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  1. Thanks for your reply, Carl. I just downloaded the new Talisman update for Android, and the automatic camera zoom appears to be somewhat better. No more constant, uncontrolled zooming in and out out when playing with the expansions. But... It still zooms out to max all the time for the Reaper's move, even if available moves are all visible at medium zoom. I appreciate you guys listening to our concerns, and I really hope you will continue to work on fixing the camera zoom problems. Thanks again.
  2. Yes, that is a problem too. I really hoped they can fix the messed up camera zoom. Any word on a fix, Carl?
  3. Thank you for your reply, Carl. My Android tablet is a large Lenovo Yoga 2 13.3" running the latest Android v5.01. The option you mentioned, 'Auto-switch tabs in Play Area', is not available in the options for my game. Are you sure the Android version of Talisman has this option? Regarding the camera, I really hope you can add an option to the Android version to lock the camera zoom to medium. Constantly having to tap the magnifying glass button each time to zoom back in to medium view grows tiresome.
  4. I'm really enjoying Talisman DE on my Android tablet. But there are two really annoying things I hope will be fixed in a future update. One is the automatic camera zoom. I am so sick and tired of it always zooming out to the max when to show available moves into outer regions. This is totally unnecessary, because all available space moves are still visible on the medium camera zoom view (regardless of region). Would it be possible to make a game settings option to lock camera zoom? I always use the medium zoom, and don't want it continuously zooming out automatically to the maximum view. The other annoying problem is the player's bottom center tab always defaults back to the 'card' view. It really should stay on the 'i' view by default. I want to see each game board space's info during other players' turns. But since it defaults back to the 'card' view, one has to continuously tap the 'i' tab view. This becomes very tiring. Again, perhaps a default tab view could be added as an option in game settings. Thanks for listening, and keep up the great work.
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