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  1. No matter how many times I see it I'm incredibly amazed. Now, just need to build a shelf for it.
  2. I agree. I was surprised by the price of both ships considering the respective sizes. The only ships I don't own multiples of are the SSD and the Profundity (just haven't gotten around to picking up a 2nd yet) and while I'll definitely buy these, because I'm an addict, they are likely an individual buy for me. At $50 the star hawk would have probably been a 3 for me; same for the Onager at $40. Probably at least an okay chance that I see both at some point priced well enough for me to grab a 2nd one though. I still think they are worth buying at the price they are, just wouldn't buy as many of each ship is all.
  3. I'm super excited about this. I have a sizeable about of LotR LCG and considering I prefer the marvel theme I might actually be willing to part with my LotR collection once some content gets out for this.
  4. Yea, that isn't outside of what I would have eventually been willing to pay if FFG didn't come through. So to get it at half the price and have it actually be compatible with the game is huge. I've been dreaming about large scale battles with all my ships and I had no confidence we were getting it this year before the announcement. Between this and the epic battles for X-wing I'm not sure I could be more excited.
  5. I would guess you're right here. If I didn't play Armada I would buy this solely as a model. If you're a Star Wars fan is there a better way to get a quality SSD at this size and price? I mean, I'm going to use it because I have it, but I'm buying it because it's going to look amazing.
  6. That ISD is amazing. I'm building it its own shelf.
  7. Yea, it seems to be a very vocal minority (usually the case) that are upset about the game being able to be balanced more effectively and quickly than 1.0. I don't understand it even remotely so I left it alone. As a casual player myself I fail to see how improving the game more frequently and in a way that is more convenient than in the past is bad for me, it other casual players. Also, as a casual player if they make a change I don't care for I can just ignore it, so there really is zero downside.
  8. Whatever works. I have no intention of helping you lock it. Good luck.
  9. He's essentially started another thread that is the same as one that got locked. Lol! Trying to get banned...?
  10. YESSSSS!!!!!! My wife is going to be pissed.
  11. Second addition looks great so far and I'm excited for it. With that being said I would have loved to see defense dice go away in favor of tokens or something else, anything else. Ordnance dice would have been cool also, but I don't know they would make the game any better. Taking away large, and now medium, ship speed advantage. Maybe 3.0, which will have the added bonus of seeing the epic meltdowns that will take place when that happens.
  12. I wanted to like this twice, but I can't so I'll just quote it instead.
  13. I read halfway through the thread before bothering to look at a date. I couldn't figure out why 6 rounds was all of a sudden a problem.
  14. What I'm hoping is the new process allows them to specifically balance for epic separately than standard tournaments. They can have an epic option on the app where point cost are actually different than for standard play allowing them to better balance huge ships and everything really. The printed cost made them have to choose what to balance for and they clearly focused on standard. These changes make me more hopeful for casual play, the potential to be able to tweak cost yourself for thematic, epic, etc. Not happy they are getting more of my money, but happy they're giving me a good reason to throw more money at them. Time will tell I guess.
  15. I love it, but now I want 3 more ISD's. I need more storage space.
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