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  1. Cheers for the quick responses guys. As I'm still new I'll probably be back soon with more questions.
  2. Hello all, New person here, new to both Deathwatch and any RPG games at all. Will also apologise if this question has been asked already but I have been unable to find anything that answers my questions. So my confusion is on strength vs strength bonus and the way it is worked out. I have already worked out how the unnatural strength bonus works plus the +20 to strength from power armour. So if I generated a strength of 40 my bonus would be 8. Then add the armour bonus after giving me a strength of 60 and a bonus of 10. However this formula always results in the strength bonus being lower than double the first number of the strength. My confusion is coming from looking at some sample characters. In all the cases I can find the strength bonus is always double the recorded strength plus two. So it would have a strength of 40 but the bonus would say 10. Is this the same as the formula above but when inputting into the character sheet you only mark the strength bonus from, the armour and don't mark down the boost to strength or am I missing something. Regards, Legion.
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