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  1. Decloaking still happens in PS order, so Echo will always decloak before Whisper. But after Whisper decloaks, the PS 0 ships move. Oh yes, very true. I should have clarified. I meant in the sense that before any actual maneuvering dials are shown in PS order, decloaks take place, introducing that uncertainty for the decloaker. PS order obviously counts for any decloakers on the board.
  2. I think it always needs to come back to "Fly Casual" If you're deliberating for such a **** long time, and you're not at Worlds, you're not flying casually.
  3. Now the Phantom has to decide to decloak before any moves are made mate, not in order of Pilot skill. No less maneuverable, but now it's not as informed a decision to decloak as it was before. Adds uncertainty to the Phantom pilots decision to decloak.
  4. I think I'll soundboard that whole dialogue, and have it ready for my next long game. I rarely take more than 10s of seconds to make my dial decisions, irrespective of amount of ships. A quick game's a good game I always say. I don't mind people taking longer than me, it's ok. But I don't hesitate to let them know they're taking too long in my mind. Just be polite about it, or call over a TO.
  5. Yep that was referenced last night, I flew B off the board. Ok, so played it utterly correctly, happy to know. edit: on a touch defensive note, in my defense, I received my 1st Aggressor on my birthday, opened the box, read the cards and never flew it. The guy who bought it for me is the only person that's actually flown the ship, and I found it a touch lacklustre. Buying a 2nd one was the 1st time I'd really sat down and nutted out a 100 point list using the 2 Aggressors.
  6. If the card says "Action: xxxx" then no. If the card says "... once per round" then no. Else, yes. Edit: sorry for being a touch obtuse, but I don't have the card in front of me at this time.
  7. Ok, bought myself a 2nd Aggressor, as I've really been wanting to try the title card. Only 2 hours before my match last night did I realise that the card referred to "Pilot Ability" not "Pilot Skill". See originally I assumed it meant you had 2 PS12 ships if both had the IG-2000 title card, and nothing else. Imagine my surprise when I actually engaged my reading comprehension skills and realised it actually meant, for example, that both IG-88B and IG-88D get inbuilt gunner and the ability to do 90 degree Segnors Loops, at PS6. My opponent, a long time friend and X-Wing compatriot was initially surprised, and took it as a learning experience as well. His constant question though, was this, and I'm sure it's wrong, but I'll go ahead and ask it anyway. IG-2000 title card ONLY gives the printed text ability of the pilots card, correct? It's not also enabling both ships to also have Wired and Predator if B and D have those respective cards each. We played under my assumption it's literally just giving each IG the other IG's printed Pilot ability listed on each's A, B, C or D card, and no other shared benefit. I'm pretty sure I'm 100% correct, but it wouldn't hurt to have you guys yell at me if I'm way off, considering it's taken me at least 4 weeks for the penny to drop on the IG-2000 card in the first place. (btw, won the match, smashed the absolute bantha-poodoo out of his Whisper+2RG Interceptors, kept him in-arc every round bar 1)
  8. He's the "8 minute total screentime; incredibly popular nonetheless hero" of Star Wars. There's nothing Boba can't do.
  9. I'm glad I printed out that FAQ, three completely separate questions from my match partner came up that were directly answered in a clear and concise fashion in the latest FAQ last night.
  10. We Australian's may talk like complete morons in real life, but our typed vocabulary can occasionally be erudite. It's too hot here to talk in a longwinded fashion.
  11. Holy CRAP Macross, did you PAINT the ENGINEGLOW onto the model? You continue to amaze.
  12. Non-American identified. You've been reported. Well, it's not like I've been hiding it. It's in my signature below. You know, just for that, I'm going to start spelling manoeuvre properly from now on. The English spelling! Oh hey, happy belated "We're a country now" day. I was going to make some slanderous comments about prison colonies and "animal husbandry" of the ovine variety but I remembered to Google for accuracy and found out that the prison colony thing wasn't you guys. I realized the only things I actually knew about New Zealand was that you are to blame for the Wiggles, ruining Middle Earth, and that your national lacrosse team does a really intimidating looking thing called the Haka. Don't blame New Zealand for the Wiggles. They're from Australia! That's their embarrassment, not ours. Yeah don't start comin' around here, comin' around here. They're our highest paid entertainers. That reminds me, who owns the pub in NZ now? edit: but the Haka is freakin' awesome, I wish Aussies had that.
  13. Better drag the dice roll app out for that. I don't have that many dice. edit: actually, going to open the app and see how many dice I actually CAN roll. Ha! edit2: it's 20. Lol
  14. Brutal. Did you seal it with your favourite cologne?
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