitterstim isn't terrible when it's a free option. Couple with some Cruise Missiles and your K-turns become a bit more scary.
  10. Cruise seems like the best value if you want to pull the trick with Munitions Failsafe. It reads as "you may", so you can just roll it as a single attack die. Decent chance that's going to be dodged, even if it does roll a natural hit.
  11. Yeah, I figured it might not. Still, like I said, save a point and switch them to Cruise missiles for an arguably more reliable effect due to the target lock not being spent.
  12. The best I could come up with was Strom with AC, Clusters, and Munitions Failsafe. Strom's ability isn't terrible - especially against pilots like Talonbane and Fenn - and the Advanced is the cheapest platform to pull off this "infinite splash" trick I can think of. In theory - because I'm going on the card here - you can force Saturation Salvo to trigger twice by rolling your dice, using AC to cancel them, then choosing not to put down the two hits. That gives you an immediate miss which triggers the Salvo*. You then roll the second attack from Clusters, and do the same again. After that, Munitions Failsafe allows you to keep the Cluster Missile to repeat the action. Not awful, but still fairly situational. AC at least guarantees that your primary always rolls well, and if there's only one ship left you can just unload the Clusters anyway, so they're not wasted points. *Saturation Salvo specifically mentions it triggers after a torp/missile attack that does not hit, and Cluster Missiles specifically mentions that it can attack twice. That said, Munitions Failsafe doesn't trigger if one misses and one hits. In theory, it works, but I'd be checking with some rules lawyers first. If Clusters doesn't interact this way, switch to Cruise, drop a point, and hold onto your target lock for repeated barrage. All that said, it's still close to a third of your list for an anti-swarm/formation trick that really has limited use in 100pt play. In Epic, however, it could be hilarious.
  13. In all honesty, the problem with the ship is that it seems like it's balanced. That's about it. We're so used to ships either being overpowered, or complete garbage, that an actual balanced ship seems subjectively inferior by comparison. The Kimogila is good. It has a strong ability that won't be easy to leverage. That's it.
  14. In fairness, the title is asking opinion rather than declaring it dead. The OP is literally asking what people think based on the information in the article.
  15. Agreed. An ace pack could pull it off, but that's about it. Reprinting the cardboard for existing ships would require something like Most Wanted to be released.