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  1. If using Krennic why not have 2 death troopers in your 500pt list?
  2. I can see different boxes of different versions with different cards it would save them money in sculpting maybe but would mean we wint need to buy cross faction
  3. As much as I'd love the prequels first I think the sequal might be a better place to start as with the prequels we might suddenly have to run in to jedi more. Not sure if the game is ready for a sudden influx of those yet
  4. Been thinking about this and while vader is really good having a - against suppression has it' downsides too. Units not getting suppression means that they don't get cover from it which has actually saved units for my rebels before
  5. 800pts actually feels about right at the moment. You can' bring everything which means limiting choice whic means actually building you army. I feel 1000-1200 you can have everything youbreally want which kinda feels to me as reducing tactical choices. Once you get more units and there is more choice raising it to say 1000 I think is good but at the same point the 800pt games last about the righ amount of time
  6. Yeah I tried to say it' all one unit even using runewars to so basically every unit is basically 1 model and multiple models make up its wound tracker
  7. So a discussion happened in a game due to wording on a card. The ion gun for rebele troopers. Hit a unit of speeder bikes. It did enough damahe to kill 1. So ion token The guy really argued that because the model that was damaged died he shouldn't get the job token.
  8. I' thinking of having each unit painted bases to match with leader having a stripe or something along the base to differentiate
  9. I magnetized the at-rt it was actually really simple and didn' take long at all
  10. I don' main pheonix but I do play them a fair bit. I find one of the things about deck making for pheonix is that there are a lot of taste looking pheonix whose abilities are good but just slow down the game. Try smiling down characters a little and characters like isawa mashinaro (bow during fire ring to kill a 2 coster) are very good especially vs scorpion who tend to run a lot more smaller guys.
  11. Not sure 2 players using the same tokens can do that if they going for the same thing.
  12. The issue I see with the idea of these alternative winning methods is they won't be viable. Not because of hard to do. But because unless they create new tokens which to me seem to be part of a big box then how are you going to track It? The current rules state you are not allowed to make notes during a game (tournament) so this would make any victory over turns impossible to track and be legal
  13. It' Not random swearing it's clear and concise swearing aimed at the universe and all it's horrors
  14. I feel that as a clan with honoured condition requirements crane should have more ways to honour it's characters it almost feels like other clans are better some times
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