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  1. Literally every time an imperial pilot nears that 52pt mark for Fickle
  2. Since the charges are always tied to a specific card and also have an "inert" side that you can physically flip the charge to, tracking them is pretty simple (provided you can remember to just flip the charge when you use it, which is no more difficult than tracking shields or munitions from 1.0)
  3. you've sold me, I'm swapping her out for echo in my next game
  4. Great write-up as always. I really enjoy the devil's dilemma that Vader and Juke will present. If you lose the green token then the following Juke shot is even scarier. Excited to try it out
  5. That's impossible. No app that cheap has an AR device!
  6. 8 Z-95's Target Locks get transferred from all other ships to Captain Kagi ?
  7. Card Name Charges 2 Immediately before you perform your attack during the engagement phase, you may spend 1 charge. If you do, you may perform a Bonus Attack with an equipped Cannon upgrade versus an enemy in your bullseye arc. Recover 1 charge when you fully perform a speed 1- 2 maneuver. This way they're not just 4k'ing with evade and double tap every round.
  8. Fickle where are you from? Nothing wrong with "they'd've" but I've never seen it typed out.
  9. No but Rhymer can shoot at range 0 with secondary weapons whose default minimum range is 1, which is why he mentioned him by name in the original post
  10. https://raithos.github.io/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v4!s!&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs= there's a different thread but here you go
  11. Is the idea that everyone's favorite Imperial cloak-equipped ship is now just a Phantom of its former self?
  12. This isn't really a bug, but maybe for Devices you could put the detonation text in the same spot where Conditions usually go? It was always something I thought 1.0 was kind of missing out on
  13. Haven't checked yet but after you launch a traj sim bomb with Deathrain you get a free action so maybe a barrel roll followed by either a white turn or the blue boost?
  14. I need some garlic bread for this fresh copy pasta remix
  15. The Sith part definitely still is, but regular Crew Jar Jar is a bigger possibility than ever now.
  16. This was nothing more than a joke a short 10 days ago...
  17. That's giving a lot of credit to the team that brought us the "B-SF" and an entire team of unnamed bombers from TLJ
  18. That's not true..... THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE! Dang, where did we all get this idea from??? I'm not changing pronouns still but from where did this mass delusion spring? "That ship's dice cannot be modified." Gone are the days of the Juke Knights. Comm Relay would not have saved her.
  19. If its entirely arc locked ships with no upgrades you'll have a blast! Wizard!!
  20. It seems to me that flanking completely neutralizes reinforce as well since the attacking ship must be entirely in one arc or the other, precluding crossing the midway line.
  21. Doesn't she also need to have a Focus of her own in order to remove their stuff? How are you getting both tokens in 1 turn without a support ship? Or does this build just require a dedicated focus feeder
  22. I like it, I would make it automatically remove the device though. Having to give up your attack AND possibly action (to lock the device, though I see now that it isn't a requirement) for a turn to still possibly miss the device might be too steep of a price for it to ever see use. With it happening in the engagement too, you have to already know the device is there, meaning you could dial in a move next turn to avoid hitting it. Maybe make it activate during the system phase? When a device template is dropped during the System Phase, if it is within range 1 - 3 in your arc, roll 3 red dice. If there combined 2 hits and crits, remove the device. Skip your perform action step this round.
  23. Punishers as a viable counter to anything, 2.0 can't get here quick enough!
  24. "I'll try spinning, that's a good trick!"
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