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  1. I actually tend to agree here. If there is going to be overlap then I’d prefer an imperial acclamator as it happens. I think that ship could have interesting variations if done properly. The I class being more an assault ship & the II being a more straight up combat ship. If they were to do an imperial Venator I think the differences could come in a few interesting ways. For example, if the GAR Venator had engineering value of 3, I would drop the imperial to 2 to simulate it being an older ship by the civil war period. Could do the same with shields. You end up with a big imperial ship that can still push fighters but is not so tough anymore that you can be complacent. And it would make for more interesting matches in GAR vs Empire if 2 versions of Venators were facing off.
  2. I’m not really sure where a potential Tector would fit in the game. If you drop squadron value & up-gun and/or shields you could likely make some of the previous classes irrelevant. If it was a broadside variant, that would likely reduce the chance of ever seeing an imperial Venator.
  3. When I first got into the game as an imperial player I had a real hard time getting any SFO or Exracks. Keeping an eye on eBay for originals and alt arts will get you what you want with a little patience. Ironically after all that effort, I don’t see SFO used that much any more.
  4. Well presumably not because he was worried about bad luck.
  5. No I meant I was wondering why the artist painted the picture in republic colours rather than imperial.
  6. Lol. Tie Avenger, TIE Droid, Assault Gunboat & Scimitar Assault Bomber for me 😁 U & K wings for the rebels.
  7. I wonder why it was painted in republic colours?
  8. I honestly don’t see the point of a Tector from a modelling perspective. I certainly don’t need a third ISD model. As for a card to use with existing models... I guess. But even this feels a bit pointless.
  9. Seeing as it doesn’t seem like we will get new squadrons such as the TIE Avenger, I’d like to see new cards for existing fighter types. Not necessarily new aces (although a Palpatine shuttle would be cool) but new uniques would be good, eg: 181st Fighter squadron, Wraith squadron, Inferno squadron etc.
  10. Love the Eclipse. Shame we will never get an official release 😢
  11. Reminds me of the 2nd trek reboot film when they pointlessly hid the enterprise underwater for no fricking reason whatsoever. Rather than, you know, in orbit where a starship belongs! Ergh, terrible. Cool ISD image tho.
  12. Not sure about value but I saw someone was wanting to offload the cards from an SSD on a Facebook Armada trading page yesterday
  13. I do as well but I’ve got a horrible feeling they won’t (and it will perplex me no end as to why). I want me some imperial acclamators.
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