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    SeaKing Advice

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    SeaKing Advice

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    SeaKing Advice

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    HammerGibbens reacted to Blail Blerg in Rename X-Wing   
    what bit you this morning when you woke up? 
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    HammerGibbens reacted to prauxim in Angled Deflectors - Probability PSA for community   
    I used to be like you, but the game broke me. Broke me down to my core and showed me the cold hard truth of reality.

    Heroics triggers 32 times per game on average and the likelyhood of blanks increase when you don't have it.
    Selfless never triggers, ever.
    Statistics is a lie.

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    HammerGibbens reacted to KCDodger in New Resistance Cards are Combowing's return (Also new leak!)   
    Hey you know what's great? This gives people that shield-angling they've been asking for since wave 2 of 1.0.
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    HammerGibbens reacted to Arc170Chris in Videos from Galaxy's edge show new ships   
    This one - 
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    HammerGibbens reacted to svelok in Aces or swarm beef lists. Is one better than the other?   
    2 👏 points 👏
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    HammerGibbens reacted to RedHotDice in Up coming Wave   
    Always in motion the future are... difficult to see.
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    HammerGibbens reacted to Darth Meanie in Up coming Wave   
    A wave is never late, nor early.  It arrives exactly when it means to.
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    HammerGibbens reacted to ScummyRebel in Up coming Wave   
    Nope, no news from FFG on that front.
    The Dark Side clouds everything...impossible to see, the future is.
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    HammerGibbens reacted to Rytackle in Mynocks Teach X-Wing to WWE Superstars   
    Mynocks. WWE. Xavier Woods. Tyler Breeze. HYPE.
    We have teamed up with the WWE and the UpUpDownDown Youtube Channel to coach two WWE Superstars on how to play X-Wing. This happened back in April during Wrestlemania weekend. Please let us know what you think!
    It was a crazy game, and it's exciting to see X-Wing being played in a higher profile way.
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    HammerGibbens reacted to Tbetts94 in TTS/Vassal one day tourney?   
    I’m actually leaning to TTS because the 20 rounds in Vassal will take to much time. TTS has more of irl type speed to do the normal 75 minutes.
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    HammerGibbens got a reaction from Bucknife in Blog: [insert OBSTACLE themed joke, pun or prequel meme here]   
    I think maybe what you're looking for is
    "Asteroids do not concern me, admiral"
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    HammerGibbens reacted to dwaynedauzat in Battle of Scarif Scenario   
    Here's my custom Battle of Scarif scenario.

    The terrain is made from fabric and plastic grass.  I wanted it to be inexpensive and practical yet still thematic.  I don't like my terrain getting in the way of gameplay so I use a lot of 2D and 2.5D stuff in my games.  The trees are just there for aesthetics and can be moved out of the way if needed.
    The objective is for the Rebel U-Wings to deploy troops at any of the black landing pads, survive long enough for them to infiltrate the base and capture the Death Star plans, then return to pick them up and escape the play area.
    Imperials get a 100pt squad consisting of Tie-Reapers and Tie-Strikers (or era appropriate ships).  They also get 11 Stormtroopers and two AT-ATs that can attack Rebel ships and troops infiltrating the bases.  The Stormtroopers (represented by 6-sided dice) are divided among the three bases.
    Rebels get a 120pt squad consisting of U-Wings and X-Wings (or era appropriate ships).  They also get 8 troops that are divided among the U-Wings.
    A U-Wing that performs a 0 speed maneuver while in Landing position at a landing pad can deploy any number of troops.  At the end of the Combat phase the Rebel player can roll a number of attack dice equal to the number of troops at the base.  The Imperial player rolls a number of defense dice equal to the number of Stormtroopers at the base.  Red focus results are changed to hits.  Green focus results are changed to either evades or hits.  Evades cancel red hits.  Red crits cannot be canceled.  Any remaining hits or crits reduce the number of Troops/Stormtroopers at the base.  When there are no remaining Stormtroopers, the Rebels have captured the Death Star plans.  When there are no remaining Rebel troops, well... Game over.
    A U-Wing that performs a 0 speed maneuver while in Landing position at a landing pad can pickup troops that have captured the plans and must then escape any edge of the play area chosen by the Imperial player.  If all U-Wings are destroyed, well... Game over.
    AT-ATs move very slowly, less than 1 speed maneuver.  During it's activation it may place a Target Lock on the play area at range 2-3.  At the end of the Combat phase it may move the lock to any Rebel ship within rage 1 of where it was placed, then make a 2 dice attack against that ship at range 2-3.  Instead it may choose to attack Rebel troopers at a base at range 2-3.  In this case, the Stormtroopers simply get 1 extra green die added to its pool.  AT-ATs have 4 Hull, 0 Shields, 0 Evade and take 1 damage for every 2 hits or 1 crit.
    I had intended to give the Imperial player unlimited generic Tie-Striker reinforcements, but it was not needed.  The Rebels lost.  I may have to try balancing this a little more.
    Any suggestions?
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    HammerGibbens reacted to Kehl_Aecea in Battle of Yavin Pilot Expansion   
    These are delightfully well designed. I love them. I would legitimately fly those Y-Wings and X-Wings and I'm sad I can't use them this weekend (my first actual tournament).
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    HammerGibbens reacted to Kreen in Sith and the Inquisition   
    I will make it legal.
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    HammerGibbens reacted to Cloaker in So why don't the I3 Torrent and ARC cost 27 and 44 points?   
    Oh, there's a reason for it. Trust me. When you really look at it the way I do, it just all makes perfect sense. I mean, it just needed to happen. No two ways about it. There's points of view here, to be sure, but the fact is it was always supposed to be this way. And it's probably for the best we all get used to it, but real quick like, because there ain't no going back. Not now. Not ever. One day, when this is all over and the shop's closed, we'll have a drink on it and maybe then, just then, there'll be some explanations. Closure, even. But until then, it is what it is and now we gotta make something of it. Because if you let this thing beat you, if you let it take hold and get under the skin, you're going to be dealing with it a long time. And I just don't want to see you go through all of that again. You've got the goods, to be sure, so now just take it by the horns and ride it until it can't be rode no more. And that's it. At the end of the day you gotta make it yours and **** the torpedoes over all the rest of it.
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    HammerGibbens reacted to Dax12387 in How many factions is enough to invest in to stay competitive, but not go broke?   
    ...shalt thou count to three, no more, no less. Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out. 
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    HammerGibbens reacted to JJH_BATMAN in New game article! Check the link…   
    This thread got weird quickly...
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    HammerGibbens reacted to CaptainJaguarShark in B-22s   
    Bilbobaggins (he's the greatest little starfighter of them all)
    You can really just but just about any B-word or phrase there as long as it's got a few syllables, but having an abundance of Ls and/or Bs certainly makes it more fun.
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    HammerGibbens reacted to Hippie Moosen in The Petty "I Told you so Thread"   
    I was expecting this thread to be more petty than this. Feels more "lightly salted" to me  
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    HammerGibbens reacted to Hoarder of Garlic Bread in The Petty "I Told you so Thread"   
    I am a petty person, and thus I am starting this petty thread. I could claim "I told you so" over Delta 7B costing in the ballpark of 16-8pt, but I am still wrong because I did not call the scaling cost. I will say this, to all the people who tried to make Han have all the upsides of his mods with none of the downsides. May I present to you, the official ruling posted 35 min ago:
    Q: How does Han Solo [Rebel, Modified YT-1300]'s ability interact with "Midnight" [TIE/fo Fighter]?
    A: "Midnight" prevents dice modification. Because Han Solo's ability is a dice modification effect, "Midnight" prevents it from being used. 
    Check the ruling thread.
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    HammerGibbens reacted to MortalPlague in 2.0 Dead List Hall of Infamy   
    Neat idea for a thread.  You should probably have a list of what each squad actually is, or at least a link to a squad builder.  I'm not sure what 'Squad of Legend' is, though I'm familiar with the others.
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    HammerGibbens reacted to Frimmel in Terrifying Technology: Vulture preview   
    You beat me to it. One of my favorite TNG episodes. Everything that can happen does happen is a terrifying and comforting theory all at once.  
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