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  1. Hello everyone, I have an upcoming store tournament tournament next Saturday and I'm gonna bring an E-Wing, a T-70 X-Wing and an A-Wing to play with. I was thinking about: Corran Horn (35): - R2-D2 (4) - Fire-Control System (2) - Veteran Instincts (1) Poe Dameron (31): - R5-P9 (3) - Veteran Instincts (1) - Autothrusters (2) Green Squadron Pilot (19) - A-Wing Test Pilot (0) - Chardaan Refit (-2) - Push The Limit (3) - Wired (1) Total: 100/100 Thoughts? A-Wing's role here is to arc-dodge and (essentially) block, with Poe and Corran somewhere behind to dish out the damage and with decent enough survivability between the two of them. My questions: Is Poe gonna make it for long, if focused on? Should I switch the astromechs between Corran and Poe? Switch PTL from the A-Wing for, say, maybe Elusiveness (for 99pts.)? With Veteran Instincts on Poe and Corran is initiative irrelevant? Feedback please
  2. Hello, I've been thinking about a variation of the Super Dash & Corran Horn (R2D2+VI+FCS) build, using Etahn A’baht instead. Apparently Etahn's ability comes after the Heavy Laser Cannon changes the dice, so the build goes something like this: Dash Rendar (36) - Lone Wolf (2) - Heavy Laser Cannon (7) - Recon Specialist (3) - Outrider (5) - Engine Upgrade (4) Etahn A’baht (32) - R2-D2 (4) - Elusiveness (2) - Sensor Jammer (4) Total: 99 The point here is to make Dash's offensive capabiities a tad stronger by creating synergy between Etahn A’baht's passive skill and Dash's HLC. Etahn's upgrades also have in mind his survivability whenever he's attacked. Example: Etahn gets attacked > attacker rolls and then changes his dice > Etahn activates Elusiveness, gains 1 stress token > Etahn activates Sensor Jammer. Next Round: Etahn does a green maneuver to get rid of stress and is able to recover 1 shield with R2-D2. Cons: - This doesn't seem bad on paper, but I'm afraid these pilots are somewhat vulnerable to enemy high PS pilots (Wedge, Soontir, Phantoms with VI, etc.) or up-and-coming meta pilots like Omega Leader. - It is also a build highly dependant on good maneuvering and distance-finding to make use of it's abilities (ranging for Lone Wolf, HLC, Etahn...) Slight variations of the build could possibly trade Lone Wolf from Dash to Predator, for 100 points, maybe? OR to create more chance of crits for HLC, Marksmanship (again, for 100 points)? Although Marksmanship is a bit counter-intuitive with Recon Specialist in the sense that you either Focus for an action or use Marksmanship... Whats your feedback about this? Give me your thoughts, pros, cons.
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