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  1. I don't agree, if it takes you being in the top 0.01 percentile of Armada tournament players to build a fleet with VSD's and win, that does not make VSD's competitive or a good ship. It means someone so far beyond average to be ( a statistically irrelevant integer) outplayed his opponents. Look at the break down %'s for Imperial fleets on ship composition in top 8 winners, what % of them are running 1 or more VSD's? (in the big tournaments, not some store champ where 4 people turned up.)
  2. You do not perform a Counter attack, until the attacking squadron has resolved its attack step completely. Which I'd say meets the criteria for the "After" on both abilities, immediately after the attacker completes attack step.
  3. I agreed with what you said, and then expanded upon it. Rieekan is amazing for ships, he was also amazing for a group of Aces hiding inside another Aces escort bubble. Sloane is great for attacking ships, she is also pretty good for attacking scatter Aces, and still useful against a double brace Aces. In my eyes that is some sort of parity between the two of them, both can be used offensively, Rieekan can also work defensively.
  4. Not sure about this being amazingly OP if he could reduce to zero, you need 2 large/med ships and to be in range of your opponent. That means ISDS or Interdictor which would probably need Engine Techs on it to be useable. Your opponent needs to not have any (command) tokens, ability to generate tokens, or move tokens. Put it this way if your already close enough to a pair of ISDS, that have activation advantage against you, your issue is not being at speed 0.
  5. Soon as Imperials get a damage deck manipulator, an Evade super enhancer, and a your ship don't die this round, we'll get right on a Sloane equivalent. Rebels have a far superior spread of choice amongst its current Admirals. And as Ovimancer said already, Imperials got Sloane because Rebels have had Rieekan/Yavaris since wave 2, and it enabled Rebel squad fleets to dominate for a looooooong time. Oh I forgot ...Toryn Farr as well, dice manipulation for both battery (ship attack) dice on B-wings....man you poor poor rebels.
  6. This attitude really irks me, joking or not. VSD's stopped being relevant as an effective Imperial fleet component in top tier competition when Admiral Ackbar / Home one, CR90s with TRCS and MC30's with H9/ACMs arrived in wave 2, and even though they have added Admiral/upgrades to address weaknesses in VSDS, they are still garbage outside super specific niche roles, that specific we (apart from a one off) do not see them in the top of competitive lists in tournaments. So if the very best of the players are not running VSD fleets anymore, it completely destroys any notion that only bad players think they are a poor ship.
  7. You mean like Rhymer was kicked off the table?
  8. welp that was my misreading, defending hull zone, I read that was the hull zone you just made a defending hull zone, by you know redirecting damage to it.
  9. No that is not what it is saying at all. How can it possibly be telling you there is a limit on what can be moved which prevents you taking hull damage? Redirect says : " The defender chooses one of its hull zones adjacent to the defending hull zone, when the defender suffers damage from this attack, it MAY suffer any amount of damage on the chosen zones shields (up to the shields remaining on that zone) before it MUST suffer the remaining damage on the defending hull zone. People rarely redirect more damage than they have shields on the adjacent hull zone, but that is a limitation we have applied, it is not applied by the wording of the rules text, say you take 5 damage, you can redirect 5 damage, it does not limit anywhere the amount that can be redirected, only X17s limit how much can be redirected. Also the wording is telling you shields are removed first, before damage is applied the the hull, not shields must be there for redirect to work.
  10. Is it wrong? have we all just been making an assumption like we all did with Intel Officer for many waves? It does not say "if there are no shields this token has no effect." it does say "you must suffer any remaining damage on the defending hull zone." The point I am making here is it specifically says you may redirect any amount of damage, which is first removed from shields, then applied to hull if there are no shields remaining. and lets be honest suffering damage cards while you still have shields remaining is counter intuitive, something you normally want to avoid. Evade specifically states when it has no effect, redirect does not say redirect onto shields, it just says redirect and any amount of damage, you could redirect the entire attack damage onto an adjacent hull zone with the token, leaving the attacked zone full shields, and I can only think of the Rebel Ace who gets to reroll if attacking a zone without shields as a reason for wanting to take damage cards and not lose shields.
  11. Yes, it is. The "cannot" should only come into play if you choose to use the upgrade card, it is a loophole I have never liked.
  12. haha, I promise I ain't going to say a thing either.
  13. Just change Intel to say something like Hera Syndulla : "At the start of the squadron phase choose up to (x) enemy squadrons at distance 1-2, those squadrons gain (keyword) Heavy until the end of the round."
  14. I like the stuff you have done here Ovinomanc3r, but I have a serious question : How often do non demolisher Gladiators get to use Black dice in a game? and if we're being kind its about once if your lucky, can you afford to cancel all attack dice to pick one damage card to resolve? not sure this title is going be worth while. How about a title that allows any Ordnance upgrade equipped to be triggered off of red dice? the other cards don't seem to have any issues of the glad title, but would need some play testing to see how weak/powerful they turn out to be, I especially like the CR and Vic titles you have mocked up.
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