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    HammerGibbens reacted to MidWestScrub in An Index of useful links 2.0   
    This is meant to be an addition to the excellent post @MajorJuggler has kept updated over the years. For that 1.0 thread, click here.
    Gold Squadron Podcast. 
    Mynock Squadron Podcast. 
    Radio TCX. 
    OCX Radio. 
    Birmingham Barons. 
    The Inland Empire Aces. 
    Scum and Villiany Podcast. 
    Carolina Krayts. 
    186th Squadron Podcast. 
    Sith Takers Snap Shots. 
    Thule Squadron Radio. 
    Evergreen Squadron Radio.
    512 Squadron Podcast. 
    Liberty Squadron Podcast. 
    Stay on Target. 
    Back to Dials. 
    Hornet Squadron. 
    Renegade Squadron Podcast. 
    HitHitCrit Podcast.
    Lack of Focus Podcast. 
    Cloud City Radio.
    The Salt Mines Podcast.
    Sea to Sky Squadron Podcast
    Florida Man Plays X-Wing.
    Turn Zero.
    Tosche Station X-Wing Podcast.
    The Midwest Scrubcast.
    Millenium Condor. (French)
    South Wookiees Squadron Podcast. (Portuguese)
    These next two actually cater specifically to a more casual set of players.
    **** of a Pilot. 
    Shuttle Tydirium. 
    YouTube and Twitch Streams:
    Gold Squadron: YouTube. Twitch.
    First Earth: YouTube. Twitch. 
    Back to Dials: YouTube. Twitch. 
    Birmingham Barons: YouTube.Twitch. 
    VTTV: YouTube. Twitch. 
    Sith Takers: YouTube. Twitch
    Echo Base X-Wing: YouTube. Twitch.
    X-Wing Selbsthilegruppe: Twitch.YouTube. 
    Firestorm Squadron: YouTube.
    Weekend Warlords: YouTube. Twitch.
    Game Chief: YouTube.
    Fly Casual X-Wing: YouTube.
    Purrfect-Blinky: YouTube. Twitch.
    312 Squadron: YouTube. Twitch.
    Arch Alliance: YouTube. Twitch.
    X-Wing Battle Report Archive.
    Non-stream Video Content:
    Hairy Nick.
    Such an X-Wing Hipster. 
    Eruletho, Tales of the Silver Ace. 
    Deathrain’s Blog.
    Starfighter Mafia. 
    Blair Bunke’s Blog.
    Zombie Squadron.
    Nathan’s X-Wing Blog. 
    Friday Night X-Wing. 
    What the Actual Zuck? 
    D20 Radio. 
    Back to Dials.
    Tantum Imperium. 
    Ramblings of a Wargamer. 
    Fishy Wargaming. 
    Space Owls. 
    X-Wing Tavern Wars. 
    Bloglette Generator. 
    Joust Me.
    Stay on the Leader.
    X-Wing Analytica.
    Confessions of a Midwest Scrub.
    The following blogs have released Second Edition content, but it’s been a while. (Note this article was released March 2019).
    It’s Getting Hoth in Here. Nothing since December 2018.
    Taking the Sith. Nothing since December 2018.
    X-Wing Puzzle Club. Nothing since December 2018.
    Yes, More X-Wing. Nothing since early January 2019.
    Squad Building Apps and Websites:
    Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0. 
    Launch Bay Next.
    X-Wing 2nd Ed. Squad Designer.
    FFG’s Official Squad Builder. 
    Quick Build Squad Builder. For all your Quick Build needs. 
    Tournament Organization:
    Tabletop T.O. 
    Best Coast Pairings. 
    Vassal. Gold Squadron has a tutorial video on how to download it here.
    * Vassal Quick Download for the X-Wing Module.
    * Vassal play and installation guide.
    * Vassal bug reporting
    * Vassal X-Wing League.
    * Vassal Tutorial Video.
    Fly Casual. 
    X-Wing A.I.
    Rules Reference:
    Rules Documents and Tournament Regulations. At the bottom of the page under the Support heading, click the appropriate tab for either Rules or Tournament Regulations.
    FAQ. On FFG’s forums, under “X-Wing Rules Questions” you’ll find this forum thread with their official rulings. 
    Community Rules Committee. This is a group of judges and other community members that have come together to get answers to questions that FFG hasn’t yet taken the time to answer. Their document can be found here, and you can submit questions here.
    List Fortress. An online repository of Second Edition tournament results. Everything from eight person kit tournaments to System Opens with hundreds of participants. It shows the format, the number of people, what lists they were flying, and the number of wins and MOV (Margin of Victory). All data is voluntarily submitted, so there may be some holes in the information depending on how in depth the submission was.
    Pink Brain Matter. This is a recently released site that analyzes data from List Fortress. It can tell you the percentage of Rebel lists in major tournaments since the recent points change, and the percentage of those lists that took certain pilots, etc.
    Probability Calculator. This will allow you to enter in a ton of variables for numerous different attacks to see expected damage under various circumstances. For those of us who are math impaired, it’s a vital tool.
    Infinite Arenas. This awesome site has a number of tools available, including an unofficial rules reference, a card browser, and printable maneuver reference cards for most Second Edition ships, among other things.
    X-Wing Mapper. This fantastic tool will show you all the available final positions of any ship in any faction. Toggle variations for Afterburners, Advanced Sensors, Supernatural Reflexes, or any other possibilities, choose your maneuver and see all the different places your ship could end up. 
    We Tabletop. A searchable event locator. 
    X-Wing Second Edition Wiki.
    Metawing. An analysis tool to quickly find out what has had success and what hasn't. 
    X-Wing Card Creator.
    2.0 Buying Guide.
    Highground: An X-Wing score keeping app. Android download. IOS download.
    How to get into X-Wing. A beginner's guide to getting into the game.
    For a short review of most of the above links, check out: Before Setting Dials: A Guide to Community Resources.
    If you have other suggestions of links to add in, please let me know. 
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    HammerGibbens reacted to J1mBob in Is It Time for a New Pinned Index of Useful Links 2.0?   
    Does @MajorJuggler intend to maintain the index any more? Is it time to hand the reigns and the #2 pinned slot on the forum to a new representative like @MidWestScrub or ________?
    I want my own motivation to be fully acknowledged here. I try hard to make the community aware of what I’ve made for its enjoyment at infinitearenas.com: card browser, quick build squad builder, searchable rules reference, etc. And I try hard not to spam the forum and annoy everyone. A more actively maintained index of links would help. 
    TL;DR: New pinned index of links time?
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    HammerGibbens reacted to J1mBob in Dial creator?   
    Replying so I can track this thread. If nobody has made one yet, I will. 
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    HammerGibbens reacted to Bucknife in A fix for epic?   
    I've posted this idea in various forms in other threads, so here's the scoop.

    In my fairly limited experience, Epic's biggest issues were :
    1. Cumbersome/slow gameplay.
    2. Piles of cards were a nightmare.
    3. Abilities/upgrades/ordinance becoming horribly imbalanced on a larger pionts scale. 
    I'm no genius, but this is what I'd propose:
    Use all the same dials and pilots from X-Wing 2.0, but entirely different upgrades, points and stats (which would all be handled by the ffg app).

    1. All non-epic ships use 1/2 HP of their normal X-Wing HP, ROUND DOWN. (T65=2hull+1s, TIE=1hull, etc).
    2. All generics would track damage with on-board tokens rather than drawing damage cards. (Easy to do when most ships have 1 or 2 HP.)
    2.1. Each player would only draw damage cards for their command ship and/or squadron leader (like Luke/Vader).

    This would probably necessitate an alternate damage deck, which I'd be totally fine with as long as it was also fair and usable for the epic ships. this alone, I believe would be a solid foundation for a quick and exciting larger scale dogfight, without changing attack values or agility
    And finally, 
    3. Alternate balanced ordinance and massively changed upgrades, only accessible to your Aces and Command Ships. (Seriously... generics shouldn't ever get upgrade...unless they're scum, but that's another argument for another topic).
    That's it! That's basically how I'd do it, anyway. 
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    HammerGibbens reacted to MasterShake2 in Terrifying Technology: Vulture preview   
    If we're assuming you eat the first crit, a barrel roll will able to shake them on the next turn...I guess spinning is a good trick.
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    HammerGibbens reacted to Dr Zoidberg in Deluxe Range Ruler   
    (Sorry, wrong franchise)
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    HammerGibbens reacted to apoapsis in Unpopular Opinion Thread   
    Second edition and the split into Hyperspace and Extended has done more damage to the community than people are willing to accept, and dismissing others concerns over the format you prefer for whatever reason is deeply unhelpful.
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    HammerGibbens reacted to kris40k in Unpopular Opinion Thread   
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    HammerGibbens reacted to Killerardvark in Community Rules Supplement   
    For people involved or interested in competitive X-Wing, It has become apparent that X-Wing has a lot of vague rules, weird corner cases, and assumed floor rules that judges and tournament organizers have to research and decide. These rule issues range from small things to list breaking and knowing a particular ruling ahead of time can be critical. Every System Open, hyperspace event, or local tournament rules differently on even the most basic questions that are not covered by current FAQ and FFG documents.
    We’ve put together a group of dedicated community members, both players and judges, from around the world that are diligently working through everything we can think of to create an X-Wing Community Rules Supplement. This will fill the gap between FFG official rulings and the peculiar issues that might arise during any organized play or other tournament setting. If you play at a System Open, it’s a pretty safe bet you’ll be using these rules. Our hope is that Hyperspace Trials and even your local events will adopt these rules so we can all attend tournaments knowing exactly what to expect.. It’s time to take control of our game. Where the FFG juggernaut takes time to release rules updates, we’ll be quick and agile to address issues not covered perfectly by official documentation.
    Our current goal is to have our first document available mid March. Do you have a weird ruling that nobody can agree on? Send it to us using our Super High Tech Google Form https://goo.gl/forms/5xLmWqRWMO7FcqX02
    On behalf of your X-Wing Community Rules Committee:
    Iain Hamp
    Chris Brown
    Brent Wong
    Dee Yun
    Michael Jures
    Vince Kingston
    Kyle Kemble
    Kris Sheriff
    Zach Bart
    Tim Horsburgh
    Joel Killingsworth
    Chris Allen
    Mark Ventham
    Nick Wear
    Kris Mitchell
    Thank you all for being part of this great community. I hope we’re able to come together and create something truly beneficial for this game and this community.
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    HammerGibbens reacted to KCDodger in -less Talents   
    stormtrooper crew, brainless
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    HammerGibbens got a reaction from Ccwebb in -less Talents   
    Less Talents?? I think we need more!
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    HammerGibbens got a reaction from GLEXOR in -less Talents   
    Less Talents?? I think we need more!
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    HammerGibbens got a reaction from Punning Pundit in -less Talents   
    Less Talents?? I think we need more!
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    HammerGibbens got a reaction from Hiemfire in Hooray. Upsilons on sale at Amazon for 12 bucks.   
    Shouldn't less demand for them decrease the price 🤔?
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    HammerGibbens reacted to Red Castle in Man, that Jess Pava HST Alt Art is...   
    Her title Great Destroyer come from the Poe Dameron comic books. That’s how the Astromechs calls her because she somehow always come back from her missions with a damaged/destroyed astromech... So no astromech wants to fly with her.
    That also explains why in the x-wing game she can also use charges from her astromech to use her ability. Love it when the designers are thematic!
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    HammerGibbens reacted to Velvetelvis in Man, that Jess Pava HST Alt Art is...   
    I know what they didnt do...and that's have a guy paint the same picture twice ....but one at a slightly different angle for no reason.
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    HammerGibbens reacted to imprezagoatee in Sith Infiltrator Preview   
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    HammerGibbens reacted to MegaSilver in Sith Infiltrator Preview   
    No need to quote all those images.
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    HammerGibbens reacted to nikk whyte in Poll: which 1.0 meta pilot do you want back?   
    no Carnor Jax? he's probably the missing piece that allows interceptors to see table time again. 
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    HammerGibbens reacted to Hiemfire in A Few wave 4 Abilities I've managed to translate.   
    Because said wobbly laser line is much less likely to bump or knock over ships and other game state defining items.
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    HammerGibbens reacted to svelok in "limited edition" ships?   
    It's an identical expansion with a limited run paint scheme.
    You'll live.
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    HammerGibbens reacted to Hawkstrike in Best guess on Anakins Ability   
    After performing a barrel roll, you may perform a red barrel roll action.
    "Try spinning. That's a good trick." - Anakin Skywalker.
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    HammerGibbens reacted to MegaSilver in Best guess on Anakins Ability   
    That's for Little Orphan Annie's ability.
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    HammerGibbens reacted to ScummyRebel in Standing out from the Swarm Article   
    I like the concept. It’s not a faction I’ve committed to, nor am I going to Adepticon.
    Maybe some day I’ll get to pick up something like it in a future year. I kind of hope it happens again, especially if they limit sales to participants of the event.
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    HammerGibbens reacted to theBitterFig in Using Sai to replace Redline?   
    It's late and I haven't really thought through the premise too much, but Sai with ST-321 and Emperor Palpatine is 62 points, only 1 more than the classic Redline build.  She isn't as mobile as Redline used to be, but she fills a somewhat similar role: hits like a truck, and eats incoming fire that could be going onto other more important ships.
    For an easy example, keep things as close as possible to Philip Booth's System Open List.  I mean, this doesn't seem bad to me:
    Whisper (Juke, Fifth Brother, Advanced Sensors) 78 Soontir Fel (Predator) 54 Lieutenant Sai (Emperor Palpatine, ST-321) 62 Total 194, bid 6 Having played with Palp a bunch with double Deltas, I think he's kinda decent.  He's not 1e good, but seems totally worth his points.  There's often someone who can benefit from an eyeball conversion.  Saving a point of damage on Soontir can change a game.  But then again, when I was flying him the most, a lot of other folks were playing Juke, and that certainly opens opportunities for Palp to do work.  I'm not really into a long Palp discussion; I'd rather keep it on Sai in general.
    But Palp is also totally replaceable.  Collision Detector has proved its mettle on Upsilons.  Sloane can be painful to face, even if she's in a low ship count list.  Vader crew is pricey, but activating Whisper's Juke is nasty, and the shuttle even has two arcs to use.  Even Krennic doesn't seem too bad: Soontir might want to use Optimized Prototype to save his focus for defense, and ST-321 means there's a decent chance Krennic's ship has actually got a lock on whoever Soontir is shooting.
    Anyhow, that's just one example.  Taking out an old Redline and putting in a Sai might have some potential.
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