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  1. I was hoping there was going to be new dice for the Onager. Say a gold dice, with one face that has 3 hits 😁
  2. Station models including defence platforms, cargo ships for missions (protect a convoy, run the gauntlet etc). And an extra title or 2 for each ship.
  3. Yeah, Black fleet was just bad. I read the Vong stuff but didn’t really care for it at all. The Zahn books, x-wing series, dark & crimson Empire was about my lot.
  4. Perhaps you could do pick 1 card of your choice or 2-3 random face ups. To simulate the wild randomness of Anakins attacks/leadership.
  5. Yeah, I googled pics of Star Wars planets & added the ship in. 3D effects sounds interesting. Look forward to seeing how that goes.
  6. That could be really risky. Would be great if you completely fluff a roll but that may be rare. Perhaps if you want to reroll, you have to reroll all dice of a specific/your choice colour in the pool.
  7. Hi. I too am an avid custom card creator! Here is an example of one of mine (hope the link works!) https://www.dropbox.com/s/y3ejiogni6nsmqs/Dictor Supp A.bmp?dl=0 While I’m no photoshop master by any stretch I think you are off to a good start. My feedback would be as follows- -Dont make the info boxes transparent. The info needs to be clear and unambiguous. -My preference is to keep the relevant info on the correct side, ie: dice pools for port batteries on the left of the card. On a separate note, I wanted to try a SSD custom alt art but the card company I use doesn’t print in the size of the SSD unit card (at least I can’t find a template on their site). Do you have an alternative?
  8. To me, Vader’s theme is pure aggression. Destroy as quickly as possible with overwhelming force. Anakin seems aggressive, but with an element of recklessness.
  9. That’s a good idea. If there is some sort of new Jedi effect in the Republic faction perhaps the Chancellor version could weaken that & boost a different stat instead.
  10. He could have multiple versions. A boarding team type that does a bit of sabotage somehow and an officer card.
  11. No supreme chancellor Palpatine for the republic?
  12. It’s only just dawned on me that Old Ben never got a card for the rebel faction. Wonder why...?
  13. Yes, I’ve never understood or liked that particular aspect of the design. It just looks odd.
  14. Does the Republic have a huge ship? In canon anyways?
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