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  1. I think the one on the far right looks absolutely fine. Wider looks better.
  2. I got the sense (from somewhere) that any old EU stuff that appears in armada (eg EWing) only appears because it’s been in xwing before Disney took over.
  3. I’m far from an expert but always seemed overpriced. As with some of the VSD titles.
  4. Commander Skywalker could be a fighter buff officer. Not sure he should command a fleet.
  5. I’d drop the generic ties for all interceptors. With Dengar you get to shoot & then get a free 3 dice counter shot if anyone else attacks. If you really want 2 escorts you could exchange one for Black squadron. Not as tough but is still a cheap meat shield while your interceptors & howlrunner chew up the enemy.
  6. I almost hope they won’t. I like the thematic differences. But if they do, not quite as epic scale as the SSD or the Eclipse.
  7. Can anyone state what paint colour the TIEs should be? Is there an equivalent games workshop colour that would match? Being a store I could locate relatively easy. And does anyone have a link to the decals for sale?
  8. I actually think it would look better if it were a bit wider. But overall, very cool. What I really want is the Exlipse class. Such a cool ship.
  9. Ergh. I hate those empty ‘responses’ that say nothing. It would be better to actually say nothing.
  10. I thought wave 8 would maybe include something from the Solo movie...? But probably enough stuff for a new fighter pack already. Or maybe some sort of campaign pack. As much as I wish it, I just don’t think we will see any cool EU stuff seeing the light of day.
  11. I did some list experimentation & ended up with a quasar to push fighters & a flotilla with expanded hangers & bomber command for the ship hitters. Seemed more economical.
  12. Hasn’t that happened already? In ep4, Vader captures Leia, who feigns surprise & anger that Vader would dare attack a senatorial ship. Rogue one makes this ridiculous as Vader watched her ship eject from a rebel fleet.
  13. I thought droids had shown up more than once...