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  1. Instigator w/ flechettes? Or is she good enough that expanded launchers w/ gunnery team could be a thing? Perhaps keep OE and add rapid reload? Decisions decisions...
  2. Already a sub, but will spread the news
  3. More proof football hooliganism is good for the soul! Everybody has periods of high frustration with armada for a truly diverse set of reasons, and many of these will depend on where you are in your development as a player. Since putting a lot of effort into a squadless Isd glad glad goz goz for euros last year iv been steering away from these ships during listbuilding and have greatly improved with what I was considering the 'lesser' imperial ships and squadrons. Newfound affection for interdictors and arquittens especially. I guess what I'm getting at is that if you do join the rebellion I won't be angry, just dissapointed 😃
  4. Don't even get @EbonHawk going about the versio raider supporting that tie swarm...
  5. Can you post the lists? Your connection got a bit slow around the time you scanned over them
  6. Firestorm Basingstoke has announced a tournament on the 28th April, 1130am
  7. *Tries to think of something on topic* *continues to make squeaking noises like an excited child*
  8. For the purists, what's a legion style deployment?
  9. Theres definately a tedious link to the fog on the KonstanTyne in here somewhere. Ackbar is almost certainly the 1994 Manchester United FA cup classic 'cmon you Reds' there must be others...
  10. OK, so they get to move their ship with the knowledge g8 will or won't be in use, as a opposed to after notching
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