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  1. Thrawn's Fleet Arrives at Atollon

    I love it, but now I want 3 more ISD's. I need more storage space.
  2. How much did you spend today?

    1 bomber, 3 silencers, 1 boat, 1 phantom, and 1 kimo for $200, but the single boat was a mistake I'm going to have to make a trip back for the other 3.
  3. 2.0 Ideas Depository and Ensuing Discussions

    I would agree with my top priority would be that the game isn't redesigned in a way that doesn't allow me to continue to utilize my 1.0 ships with minimal investment. rebuying all the same ships would probably be a deal breaker for a lot of people.
  4. 2.0 Ideas Depository and Ensuing Discussions

    When a 2.0 hits: I would love to see multiple die types. It allows weapon accuracy and power to be separated more. I would say ordnance having different die would be acceptable, or upgrades that upgrade/downgrade die rather than just adding or taking away would increase design options. Points values increased to allow more granularity between ship and upgrade cost. Play centered around objectives Movement phase and action phase separated A "push the limit" type mechanic built into the game where you can take a stress for additional action Accepting that a game like this gets more and more difficult to balance as it expands so doing it in a way where making point adjustments is simple and easy to correct things i.e. an official squadron builder and no sp cost on the cards or cardboard hexagonal bases? I honestly don't know why I'd prefer this, just going with my gut here All turrets being mobile turrets. I would have it work where they can shoot out of arc, but take a penalty to do so. I'm sure there is more, but I'm no game designer so they are all just irrelevant ideas anyways.
  5. Force Friday... my guess

  6. Force Friday... my guess

    Not that I necessarily disagree, and I definitely hope you are right, but I think the possibility should be considered that you are the one reading more into it than exists...
  7. Force Friday

    Yea, I'd have to agree. Does anybody really think it would be a struggle to move 18 units of a $30 Star Wars deck building game or WHQ type LCG. He!l even a Star Wars themed Catan you probably blow through 18 units right?
  8. Force Friday

    I certainly hope your right. X-wing would be fine, but I can wait. A destiny 2 player starter would be depressing. A deck builder or solo/coop lcg and I'm all in.
  9. The 'game-shortening doctrine' ...a theory

    Not that 8 greens wouldn't completely blank out.
  10. Force Friday

    No idea what it is going to be, but I'm rooting for an entirely new game worth playing since new x-wing stuff is a guarantee anyways. A Star Wars Catan would be cool since I don't already own Catan. A solo/coop Star Wars LCG or a Star Wars Deckbuilder would be my top 2 options if I had a choice.
  11. Will You Still Legion If

    I think with the game focusing on objectives you can have an at-at be insanely powerful and still be balanced. I'm not saying they would succeed at it; I just think it's possible to do and not guaranteed that they won't. Points alone can be used to balance it, make it crazy expensive to the point where you can't legitimately field one at 800 points; I would like to think there will be many people looking to play well above they point cap anyways.
  12. Who is Buying This? Who is sticking with IA?

    Agreed, I bought the Core, but not a big fan of the skirmish system. The campaign is cool, if the release an app as promised for solo/coop play I'd buy some more expansions.
  13. Will You Still Legion If

    If the game focuses heavily on objectives how could an AT-AT as a story piece definitively be bad for the game?
  14. Will You Still Legion If

    The AT-AT is extremely important to me, but mostly as a model. FFG releasing an AT-AT for Legion would result in a better quality model at a significantly better price than you'd be able to get at the same size anywhere else. It's the same reason I want an SSD for Armada (scale be damned) I would love to use one in game, but more importantly to have a large good looking SSD Model for significantly cheaper than you can get anywhere else. I'll be buying Legion because the game is going to be often and the loads of storm troopers flanking Vader is going to look awesome on my display, but not getting an AT-AT from FFG at some point would be both very surprising and very disappointing. It can be at a sliding scale if necessary and epic only I'd happily part with $100 for one (probably would buy at least 5 at that price) and I'm not the only one. To answer the original question though if I knew for certain Legion wasn't getting one; I would still buy, yes.
  15. When I first saw the announcement; I was at work and starting flipping out. Best news I had seen in forever. I then saw the scale and was extremely disapointed (I was hoping for something very close to X-wing scale), but still open to checking it out, and would have purchased at least the core for the models. After watching the demos I'm sold, still would have preferred, and will continue to hold out hope for, a smaller scale. Ignoring the scale though the game looks like it is going to be a blast to play, my only gripe is that I am going to have to figure out how to get better and faster at painting. FFG has clearly decided that my money is not my own. TL:DR - I was initially super excited, then disappointed, and now super excited again.