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  1. The points about other ships that already do what the Venator does are well made. But if I had to, I’d favour the versions @Divad suggested above. Maybe bump the squadron value +1 as well. Id favour the Acclamator over the venator personally. I think it could be a platform for an interesting expansion of the assault mechanism in the game. Double officer slots I like!
  2. ISD Avenger

    A Decent Ultimatum

    Limited content releases is fine but virtually zero communication is a) a questionable business model & b) somewhat dismissive of your cash flow/fans.
  3. ISD Avenger

    What will Wave 8 bring?

    Kinda sad a wave 8 thread started that long ago & we still have no clue if there even will be a wave 8, let alone what it is... Sad face.
  4. ISD Avenger

    Thoughts on my Admiral Piett commander homebrew?

    Anything that gives the vic 1 some life would be welcome .
  5. ISD Avenger

    Just another Executor homebrew wish list

    Side arcs could be doubled as well I guess if the size of the model dictated it.
  6. ISD Avenger

    Just another Executor homebrew wish list

    I’d have the front arc split left & right with a thin section straight down the middle that could double arc. About 14 dice split over the 2 zones. Survivable if you are in one but a real beating if you get caught in the double zone. This makes the front arc powerful in circumstances but not single crazy strong arc. Makes gunnery team issues irrelevant.
  7. There is no happy medium with FFG. Xwing released stuff way too quick, Armada is a bit slow. I can deal with somewhat slow releases but some info/previews would be nice.
  8. Isn’t it about time those poor x wing people got an article? .... 😁
  9. ISD Avenger

    Nunchuck Expansion Preview - Part 1

    A VSD 1 specific card is a good idea I think. I don’t in general agree with a lot of the complaints about Vic slowness. Every ship should have a limitation. But this does need to be balanced with the ships being effectively shelved for a majority of players.
  10. It’s much better than the kitbash Dornean gunship
  11. No problem with the Venator except it’s a heavy fighter ship. Given how new the quasar is relatively, it seems unlikely. Id much prefer the Acclamator. You could do some really interesting stuff with expanding the new Assault mechanic, which would be somewhat thematically in keeping also.
  12. ISD Avenger

    Forget Executor, bring on Supremacy

    We really are running out of things to talk about...
  13. I don’t understand those who complain about complaining threads. Sure, maybe a single ‘Hey FFG, your fan base is leaving’ thread may be better... The internet is designed for moaning about stuff so those moaning about moaning - stop moaning 😁
  14. ISD Avenger

    My suggestion how to fix the Vic/VSD 1

    I ran 2 VSD IIs & a VSD 1 with Thrawn & it did ok. No Tua. It suffered from fighter attacks & does not correct from manoeuvre errors well but I was reasonably happy with how it went. Lost the game by a single damage point. Im sure a skilled player could run it even better.