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  1. Father Lackwit, YOU PERSONALLY can barrel roll twice as Vader, don't listen to your deadbeat son (is he even really a Captain?). All other players are bound to the rulebook as written.
  2. This would make the pilot abilities feel less unique and thematic if some nameless robot can make any pilot with an astromech slot into Death-Star: 2 Tours of Duty, Hero of the Rebellion Wedge Antilles. I would like to see more astros but to Bucknife's point they should mostly improve efficiency of the ship, conduct minor repairs, or provide additional sensors. Some kind of Unique "you may reveal an opponent's dial IF such and such condition is met" astro would be cool
  3. Yeah, that's the real problem I think. They're so much a "Star Wars verison of the Borg"
  4. Here's the real problem with Hyperspace: FFG has been a little flippant with the points, treating it like it's just dusting crops. Without precise calculations you could fly right through a star or bounce too close to a supernova, and that would end the game pretty quickly.
  5. Just eats up points so quickly, can't invest in enough reindeer for my liking
  6. TIE Reaper as the "sleigh" and as many Strikers as you can fit in front of it as "reindeer". Would also work with TIE/LNs
  7. HammerGibbens

    Kylo v Poe

    I'm confused how you get "built in advanced sensors" at 82 points? Or are you just referring to supernatural reflexes and I misunderstood
  8. Honestly, yeah I kind of agree here (and also agree that it blatantly flies in the face of RAI). They should probably address this soon!
  9. Destroy enemy ships without getting destroyed yourself 😜
  10. I think the idea is that something like "Mandalorian Mercenary" could be put there for, say, Boba Fett. Then there are cards that come out later that say "Must have the Mandalorian subtitle to equip."
  11. That Ferrosphere camo is just the coolest.
  12. That's a pretty neat mechanic, and would really highlight just how easily these guys were throwing the Force around.
  13. The ability to speed up harvests and teleport off of rocks!
  14. Post pics of your favorite squad leaders!!
  15. I wish you the best of luck on your quest, and if you end up documenting it I would love to continue reading about it.
  16. With the release of 2.0, but they previewed the Ion changes even before that.
  17. hahaha same. I love them all but found myself squirming when it wasn't worded correctly. Once "per turn" perform a "free barrel roll"?? When????
  18. Cloud everything, the dark side does.
  19. PUT ? POE ? DAMERON ? IN ? A ? TIE/SF! Hopefully Finn gunner slot too.
  20. 1.0 specific Big, dumb, crayon colored unkillable mess. My second game ever a friend ran AC Autoblaster versus whatever imperial garbage I was running. Never stood a chance. I still wince when I see the darn thing.
  21. You were a Pure Sabaac purist, if you will?
  22. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. When trust in the Force you do, see many turns ahead you will.
  23. I think this was a Poe manoeuvre but I dont see them doing it for lil' ol' Tycho Chelchu
  24. Rexler 3 bank left to park on the asteroid, granting him a bonus defense die vs the TIEs. The following turn, dial in a fast enough bank or straight off the board edge and the TIEs cannot give chase as they don't have hyperdrives. Next scenario please ?
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