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  1. Day 1A standings: https://imgur.com/gallery/32PKvAa
  2. I can read it if I zoom in, but I know sometimes imgur gets wonky and tries to helpfully compress images on mobile etc, so YMMV.
  3. Shout-out to whoever took this photo: https://i.imgur.com/1UcBU3v.jpg
  4. Made it out of LCQ with these bad boys 🙂 Got on GSP second round and really sweated a match against an Emon/Zuvio/Graz with all sorts of shenanigans. My only loss was to Vader/Echo/Sai, and that came down to a crit pull by the shuttle on the last round (wasn’t a direct 😭), despite me flying a full health Greer off the table. Hey, @doweaver, if the angle looks bad, maybe don’t just assume that a hard turn will keep you on the board because it “should”. Definitely couldn’t have done it without the massive learnings I took from this thread. Cheers, all!
  5. It’s insane to consider swapping optics on Talli for ion missiles, right? Man, I hate Jedi... EDIT: Yes, it’s insane. I’m not going to get to lock anything I care about anyway
  6. (shout-out to all the folks in this thread - I'm really enjoying our little A-Wing community ❤️) Took 5A to a HST yesterday and ended up 3-3. Best part of the day was definitely my friend dubbing the list Area 51 - "they can't traactor us all!" 😂 Feeling a bit discouraged about the list (okay, it's not the lists fault), but still barely above water over the last couple HSTS (7-5), so will probably stick with it for the Last Chance Qualifier, where I think just being above .500 will get me out. Want to write up more detailed battle reports, but a short summary for now. Lost to 7B Plo/7B Obi/Ric (all with regen) 20-0. This match is a STRUGGLE. Traded a shield on Plo early for a shield on one of my As, and then I tried to catch him with blocks, but he 5 straighted away to regen (as of course he would!). Need to bank on that happening ALWAYS with Jedi. In the end, he sniped Tallie Lost to QD/Blackout/Tavson because I made the mistake I've made before (what's learning, precious?) of spreading fire around, so Tavson was a couple damage from half, and QD + Blackout were both a couple damage from being destroyed. Multiple times in that game I just straight up declined to shoot things. I think it was still the right decision in retrospect, but need to think about that. Lost to Sun Fac/Grievous/Dooku. I dealt a damaged engine crit to Sun Fac on the first engage, which is frankly such a bad crit for him that I really need to re-evaluate this game. I underestimated him immediately thereafter and he tractored and exploded Zari - should've just turned away. This game featured my first HEROIC on defense into three more blanks, which my opponent and I both had a good laugh over. I then immediately HEROIC'd two blank reds into two more blank reds 😂 Heroic is so fun - I love that card. Overall, I don't feel like I've been doing a great job with my crackshots. I've been opening like: I1 I1 -------------- I4 ------------- I3 I5 Which means Zari + Talli (who have the crackshots) are engaging from the same side and so it feels kind of like a "win more" deployment. I could swap a Blue and Zari (so have Zari + a Blue on one side and Talli + a Blue on the other), but having the freedom of moving the I1s together feels too good to pass up.
  7. Congrats on the win, @Dunderwood! I actually love the I1 as a blocker, but I've also been tempted to give up Optics on Talli in the past, since she's often shooting before she knows if she might need it on defense. I've been starting with the Blues on one side, Greer in the middle, and Zari and Talli on the other side. I find that the middle A-Wing is the one that ends up rotating most often, so like having the flexibility of Greer there.
  8. Yup, exactly that. Another more general takeaway for me here is that, even if I don’t like my odds of engaging at some point, I have to consider the alternative. I was probably already screwed by my positioning after the first engage and turning in wasn’t going to give me a good chance of winning... but running gave me basically NO chance. 10% > 1%, or whatever.
  9. @GreenDragoon - I hope you don't mind me piggy-backing off of your work here. If you want me to start a new post, let me know, but I figured perhaps we can just carry on discussing 5A here Took 5A (Talli+crack/Greer/Zari+crack/Blues, all with Heroic and AO) to a HST trial with 5A and went 4-2. The key game I lost was against Cova/Jess/Bastian/Finn, and I biffed it badly enough that it felt worth of a recap in my mind to try and figure out what went wrong and how I can do better in the future. Vs. Cova/Jess/Bastian/Finn (9/14 @ Mox Bellevue HST) (recreating as best I can remember and fudging movement between rounds to get the board state as close as I can to how it was) Obstacle placement: Clouds for him, small rocks for me. I can’t be shooting through clouds under any circumstances, so tuck them into the corner. I beileve he corners one of the rocks, and then I place the one in the middle field. Don’t recall who put the gas cloud in the south field. Opponent's deciding action and my target priority: Avoid shooting Finn and Jess, try and snipe either Bastian/Cova, who are much less defensive. If I can get 1.5 of those two without giving up two full A-Wings, I’m good. Deployment and gameplan for the first turns: I went with @kenoslaw's opening, with the Blues on the open side. I want to draw him downfield (engaging Cova in a corner is a disaster), so I’ll stall with the Blues while I bring my named pilots along the side. See if I can get him to bite on a group and then turn with that group and use rear arcs. First engage: He turned downfield immediately and came at my blues. OBSTACLE PLACEMENT MISTAKE - the fact that the west field was so clear meant that he could easily turn it at any point. It might’ve been better to risk the occasional gas cloud shot to clutter up the field. I messed up with Talli and thought I’d be able to bring her around with Zari, but misjudged a barrel roll + boost and had to abort, which meant she wasn’t involved in the initial engagement. ENGAGEMENT MISTAKE - I’m splitting fire. He is too, but his ships are good enough alone to push damage. I take a couple shields from Cova with Zari, he strips the shields from a Blue. Next turn: I keep moving east with the Blues, hoping he’ll chase. I turn Talli east, rather than sending her in and risking her. ENGAGEMENT MISTAKE - I’m playing way too scared. He’s too smart to chase the Blues, and turns the X-Wings towards Zari. I don’t have enough guns on target and do no damage in this exchange, Zari loses shields, and Finn puts a card through on to the Blue. Next turn: I’ve left Zari completely out to dry. He hedges and turns the X-Wings one way and Cova the other, and she dodges arc on the X-Wings only to eat a modded R1 from Cova that finishes her. At this point I’ve trade 1.5 As for 2 shields on Cova, and the game is effectively over. What I should’ve done: If I get five shots on Finn in a round, he’s dead. My Blue can also block the Resistance block (except for Cova, of course, who’s probably doing a white stop or reverse *grumble grumble*. I should definitely get all my guns on target in the first engage, and it’s perhaps worth considering just straight jousting. Gut says I lose 1.5 A-Wings in that exchange, but it might be worth it to get Finn off the board?
  10. Anyone have thoughts on how the new wave will impact this list? My gut reaction is that the things that are really scary to me in this wave (Sun Fac and precog) aren’t as scary to A-Wings, since they’re fast enough to keep away from Sun Fac and have enough arcs to lay shots on precog ships ...but I have very few reps with this list and none with the new wave, so I’m not sure how bad that take is 😝
  11. Appreciate the words of warning I'm under no delusions that this list will (almost) ever take a game to full destruction, unless I mess up badly. I actually flew this squad a handful of times months ago and gave up on it for that very reason, but I've since basically given up on total destruction happening with any regularity in high-level 2.0 play.
  12. Sorry, should've been more specific. You mentioned looking at @kenoslaw's opening from the UK GC, but I can't track down those games. Earlier in the thread you had posted that you were looking for them, and then said you found them, but there wasn't a link or anything
  13. Do you have a pointer to these games? I'm not sure what I'm looking for on YouTube, so nothing's coming up for me, and I'd love to see that setup. Going to try and tackle flying this squad.
  14. Yeah, I was mostly joking. I ran Anakin with R2 + Spare Parts for a bit and I don't think I ever used it for anything other than regenning a third shield.
  15. Would've come in handy for Anakin in that Top 4 GenCon match on GSP, that's for sure.
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