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  1. This is great, thanks! I'm a little foggy on quick build cards still. Is the idea that if both sides field up to, say, 10 Threat Levels worth of quick build cards, they would have relatively balanced forces?
  2. The Punisher still not having a Talent slot also is gonna make it tough to fit Sat Salvo in a Punisher build
  3. That's 130 points for two cards so I think the prohibitive cost will keep it from being too powerful... CRAZY HOW THAT WORKS (not a dig at you, but at the sky is falling crowd)
  4. Even meaner: it works at range 0 so if they block you, you can still activate it. Getting good jams or stripping tokens etc is gonna make or break this I think. Seems fun!
  5. Can Redline acquire a second lock on a single ship?
  6. Hoth? Shouldn't they call it Coldth?
  7. Kind of a fun mechanic honestly, especially with the drawbacks it entails.
  8. Knowing X-Wing though, they would try to make a "joke" Jar Jar upgrade that's "so bad" that no one would ever use it... and it ends up being accidentally the final piece to a gamebreaking combo (looking at you, 1.0 genius!)
  9. Yeah I think a lot of folks are thinking it and I'm glad you posted it. I think a stress mechanic would be the way to go with JJB. Action: Assign the How Rude condition to an enemy ship at range 0-1. If the how rude condition ship does not reveal the same dial as the ship with JJB during activation, it receives 1 stress token at the start of the engagement phase and returns the condition to JBB. "Yousa follow meesa, okeeday?"
  10. I think Predator with Crackshot as a combo is going to be broken. A reroll AND you cancel a defense die, its going to be very consistent damage. Now there arent any ships with 2 talent slots yet but who knows what they might release??
  11. Stormtrooper 1023 Crew, Imperial Only At the start of the Engagement phase, choose one enemy ship at range 0 - 2. That ship must discard one Calculate token if able. "Look sir-- Droids!"
  12. I bet he's not even grumpy, its just too funny not to post. This Kaine is my kind of scum
  13. FFG shipstompers are being deployed to FLGSs around the nation to stomp your old 1.0 kits, make sure to buy a conversion kit so they have to leave you alone.
  14. I like the format in theory but I've played it and hate it in practice for the reason that it completely incentives secondary weapons and bombs. Range control is impossible when you don't even know what range you're shooting for. I got blind Autoblaster accuracy corrector double tapped by the Ghost and it was complete NPE. I think all other upgrades being secret could be run though, just not weapons and bombs.
  15. I Have You Now Force Talent When attacking a ship in your Bullseye arc that you have Locked, if you are not in the ship's firing arc, you may spend 1 Focus and Force token to negate all evade results. Crackshot meets Outmaneuver meets a line from the movie.
  16. Beat me to it by about 10 seconds AAAHGGGHGG
  17. Luke Skywalker Gunner Slot At the start of the engagement phase you may spend a force point to rotate your mobile firing arc indicator.
  18. That bomb that destroys obstacles could be avoided, not sure about any others.
  19. I think they gave Wampa's ability away so that Hask, Del Meeko, and Seyn Marana synergize together in a squadron since they all have the tagline of being part of Inferno. Hull damage under the shields from Marana, and then Hask and Meeko trigger their pilot abilities. On that same note, I think Juno Eclipse went out for cigarettes and is never coming back.
  20. Does reload work on bombs? I thought it didn't but they're paired on that card.
  21. I took a proton bomb in a 2.0 proxy game and we played it under the shields (which i think is wrong but that's okay), got the "take 2 stress" crit on top of having 1 already. The game ended before I got turned back around. #ReturnOurTurns
  22. That gross, bloated pastel space acorn doesn't hold a candle to the U, laser brain!
  23. Maybe Sabine crew? Could see her possibly granting a(n even) big(ger) advantage in Objectives Play
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