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  1. Panax

    Wave 12 Announced!

    well if Imp's and Scum are getting Slam it will be nerfed for sure.
  2. Good call. With Imperial's in the dumper let's nerf Scum some more so that the precious Rebels never lose. Or maybe they could fix some **** instead.
  3. OMG! Scum beat Rebel's at Worlds. We have to nerf then more! That's what a lot of you sound like. I guess after Zuckus it will be time to go after Manaroo and then Mindlink and then......
  4. Yeah, makes sense, that system could never be abused.
  5. So what is the vetting process? How many questions on the test? What about oversight? Is it a group or just one person at FFG?
  6. Panax

    Behaviour as audience

    That's the point. Any rule that allows people to actively try and cheat is a bad rule and needs changing
  7. Panax

    Behaviour as audience

    So let me get this straight. If I am watching a game and witness clear rules violations and keep my mouth shut I am a good sportsman. Furthermore if I am playing and clearly cheating if someone other than my opponent or the judge says something they are cheating and bad sports while I was only mistaken or confused. Dumbest policy ever!
  8. I have got the solution. Nerf every ship and card that was in the top 32. Every year. Problem solved. People would not know what to cry about for weeks.
  9. Guess Asmodee's global release is an even bigger joke than Imperial Vets was
  10. Since when is a Lambda one of the best arc dodgers in the game?
  11. Why would they listen to us? We are just the people who buy their products. Did GW listen to the players?
  12. I think I will double down on my commitment to buy less of FFG's products. Also no matter the rules I will follow the Golden Rule:If you act like a giant ****** I will treat you like a giant ******.
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