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  1. If the A-10 is anything in this game, I'd suggest it's the ARC. B-wings are possibly more along the lines of the F14/D; slower and chunky, but able to turn remarkably sharply, and carrying a suite of tech and weapons payload that make many others pale in comparison. (I somehow feel like the comparisons are easier to make with WW2 craft given the source materials was based on it. X-wing becomes the Mustang, B-wing becomes the Hurricane, A-wing becomes the Spitfire, T70 becomes the Mustang after they finally upgraded to the Merlin engines). The T70 is probably the F22, though, in that it has all the latest gear, and is technically superior, but somehow manages to never work in real life situations.
  2. Welcome to the game. The IG2000 is hilariously good fun. Don't be afraid to experiment with builds. I've always found asymmetrically building them has been great. Start with Iggy-B, then choose his wingman, always. Iggy-C is pretty standard for obvious reasons, but I find D to be great fun too. A is a bit... not so great, but don't be afraid to give it a go all the same. The Jumpmasters have been nerfed a couple of times. Their problem is that they're slightly undercosted, and they have something of a holy grail of upgrade bars that make them something of a toolbox. They're still strong for that reason. The T70s have actually gotten new pilots in the Heroes of the Resistance pack, and they're honestly pretty darn great. Jess Pava has become a Rebel staple (I feel vindicated for bigging her up now), and the others in the box have their place in various Rebel lists and play-styles (Snap Wexley is hilarious fun). The problem with the X-wing isn't the T70 so much as the T65 getting a bit of a boost. There's a lot of good pilots languishing back there, and outside of Biggs, they're not really being used. They'll have to wait until they get a targeted buff, as the current attempts with Integrated Astromech haven't worked. Everyone has an opinion on what they should be, and opinions differ wildly (approach with caution). A new Luke card will surely come with the new movie though. I imagine the movie itself will determine whether that's crew or pilot (or both), but I'm sure we'll see some new pilots in general.
  3. It's not just the number of waves, but what the waves contained, and you do need to factor in a new core set, too. Between them all, 2016 skewed the meta more than anything that could have been imagined. Granted, HotR didn't have quite as much of a splash, but Rey is a solid pick for a Rebel anchor, more so than most YT1300 pilots. Meanwhile Jumpmasters and Defenders became the absolute dominant force, bar none. 2015's waves were fine, but arguably the biggest release of the year was the TLT and Palp. Both important tools in either arsenal even now, but nothing like what came subsequently. 2016 saw the Jumpmaster, the /fo (read, Omega Leader), Countess Ryad, Maarek Steele, Jess Pava, Poe Dameron, Inquisitor, Fenn Rau, the Ghost, Asajj, Braylen Stramm and Norra. It also gave us Quickdraw, Backdraft and Manaroo, though their full power wouldn't be felt until later (in the /sf case, until LWF dropped). And that's not even mentioning upgrades. Integrated Astromech, Attani Mindlink, Comms Relay, Zuckuss, Dengar, Boba Fett, Juke, Kanan Jarrus, R4 Aggromech, /x7 and /D etc etc etc. These are all upgrades that aren't being used because they're new, but because they're incredibly potent compared to what came before. Kanan alone completely replaced Kyle Katarn. Comms Relay and Juke became the build for /fo fighters. Juke and /x7 was standard. Mindlink is still being talked about. Aggromech got nerfed, so ubiquitous was it in play, and IA saw us X-wings without AT, and making Biggs an even bigger pain. What have we got this year? Pure Sabaac is alright, and Ahsoka isn't terrible in the right hands, and Rex is a nice little filler ship. That's about it. Some decent upgrades in LWF, Inspiring Recruits (still think that's underrated), Ops Spec (ditto), and Kylo, but that's about it. Granted we have a wave to come, and an Epic, but the sheer amount of warp applied in 2016 is disproportionate to any previous year. The nearest equivalent was the Wave 4/5 era when all you could see on tables was Corran/Dash and Whisper/Chirpy. Dash and Whisper both got nerfed during the subsequent release of Scum via AT and the decloak timing errata, but you still saw them out and about. Every list you see today is based on 2016 ships/upgrades, not just uses them. Again, not just because they're new, but because the 2016 threw the game such a curveball, you can't but use them if you want to stay in competitive play. I'm not sure about you, but I'm not seeing many Corran or Whisper led lists in competitive events any more than I'm seeing many. Even Soontir - the original indomitable beast - has taken to retirement, and joined the massive graveyard of ships you only take out when you're having a silly, fun game. I don't mind skewing the meta to incorporate new mechanics, play styles, and ships - that's what keeps the game fresh and interesting - but dropping it all in the space of 12-14 months utterly warps a game, and it's very difficult to claw that back to balance and interest. A lot of people's future in this game will depend entirely on what this years releases - and indeed release schedule - are for the remaining 6 months. "Wave fatigue" is a very real thing, and it has already claimed more than a few players I very highly respected.
  4. Oh I'm just creating a title. They need a 4th, but beyond that I don't really care what it is. I'm just saying I like the idea of 4 uniques, but with only 3 canon pilots, if they came up with a name like, I don't know, "Naboo Royal Ace" or "Naboo Defense Leader", they've got a unique 4th pilot. Job done. I think bringing them into this game should be done like the ARC. An old, rare ship, pulled in because it can still hold it's own in the right hands (hence uniques). I just think it's a nice way of handling the older ships people want. Creates a rarity, a desire to bring event he basic ones due to pilot abilities (Capt. Rex and Braylen are proof of that concept), and you can make them relatively cheap with stats to suit the frame without worrying about people swarming them.
  5. I think the issue is - and I swear I'm not being snarky when I say this - you're using B-wings. I love the B-wing. It's one of the very few ships in SW I actually care about in any way, but it's simply been left behind for exactly the same reasons the X-wing has been. Now, if you're trying to house-rule a new B-wing to suit your style of play, go nuts. Give it the mega-death-lazorz and 10Agi if that's what gives you a smile. If you're trying to create a fix for it in regular competitive play... you might be in for some shocks when you look at why it needs one. You could argue that since it's nimble, it should be 2Agi, but the Y-wing is faster, so surely that should be 2Agi as well? If they're 2Agi, then the X-wing surely needs to be 3Agi because it's both faster AND more agile. And now we're suddenly into defensive dice creep as a counter to attack dice creep, which is how we end up with ants Attack Wing, and nobody wants Attack Wing. The problem isn't the B-wing, so much as the ecosystem it's in. If it makes you feel any better, in Armada, the B-wing is a thing to be feared by any capital ship. They're also pretty great in Epic games for the same reason. X-wing 100/6 style has just sort of... left it behind, unfortunately. There are some outlier lists (2B2ZY, for example), but you're going to have a rough time in any competitive game with them.
  6. Here's part of the problem with playtesting: The playtesting group is probably a small-to-medium group of players with a deep knowledge of the game. 1 FFG come up with some concepts, release them to the testers. Forums are ablaze with people screaming for new ships. Release deadlines are approaching. New movie is approaching. Playtesting ends due to deadlines. FFG release ships. Players rejoice. Minutes later, players go berserk due to "<x> is OP!" Certain cards are declared broken. Nerfs are demanded. Other cards are declared DOA. Buffs are demanded. FFG returns to playtesting group with proposals. Playtesters do their job. Tournament deadlines are approaching. Playtesting ends due to deadlines. FFG releases FAQ/errata. Players rejoice. Minutes later, players go berserk due to "Now <y> is OP!" Previously OP cards are declared dead. Other cards are now overpowered because reasons. A new wave is announced. Go to 1 2016 was a tsunami of waves (pun very much intended). Fewer waves in a year = further time to playtest and balance. It also gives the meta time to establish, and experiments with outlier lists to come to the fore. It all leads to a more considered series of upgrades in future. It doesn't take a rewrite of the entire game, just a change in consumer attitude. Quality over quantity. Less is more.
  7. But 3Atk and 3Agi with 4HP on a ship with a systems slot and native repositioning is an E-wing. That's also a pretty much dead ship (with the exception of Corran, the B-wings have seen more table time than E-wings ever did). I get that you want to boost the B-wing, but you're just outright rebuilding it to suit an idea of how it should perform in your head. It's supposed to be a big, slow, capital ship killer. It can turn on a dime if it needs to because it's not going particularly fast, but that doesn't equate to pure agility because turning that fast causes it stress. The profile is thin-ish when approaching from dead on the X-axis, but from the Y and Z it's a giant sail. From any point off X=0 it's equivalent to most other ship profiles. The reason it was given so many shields was because it couldn't avoid fire, so it had to have the ability to soak it up. You can't just throw dice at it and call it a day. It has to be balanced and make sense. Right now the only thing stopping it from being competitive is the dice creep that exists elsewhere in the game, and turrets. Arguably, a TLT nerf would do more for the B-wing than adding 1Agi to it's statline ever could.
  8. They can't release one with three pilots for a simple game reason; the pilot chits are double sided. Every release has at least four pilots to fill them out. Now, they could release a generic too, but I think a "unique generic" would do the job. A pilot with a designation rather than a name, much like the plethora of /fo and T-70 pilots had in "<wing> Leader" and "<wing> Ace" etc. That leaves it open to interpretation, but still maintains the feeling of some left over ships from a previous conflict, piloted by veterans, like the ARC has.
  9. It's 8 dice vs 9 HP behind 1Agi. With modifiers on both sides, you're probably looking at taking her to 2HP with the two shots. Even vague luck with the crit draw from the proton torps (because one will be a proton if you're doing it right), you'll either kill her outright, or set yourself up so that you can take her out with primaries next turn easily. Throw in Boba crew on the proton carrier and you can ditch the TLT altogether. Problem solved. Seeing 4x Bombers do it isn't even as complicated as that. I've done it regularly without even attempting to block. It's not hard. R3 arcs are pretty **** wide. A simple line abreast formation is borderline unavoidable for her when lined up right. 3x Scouts have zero difficulty "sparing bodies" because, again, they don't have to block. Run them offset and getting into R1 of one means still being in R2 of two. So now you're at 2x four dice attacks, and a three dice attack, all modified vs a 1Agi ship. She's toast. At the absolute unluckiest for you, she's scraping out with maybe two hull. Clean it up next round and redirect fire. I don't know what points level you're playing, or what lists you're playing against, but if you're against something with regen - like Miranda, since we're on that topic - the wingmen are less of a worry than she is. You. Still. Target. Her. First. "Two or three random ships" won't kill you, because regen ships are expensive and don't leave wiggle room for multiple heavy threats. One, sure. Two, really stretching it. Three, not a chance. The scariest I can think of are probably a Biggs/Jess combo, and Dash. Even then, ordnance does a serious number on both. Stress murders Dash, as do ions if you can double them up each turn. Lets say you take, as you mentioned, 3x Scouts vs Miranda/Biggs/Jess. You chase down and nuke Miranda in a turn (seriously, that's more than possible). In that same turn, one of your Scouts is focused down and rolls literally nothing but blanks (because that's what it would take) on all four defence rolls (TLT, then the two X's), with the killshot coming from Jess, who also manages to land a Direct Hit (because again, that's what it would take). You're still in the lead, even with that outlandish bad luck. You've lost 33-35 points. They've lost their 50-ish point regen turret. You still have two torps left to murderise whomever you fancy first. These aren't hypotheticals. This is honestly coming from experience, played games, and raw dice averages. I don't want to sound like I'm having a go at you, but I really have to repeat this: regen isn't that strong. Part of the solution will be your list, and part will be your attack. If you want help with either or both, I'm happy to do so, but you really have to understand that first part; regen is not insurmountable. If it was, people wouldn't be screaming for an X-wing fix.
  10. To be fair the Jumpy wasn't the ordnance fix, it was just an unfortunately priced ordnance platform. An proper ordnance fix would mean TIE Punishers might hit the table, and Y/B-wings might actually be able to throw out some spike damage. (Although really a fix for the Punisher would be a title that costs 4 points and says "you now have infinite ordnance. Go nuts")
  11. Ok, this is honestly leading credence to the idea that the problem isn't the lists you're facing, but the lists you're taking and how you fly them. I can (and often do, because it's fun) take a 4x generic TIE Bomber list with missiles and I can honestly say I can spike down any regen ship in the game with that, no issue. I can also do it with just a pair of Scouts (and a smidgen of luck against Miranda, lest I need a follow up shot). The PS isn't the issue in these cases at all. It's just down to attack pattern, targeting, and following through. Regen ships are expensive. You're incredibly worried about being flanked while essentially setting up a one-turn-kill against a high value target, by ships that are likely considerably lower priority to begin with. Be willing to soak some damage to nail down a high value/threat target early on (especially with Scouts).
  12. In fairness, if you're letting Miranda lead a chase, you need to rethink your attack pattern. It's a 1Agi ship. Unless you're firing Hwk primaries, you should be pushing damage through, which forces her to regen, which reduces the potential damage you're taking. If you're really, really struggling to deal with regen, you honestly need to start looking at control options. Ion alone will shut down R2D2 and prevent Miranda from SLAMing further than 1. Stress will force Poe into green maneuvers, and double-stress will prevent the action altogether. Stress AND ion together will shut down literally anything (it's literally how I won a Regional). Regen isn't broken. Your approach to regen might be.
  13. Mea culpa. I'm not actually a SW fan, so I'm going off what I thought I was told. I imagine you can just cut it down to goodie/baddie faction reduction. It's overly simplified, but it clears things up. Naboo fighter was piloted - as mentioned above - by Leia, so that's cut-and-dried. Wasn't Shara and/or Norra in that comic flying them too? I'm sure I saw that somewhere... The Eta-2 was used by both Jedi and Sith, right? There's precedence for a ship having two factions, so why not the same here? Two unique pilots each side? If not one pack for both factions, two packs with different colourations and 4 unique pilots each? Scum is obviously losing out here, but I'm sure someone with actual knowledge will point toward a ship that could bolster a wave of ships from that era.
  14. To be fair, though, there are so many answers for Corran that he's virtually non-existent in the game anymore. Wampa alone can give him an absolute nightmare, and Kylo is pretty much the alpha-counter to him. Hell, I've killed him with Blount using an AHM. It's not hard. All the regen ships have a defensive defect of some sort: T-65 X-wings can't get natural evades, and have average HP behind just 2Agi, and have nothing in the way of repositioning or and can't regen after using IA, so there's no "run away and come back to full health" shenanigans. T-70 X-wings have a single HP over their T-65 counterparts, and the ability to get Autothrusters, but are also a chunk more expensive. E-wings have 3Agi and evade, but with just 2 hull, they're crazy fragile, and susceptible to a bad roll. They're also crazy expensive, and only have one decent pilot. Y-wings are... actually lets be serious, you're not putting regen on a Y-wing... K-wings have... Miranda. She has just 1Agi, is unique, and only triggers her regen by sacrificing an attack die. Her only repositioning ability also denies her the ability to fire, and therefore, regen. It's about as balanced as you can get, really. ARC-170s are almost always going to be using something other than regen due to their abilities, with the exception of Norra using R2D2, but it's still a slow, 1Agi ship lacking native repositioning or evade. So I'm really not seeing a problem here. The only high defence ship that can regen was pretty much DOA apart from one pilot (Corran) who is rarer than hens teeth these days. The X-wings aren't exactly the tankiest ships in the world to begin with, and the rest only have 1Agi. If you have trouble killing these, you need to start looking at your own lists, rather than your opponents. (Hint: stop using Fel's Wrath and Kir Kanos together).
  15. ^ This. Granted it's only against uniques, but if you're up against Rieekan aces, breaking the back on the uniques is possibly worth the sacrifice.