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  1. There should be several big ifs in Calixis and the Expanse since there's several centuries of drift between when RT was written and when DI was published after the EoT. A new Waaagh! could be the least of the frontier's problems if you have hostile Xenos from the Halo Stars or artifact runners who could find super powered alien weaponry, Chaos on a vacation, rogue states like the Dominate who GW conveniently forgot about, or that Eldar Corsair lord the Inquisition failed to elimate repeatedly.
  2. If anything I can see the DI adding Warp route exploratory options as opposed to standard RT. RT and DH are hilariously easy to modify in the timeline with proper context. The Frontier is already kinda isolated so unless every navigator has their head up their *** like usual, it's either catastrophic or not that big of a deal so long as they don't b line into the storm shoals. Bring that special abbicus if you can find one. Also kind of surprised with the new yo-dawg spess mahrines in your primaris space marines that they didn't roll out more ship classes or ideas to coincide with escalating threats. GW dropping the ball like always.
  3. It's an old concept going back to layered armor. I don't want to throw the topic completely off with armor history but essentially if you're putting a wreck or intentionally putting layers of armor over it, it should do something.
  4. I like that cutter more than the regular flying metal bawkes.
  5. It's not a rule in BFG/RT, I was just saying to make one up since the point of spaced armor is to apply extra projection, usually by detonating rounds before primary contact on tbe outer defense so the bulk of the projected heat and force is wasted before fully penetrating the armor. Not helpful but it's an idea.
  6. Make the extra components count as a kind of spaced armor?
  7. I forgot to mention the clipper, but I wanted a Goliath in the sense of a mining role-playing ship and not just a raider playing bug bites and support which I'd get from an Orion. Loki's are just asking for Tenebro funny sessions which is a major reason I like it compared to the Carrack which everyone saw coming. Also now that I've fiddled around and made a Falchion, I realized no-one uses it because of the abysmally low space because it would be overpowered having two Ryzas or sunspears on a torpedoboat if you allowed it to do anything. Which leaves me in a conundrum. So I'm going to go one step further in my insanity and convert a Firestorm into a Torpedoboat like a King Cobra upgrade package. I also just realized my mining and refinery concept goes out the window, so now I'm going to headdesk until I come up with something uninspiring.
  8. So I'm new to RT, my group is online based and eventually we'd like to play. Having said that once we roll origin and warrants we're going to want a ship and I'm having a hard time deciding on hulls to pass around the group as ideas. Most of us are prior military service and I think a martial ship would serve well. (Despite our gm being a sadist) I've seen repeatedly on forums that most people either prefer tailored smaller ships or dumping everything for a starter cruiser. Trying to go in between. Shrike, not a lot on my mind of the Raider class at this time. Loki-Class Q, a upgunned freighter sounds like a lot of fun outside of anything that is an over fortified military installation or patrol. Falchion Class Frigate, simply because it seems more cramped to put torpedoes and hardpoints on a firgate as opposed to the Firestorm pocket lance. Plus we can name it Errant Messer. (My first favorite) Goliath Factory ship, I can see some roleplaying chances for this as a harvester but it sounds fragile and in between smaller craft and the gigantic Universe class while hamstrung a little with its plasma refinery. I take it we can't mine with an asteroid mining option than refine it ourselves? (My other favorite) I'm also assuming it's refining process ia limited to certain routes because of blue stars and frontier mining worlds? Defiant or Endeavor Light Cruisers, as far as I think we should stop here so we can have the most flexibility without Cruiser overkill.
  9. I avoid regurgitated shooter titles like Battlefield or knockoff disgraces like Battlefront. Sorry chadwick, have to disagree with you every step of the way. I recommend Warframe, it's a light sci-fi TPS that has gotten everything right that Destiny utterly failed at. Even the Micro transactions are bareable, but also avoidable if you actually don't sperg out on patience. Dark Souls 2 SotFS and DS3 are both good, hardcore action rpgs emphasizing gameplay over story. I highly recommend The Witcher 3 and both of its expansions. It is easily the best RPG to be made in the last couple of years and is much better than Dragon Age Inquisition. Skyrim remake and Fallout 4 are both enjoyable, I highly recommend it if you don't PC game and actually want a real experience using mods now.
  10. It sounds as terrible as everyone anticipated.
  11. The New Order is the new joke, just like everything Hollywood regurgitates.
  12. Saw it, saw Andy Chambers, and I'm in love at first sight. Anyone else play?
  13. After selling off most of my X-Wing minis, FFG finally releases EU craft again much to the chagrin of DC plebs.Sucks we got no Gunboat, but this opens up the potential that they will take older, original craft when they have nothing left from Disney. Highly unlikely I'll get it, since I'm debating selling off my Bombers to start Dropfleet Commander, but this is good news for everyone.
  14. I just wanted the Aggressor to rub it in Disney pleb faces.
  15. I just noticed the V-Wing hull too. Durp.
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