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  1. benskywalker

    Hasn't the info drought gone on long enough, FFG?

    Yea, it seems to be a very vocal minority (usually the case) that are upset about the game being able to be balanced more effectively and quickly than 1.0. I don't understand it even remotely so I left it alone. As a casual player myself I fail to see how improving the game more frequently and in a way that is more convenient than in the past is bad for me, it other casual players. Also, as a casual player if they make a change I don't care for I can just ignore it, so there really is zero downside.
  2. benskywalker

    Dear Devs: How to do patch notes

    Whatever works. I have no intention of helping you lock it. Good luck.
  3. benskywalker

    Dear Devs: How to do patch notes

    He's essentially started another thread that is the same as one that got locked. Lol! Trying to get banned...?
  4. benskywalker

    Executor arrives

    YESSSSS!!!!!! My wife is going to be pissed.
  5. benskywalker

    Game changes you DID want from v1 that aren't in v2

    Second addition looks great so far and I'm excited for it. With that being said I would have loved to see defense dice go away in favor of tokens or something else, anything else. Ordnance dice would have been cool also, but I don't know they would make the game any better. Taking away large, and now medium, ship speed advantage. Maybe 3.0, which will have the added bonus of seeing the epic meltdowns that will take place when that happens.
  6. I wanted to like this twice, but I can't so I'll just quote it instead.
  7. benskywalker

    My only bone to pick...

    I read halfway through the thread before bothering to look at a date. I couldn't figure out why 6 rounds was all of a sudden a problem.
  8. benskywalker

    What a smack in the face...

    What I'm hoping is the new process allows them to specifically balance for epic separately than standard tournaments. They can have an epic option on the app where point cost are actually different than for standard play allowing them to better balance huge ships and everything really. The printed cost made them have to choose what to balance for and they clearly focused on standard. These changes make me more hopeful for casual play, the potential to be able to tweak cost yourself for thematic, epic, etc. Not happy they are getting more of my money, but happy they're giving me a good reason to throw more money at them. Time will tell I guess.
  9. benskywalker

    Thrawn's Fleet Arrives at Atollon

    I love it, but now I want 3 more ISD's. I need more storage space.
  10. benskywalker

    How much did you spend today?

    1 bomber, 3 silencers, 1 boat, 1 phantom, and 1 kimo for $200, but the single boat was a mistake I'm going to have to make a trip back for the other 3.
  11. benskywalker

    2.0 Ideas Depository and Ensuing Discussions

    I would agree with my top priority would be that the game isn't redesigned in a way that doesn't allow me to continue to utilize my 1.0 ships with minimal investment. rebuying all the same ships would probably be a deal breaker for a lot of people.
  12. benskywalker

    2.0 Ideas Depository and Ensuing Discussions

    When a 2.0 hits: I would love to see multiple die types. It allows weapon accuracy and power to be separated more. I would say ordnance having different die would be acceptable, or upgrades that upgrade/downgrade die rather than just adding or taking away would increase design options. Points values increased to allow more granularity between ship and upgrade cost. Play centered around objectives Movement phase and action phase separated A "push the limit" type mechanic built into the game where you can take a stress for additional action Accepting that a game like this gets more and more difficult to balance as it expands so doing it in a way where making point adjustments is simple and easy to correct things i.e. an official squadron builder and no sp cost on the cards or cardboard hexagonal bases? I honestly don't know why I'd prefer this, just going with my gut here All turrets being mobile turrets. I would have it work where they can shoot out of arc, but take a penalty to do so. I'm sure there is more, but I'm no game designer so they are all just irrelevant ideas anyways.
  13. benskywalker

    Force Friday... my guess

  14. benskywalker

    Force Friday... my guess

    Not that I necessarily disagree, and I definitely hope you are right, but I think the possibility should be considered that you are the one reading more into it than exists...
  15. benskywalker

    Force Friday

    Yea, I'd have to agree. Does anybody really think it would be a struggle to move 18 units of a $30 Star Wars deck building game or WHQ type LCG. He!l even a Star Wars themed Catan you probably blow through 18 units right?