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  1. It's been a while, I'm keeping my options open at this point.
  2. Player List @Reavern @EbonHawk @Lord PreyerPreyer @Ginkapopopo @GhostofNobodyInParticular @Madaghmire @The Jabbawookie @ovinomanc3r @Bertie Wooster @CaribbeanNinja @FortyInRed #definatelyout @Karneck- busy planning his seventeen subscriber special
  3. Yet another game of mafia. You know the drill, #in. Game starts approx 2300 gmt wednesday
  4. Anyone with a desire to mod next? If not I can run one
  5. GG all, cheers for modding @The Jabbawookie
  6. Going on record to say I don't think a no lynch today results in a town win @Matt3412
  7. ##vote @GhostofNobodyInParticular See if @CaribbeanNinja will follow suit or try and stall
  8. Oh as for last night, I roleblocked ninja, so of ovi roleblocked me and it led to his demise that's also mildly amusing!
  9. You're a savage @The JabbawookieJabbawookie. That's all I'm saying. I think you and I are the remaining town @Matt3412, @GhostofNobodyInParticular is the last scum, and @CaribbeanNinja is self aligned. However ninja can only vote for you or I today, as killing gnip won't end the game, and he won't be able to kill whilst roleblocked, and will thus lose when we vote him off tomorrow. He dispatched ovi to prevent scum winning before he could is my theory. If I'm wrong...well... In that case IV got to go with the best liar deserving the win, which would also be @matt for the the triple dip doc dash. Basically @matt I'm gonna help you win as either alignment. And if you still want to vote me off well that will be your prerogative too, but I don't fancy your chances out here alone... That's about all.
  10. And that's excluding the sudden demise of forty which is currently unexplained
  11. Theory 2 Town doc doc doc RB RC vanilla vanilla Mafia RB +1 1x 3p killer
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