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  1. just 8? I thought we had 9. ummm il leave it to the wisdom of the crowds. Im good to do a smaller setup in the meantime whilst we wait for mario to fill?
  2. Do we have a start date for this yet?
  3. World Cup Battle Reports

    IrishMadCat defeats PodRacer 244-58 We played my Superior Positions. Not a great showing for me, I conceded too many advantages to Irish across the course of the game. His Toryn backed Yavaris Bwings demolished all in their path, Including 114 point of squads a raider and 75 points in Superior Positions tokens. Well Played Irish, A pleasure as always. Best of luck Going Forwards!
  4. World Cup Battle Reports

    GK defeats Pod 198-27 Gk Chose first and picked my Most Wanted. My plan was to deny Gk as many points as possible here, pure and simple. I deployed my squads first and Put my Quasar well out of the action. Gk had deployed right in the corner so i knew it would take him a while to arrive at my flagship. Tua lept out ambitiously, He ate a salvo that turn2. I retaliated by bringing down Vaders repair crew Goz with Marek and Boba. Gk Flew Demo well to slip out of range of my squads, his Isd moved to hunt down my remaining gozantis, Without my 6 squad strike available I tore a few shields off of the Isd but was in more danger of losing squads to the dual black aa of the cymoon. I disengaged. The Isd killed Kallus turn 4 and would have had Vector on 6 if he could have rolled an Acc. Whilst commanding squads from the otherside of the table, Myraider overlooked the threat of the oncoming Demolisher too long without Reacting and went down Like the proverbial bunny in the headlights. Demo nearly had my Quasar at the end too, needing to score a perfect ten damage off of five blacks at the end, seven was the total. I limp away to fight another day! Big Congratulation to GK taking the group down. Good Luck to any that may cross his path as we progress!
  5. 3rd Annual Armada Vassal World Cup

    ##Vote Madaghmire
  6. 3rd Annual Armada Vassal World Cup

    @BiggsIRL Out of curiosity Did the list I sent you say 399 points total? even if it was in fact 395? My boosted comms seem to have vanished =(
  7. 3rd Annual Armada Vassal World Cup

    List submitted
  8. Perhaps if we go with the lengthy days and temper our expectation of high post rates, some of the neutrals can be busy and still have time for the odd post. Or will too slow of a tempo ruin the game?
  9. What I want for my birthday...

    Happy Birthday @TheToad =)
  10. Day 0 Thread - Mafia Discussion

    So what was the final concensus? Who will carry the ring to Mordor?
  11. How to beat an ISD [Rant]

    ok cool
  12. How to beat an ISD [Rant]

    are you free to vassal now Gord?
  13. How to beat an ISD [Rant]

    Disclaimer* I dont play rebels but I Know what i dont like! I'v put Sato in to start, I can tell you want to make him work for you, I think Dodonna is ok here too. You have quite a big deployment advantage here and the start of the battle will be key, u may win/lose in setup if you deploy to his strengths and not your own. He deploys Ship1 squads squads squads squads Ship2. You may choose to deploy your ships first and Hold those squads back to keep them free for their 'run' into the battle, Iv gone for a small but durable force of squads, Sato may only proc once so make it good! Of his missions, Id pick Either Contested outpost or Superior Positions. Outpost lets you predict his movements, Superior Positions offers no real advantage to his squads, and if you leverage your superior movement charts, Deploying first wont matter as much as the competition between the two of you intensifies. He will soon realise chasing you down is a futile effort! lAMBDA COMPLEX1 SATO Faction: Rebel Alliance Points: 400/400 Commander: Commander Sato Assault Objective: Most Wanted -Extra dice for your corvettes mainly Defense Objective: Capture the VIP . Running away fast isn't an issue for us Navigation Objective: Salvage Run- He will score very few tokens, you have the potential to 'farm' a large score MC30c Scout Frigate (69 points) - Foresight ( 8 points) - Intel Officer ( 7 points) - Ordnance Experts ( 4 points) - X17 Turbolasers ( 6 points) - Assault Proton Torpedoes ( 5 points) = 99 total ship cost Intel for offense or Lando if you would prefer the safety net. Add sato to a salvo and put those blacks out to long range. Intel that brace. Take nav commands to start with. Just practice flirting with his front arcs at long range then pulling up alongside and Unloading the torpedoes. Next corvettes.. These little beasts do an absurd amount of damage to Isds considering the scale difference in the two. Proc those trcs 2 or 3 in a turn and watch his ship whittle down to nothing, the key tip is to stay at red range and not slip into blue. Sometimes if you know you only have a couple of hours to play you can fall into the trap of playing too narrow with rebels because you dont want to spend 3 turns flankng an Isd, but its worth it. Put as much distance between you and your opponent at deployment, and power round the long way. Your opponent has a very suspect victory class in his list, you need to punish him for it. Get round it and unload those trcs, dont worry if u dont get a shot off for 3 or 4 turns going round the long way, the last 3 turns of shooting will likely be enough Jainas is a must, Dodonnas pride is optional, but never underestimate a nasty crit to ruin a star destroyer. Lose this if u want to guarantee P1 CR90 Corvette A (44 points) - Jainas Light ( 2 points) - Turbolaser Reroute Circuits ( 7 points) = 53 total ship cost [ flagship ] CR90 Corvette A (44 points) - Commander Sato ( 32 points) - Dodonnas Pride ( 6 points) - Turbolaser Reroute Circuits ( 7 points) = 89 total ship cost CR90 Corvette A (44 points) - Turbolaser Reroute Circuits ( 7 points) = 51 total ship cost Now a speed 3 ISD has a long reach, But these can all move further still, Losing one 50 point corvette to pull his isd out of position allowing you to kill his 120 point victory is a win for you every time. If you can splithis ships up, it will boost your chances of winning further GR-75 Combat Retrofits (24 points) - Bright Hope ( 2 points) - Toryn Farr ( 7 points) - Slicer Tools ( 7 points) = 40 total ship cost This might not be the optimal loadout, but slicers are a great way to ruin your opponents best laid plans. 2 VCX-100 Freighters ( 30 points) 1 Jan Ors ( 19 points) 1 Ten Numb ( 19 points) With No Jerjerrod to call on your opponent will be hard pressed to be able to catch any of your ships flown properly. Dont rush to engage, Play a six turn game, and by turn 4 you should be taking control of your future encounters! Deploy at an angle never run towards an Isd when you can easily fly round it. Worst case scenarios- You mis position your squads and his alpha strike kills your squads. Keep bright hope between you and your opponent on approach. Numb is only speed two, so you wont be rushing too far Save jans braces for Ten numb, his crit proccing is essential to your success here. You are outgunned in squads, but you have the tools to do real damage to his squads with a smaller investment. If you can work Adar Tallon in to the list for a double Ten Numb hit you are golden. Your opponent catches you off guard by jumping forwards at speed early. Try not to see this as a problem but an opportunity. This means his Victory is now isolated further back up the table. So begin Naving round the isd and heading for the victory. So now you out deploy him, out manouvre him and have Identified his weaknesses you should be able to start getting better results. Get Used to your Navigation charts, they are what win you these encounters.... And we should rendezvous in a couple of months for your 'How do I stop demo killing all my corvettes??' Post =)