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  1. Has Anyone Heard from @Bike Stunts recently?
  2. Did @Norell retire after his Arsonist slot?
  3. ok im done for today, Whatever the outcome, GG all, and Wp so far scum. GET ONI!!
  4. I did I know, but even if I thought it it means nothing at this point! Oni is the linchpin, Flip him scum and its a real possibility you could be right about ebon
  5. Yes, I covered this, I actively tried to buy the Nk to allow Town investigators to do their thing. Putting that knowledge out is useful for town, Not Optimal i agree, but not crippling insta lose. I suspected other town roles would appreciate the reprieve for a night or two, and roles like bus driver know they can utilise my ability. Also given how easy it is to go against Pod in this meta, it wasnt a claim to make at L-1. If Oni is still alive At the start of the next day town have already lost, At least killing him today resets all the reads. You can even acuse Ebon of being scum and I will listen. If you are town Vis, Oni is going to bury you. If you are Onis partner i understand you maintaining your current stance, But on the off chance you and mad have both been made to seem scummy in this one, you must kill Oni. Especially for you and Mad... Your lives literally depend on it!
  6. Same as when they claim jailor? =) Il ask you what i asked Mad, what will you do when Oni confirms ebon as Town? Youl be dead. Maybe you flip town... Then itl be... ****... If i only listened to Pod!
  7. Plan B should be Lynch Vis Or Mad. A cop who could varify me tonight doesnt need to create this hostility. Theres no intention to confirm me, he wants me dead because im all that stands between them and their last target (Cal being the first I suspect)
  8. Oh no... It sounds like you have been pocketed too Ovi...
  9. Ok so I get Lynched, Oni *should* be the nightkill, yet somehow I sincerely doubt he will be. Yet he seems determined to encourage people to kill the one chance he has of doing anything useful for Town. This is a shocker. Il check back in occasionally, but I think town has doomed themselves here.
  10. It is looking like Oni and Vis Just now, Possibly Oni Broba. Or Oni and whoever lynches me. That means I need @Madaghmire and @EbonHawk to See the light on Oni otherwise this is a scum win. @ovinomanc3r I assume you intend to vote Oni as well?
  11. Ugh, youve done a great job screwing town over in this one Vis. I can only assume its deliberate.
  12. Oni I said previously that I would follow you if the decision was put upon me by the rest of the players IF it was my decision i would lynch you, but if town moves differently I will support them, and support your play.
  13. If Oni says ebon is 100% town 2moro would you believe him? It will be vote Mad/Vis in no particular order. If thats a bad outcome for town then Vote Oni. I expect Il be dead, so i wont be here to say I told you so. I cant see any result he can give that changes my view that scum is 2 of yourself Vis and Oni. But he can Bastardize the whole game if he gets this through. His partner could be anybody... Ultimately @BrobaFett @ovinomanc3r the fate of the mission will be in your hands, So give your reads today incase scum is going to Nk one of you tonight knowing you wont be covered. We dont know for a fact that scum dont have to assasinate certain individuals within the group to meet their wincon. I may have inadvertantly dodged the Nk because im not a target on Onis list, His real target could get slayed whilst im protecting a phantom cop. This is a special case. Basically mad if he flips scum my entire reads list will be compromised and for some reason i really want that to happen..
  14. Ok Im firmly going to be at work for the end of this one, may get a couple of quick posts on mobile on my smoke breaks. Vote Oni!!