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  1. A fragile truce if ever one existed....
  2. eh you didn't miss much, a bunch of people saying nothing mostly...
  3. ##VOTE LORD PREYER Lurking
  4. Do you agree with my other read?
  5. gotta do something to tease out a response!
  6. Town lean -LTD Scum lean -Ebonhawk
  7. #role confirmed do do do do do...
  8. Im an insane cop not an arsonist.. talk to @Norell he handles that side of the business
  9. has @Madaghmire gone the way of @TheToad? We could try getting @Crabbok to hook us up with some free publicity?? I know hes a beast at town of Salem , He should make a video about proper star wars mafia!!
  10. PodRacer

    Recon on Sylluria {MAFIA}

    ah well... onto the next one!
  11. PodRacer

    2018 VASSAL Autumn Tourney - Round 1 Fight!

    @PodRacer Vs @Dupy finishes 194 vs 353 for an 8-3 in Dupys favour. Neither of us played well, but I played worse, failing to capitalize on Dupys errors and then compounding them with my own. It took till the last activation of turn 6 for my demise to be completed, with My ISD Falling and giving up its Most wanted bounty on the way out..
  12. PodRacer

    Recon on Sylluria {MAFIA}

    Aside from 'ebons about to get mislynched here'... the rest of my reads were pretty lame. I think some of the role flavour crept into my play!!
  13. PodRacer

    Recon on Sylluria {MAFIA}

    Knock Knock
  14. PodRacer

    2018 VASSAL Autumn Tourney - Round 1 Fight!

    POD vs DUPY 2100 bst (2.5 hrs)