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  1. ISD Avenger

    The SSD?

    If memory serves I recall their twitter team acknowledging that their comms needed improvement. Which I don’t think is unreasonable to assume covers their comms across all their games.
  2. ISD Avenger

    The SSD?

    So much for better communication...
  3. ISD Avenger

    Old Starwars Rebellion Ship Classes

    Stellaris on the pc is supposed to be a great galactic simulator game, and has Star Wars mods. I love Paradox games but haven’t got around to trying this yet. Something similar but full Star Wars would be awesome.
  4. ISD Avenger

    New factions

    I’m not sure the rebel interdictor is a good idea from a faction identity basis. I like that the imperial faction has different ships to the rebels. A different dynamic if you will. This also largely depends on how far Disney can or will mine the old EU. And I guess the waves don’t have to be symmetrical per se either. Empire definitely has enough for a fighter pack & the imperial support vessel. A solid rebel wave would be the AF mk1, correllian gunship flotilla & U wings.
  5. ISD Avenger

    The SSD?

    A U.K. store said Feb 14th. Which clearly didn’t happen. Their website now says March 14. I take this to actually mean no one has any real clue. Which I’m putting down to yet another fine example of FFGs excellent communication skills...
  6. ISD Avenger

    New factions

    As some of the ship designs from the old EU, aka the Rebellion pc game were Lucasarts, does Disney not own that now? But yes, short of a whole new set of shows/movies set in the GCW, I would imagine clone wars will come. Which I wouldn’t mind as long as some relevant ships eg Acclamator, are cross faction.
  7. ISD Avenger

    Old Starwars Rebellion Ship Classes

    The Liberator class is one that would be a really cool addition. And I don’t even play rebels. Dauntless is pretty cool too. Most of the others are a bit meh. Especially some of those imperial ones.
  8. ISD Avenger

    Sliding (Hangar Bay) Doors...

    Gods the strike cruiser is an ugly ship. Id like the old dreadnought as the Imperial support ship. Which to my mind is an uber gozanti with 2 fleet slots. The nerf has left me with fleet builds that genuinely wanted more than 2 for support options not just activation padding. Vindicator, Acclamator & Venator are obvious omissions from imperial roster.
  9. ISD Avenger

    Terrain for Armada?

    If you gave each obstacle a base, like a ship, that is also slightly larger than the model, then if you bump the base, you take a damage, as per the normal game. No need to move anything then.
  10. Some Armada ‘terrain’ would not be unwelcome. Space station, asteroids, cargo etc etc. Heellloooo? FFG?
  11. At this point it’s like they are just doing it just to wind us up 😆
  12. ISD Avenger

    Commander cost.

    Seems like the ideal scenario would be- 1. A generic commander for say 10pts that gives a very basic ability eg: refresh a card 2. Inhibit Executor from standard play somehow. 3. Rebalance some existing cards to make them more competitive. I think for example, Tarkin could drop to 28-29pts-ish and still keep cheaper options like Ozzel viable.
  13. ISD Avenger

    Mel Miniatures Wishlist

    ^ Nice 👍🏻
  14. ISD Avenger

    Grimdark in the Star Wars Universe

    ^indeed, the political system in ep7+ makes no sense, the exiled ex empire remnant have all the weapons & the galaxy wide government has hardly any military it appears & relies on a ‘resistance’ 🤔🤪 Just a poorly executed way for the good guys to remain the plucky band of rebels fighting the good fight against a tyrannical government. Except they aren’t.
  15. ISD Avenger

    This is Our Year

    X wing just got 9 new units announced (well sort of new I guess)... the Armada love continues 😆