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  1. 1 hour ago, Roller of blanks said:

    Quite the contrary, It gives me pleasure to make other people amused and happy, which I successfully did by getting 6 hearts and 2 laughing faces, which in turn lets me know I caused amusement and makes me happy

    *doffs cap*

  2. 8 hours ago, Magnus Grendel said:

    being able to lob a 3-dice bonus attack with cluster missiles is normally so-so at best (since you generally don't get any modifiers on the shot) but if you can throw that at someone and force them to discard a focus/calculate token in the process it becomes much more powerful, especially if the target(s) have stuff like proton rockets, barrage rockets or energy-shell charges they'll lose the ability to fire as a result..


    6 hours ago, william1134 said:

    Hum, sorry Magnus but I don't quite get this.  Can you explain differently? 

    So he's saying a 3 dice attack, like the one from cluster missiles, does decent damage, but not great because you can't usually modify your dice heavily. With Hotshot Copilot, you force the defender to discard their focus or calculate token, which doesn't make your attack stronger but it can make their defense weaker.

    Additionally, if this hypothetical defender hasn't attacked yet and was hoping to use their Focus token for something like a proton rocket (which requires a Focus token to use), then you've also denied them the ability to do that by stripping them of that token.

  3. 1 hour ago, Mediocrevan said:

    It might be an unpopular opinion, but I think the Tie Bomber should loose it's 2nd missile slot, and the Tie Aggressor should be priced down to bomber levels.   This will do a few things:

    1. It'll more differentiate the bomber from the Punisher
    2. It will give the Tie Aggressor a good role it can fill, in being the only cheap Barrage rocket carrier now
    3. It will also make barrage rocket swarms a little less tanky, as it removes 1 hull per ship, thus nerfing that arch-type slightly.
    4. It will also push the bomber closer to actually being a bomber again, as it takes away some of its ordinance capability, so making bombs a more attractive upgrade. 

    These aren't bad, especially since the Aggressor is so close to the Bomber (and Punisher too for that matter) but is galaxies away from them both in popularity and efficiency right now.

  4. 1 hour ago, JJH_BATMAN said:

    I kind of like that rule. Makes it so you know where everyone moved. Big help for low initiative pilots especially torp carriers to get TL's.

    Yeah it actually was kind of a cool way to play. A lot of bumping since you can't get out of the way for your own guys before the next one moves though (though we also were just way worse at flying at that point too).

  5. Ooh, are we chatting about the new Canon?

    Legendary Canon Cannon

    Range 1 - 3 Front Arc

    Attack 3

    Charge 1 (non-recurring)

    When performing this attack, if the Defender has the Legendary condition, you may re-roll 1 die.

    If this attack hits a Unique Defender who was not seen or mentioned on-screen in a Star Wars film, you may spend 1 charge to apply the Legendary condition to the Defender.

    When a ship with the Legendary condition is destroyed, regain 1 charge.



    The Mouse got to you.

    You're no longer part of the Canon, slime-o!

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