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  1. What will Wave 8 bring?

    That’s a fair point. Although I don’t think the blink & miss it appearance in Ep6 really qualifies. On a separate note, I don’t get the whole Tector & wingless Liberty angle. Seems pointless to me. I really don’t want another variant on a ship we already have nor another ship that looks quite similar to exist ships (mon cal ships)

    Yep these SSD revealed threads have not become tedious at all...
  3. Chimaera Unboxing

    Shame there is a bunch of cards exclusive to each ship.
  4. What will Wave 8 bring?

    U-wing I would assume likely. But the others you mention? Just doesn’t seem likely to me.
  5. Profundity Unboxing

    Does Draven’s effect work on targets that have counter due to another factor-such as Dengar?
  6. Profundity Unboxing

    How come you get them early by the way?
  7. Chimaera Unboxing

    How did this person get a copy of Chimera? Who are they? Where are they?! 😄
  8. What will Wave 8 bring?

    Not sure that’s a great road to go down. An AF Mk1 as a different ship & model would be welcome but repaints just seem....lazy. A new cards pack would be great. That could include new models ala Cymoon & Kuat.
  9. What will Wave 8 bring?

    In all seriousness, what is going to be in wave 8? It certainly seems that FFG are staying clear of anything in the old EU, Eps 1-3 and things that don’t see much screen-time, (Dornean gunship or whatever it’s called) & focussing on Rebels & new movies. I honestly can’t see the Venator or Aaclamator coming & I’m hoping they won’t muddy the waters with Ep7+ stuff. So what’s left? Something from the new Solo movie? That’s about all I can fathom right now.
  10. Dual VSD, Dual Gladiator?

    I’ve played 2vic, 2 glads. I’m still pretty green and although I lost the mission if it were a fight to the death I would have won.
  11. I don’t know the mechanic of the game well enough to argue this properly. What I do know however is that these lists that feature 3 (or more!) sets of transports just feels wrong. And gamey. And certainly against the spirit of the game.
  12. What I want for my birthday...

    In one of those cross-section books it says the new dish is much worse than the old one.
  13. Had this the othe day myself. Was the first time I used them tho. 2 of these did not do hardly any significant damage.
  14. Mel Miniatures Wishlist

    I think the original idea was for mon cal ships to be smaller than ISDs. However, Home One was assessed to be significantly larger than an ISD, when the movie was analysed. I recall fluff stating it could carry 10 squadrons where a standard mom cal cruiser would only carry 3 for example.
  15. High-Res English Profundity and Chimaera Previews

    This is much closer to how I envisioned the interdictor. Current version just seems too big & expensive.