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  1. First time imperial.

    ^I was tinkering with a very similar build to try as it happens
  2. First time imperial.

    I’ve only used Arquitens once, and it didn’t go well. Has anyone had success with them?
  3. That would be appreciated, I’m just about to take the plunge and pick up a brush. Its been about 20 years...
  4. That’s why I said pretty much.. 😬 Although I think x wing went too far with that horrid bloated TIE Bomber monstrosity (oppressor?). Why they went with that over the Scimitar Assault Bomber I’ll never know.
  5. It seems like legends is pretty much off the table nowadays... (no pun intended)
  6. What are the odds?

    As much as I’d love to see a lot of this list (not all tho coz the galleon & strike cruiser are ugly) I really can’t see any of this happening. And that makes me sad. With Disney batting out movies I imagine FFG will just pull from those. I wonder if they will be allowed to do anything else?
  7. What are the odds?

    What’s wrong with the Acclamator anyways? It’s a decent looking ship that could fill a role. I have no real love for the prequels but there is worthwhile stuff there to use. Venator may be a bit trickier, and somewhat harder to slot given the quasar hasn’t been out long.
  8. What are the odds?

    I thought I’d read ages ago that the something big was Thrawn...or did I imagine that? I think the CIS could work as a 3rd faction- we know not all the droids did shut down after ROTS. And it could finally add in the missing Acclamator et al to the game. The only thing I’d want to see from the new trilogy is the Resurgent class. The design has grown on me
  9. Gladiators and early wave ships

    I ran 3 Glad 1s & SD1 a while back. Did pretty good. This was pre-wave 7 tho.
  10. Special Event at Worlds on 1st

    Very much agree. If I see that one more time I think I’ll cry.
  11. Imperial Heavy Tie Fighter [Light Spoilers]

    Sadly, I think there are already a number of imperial fighters that could fill spots in this game. Being- TIE Avenger. Imperial snipe Scimitar Assault Bomber. Heavier bomber Assault Gunboat. Ever popular, as a light bomber/poss Rogue fighter TIE Droid. For some mass swarming, innovative game mechanics. And if you really want to go for it- Royal Interceptors. Beefed up (slightly) with no swarm, poss Rogue. Limited availability. Missile Boat. Rogue bomber?
  12. Mel Miniatures Wishlist

    That is a cool ship. Shame we’ll never see an official version... 😞
  13. Imperial Heavy Tie Fighter [Light Spoilers]

    I wonder what the D in AT-DT stands for? Also still not sold in the Arrestor.
  14. The Eclipse Class

    Some of the images in Dark Empire seem quite elegant to me. And the close ups of the bridge have this asymmetry about it that’s kinda cool. I don’t actually think the superlaser is directly mentioned at all in DE. I think that comes from other sources.