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  1. I think maybe what you're looking for is "Asteroids do not concern me, admiral"
  2. HammerGibbens

    -less Talents

    Less Talents?? I think we need more!
  3. Shouldn't less demand for them decrease the price 🤔?
  4. I hear ya, man. Sometimes I suspect FFG is actually trying to make money off of these products.
  5. Borg cube, large base. No banks or sloops EVER. You know you're all thinking it!
  6. What is WAAC an acronym for?
  7. After a particularly impressive bit of maneuvering from my opponent "Impressive. Most impressive." And "Great shooting kid but don't get cocky!" And finally "That's one **** of a pilot!"
  8. Wow its so long. Imagine when we receive it, the power of the Star Wars thread will be on the website in English that we read. Such is the Knights!
  9. While I think Meanie's point is a little exaggerated, the tone of everyone disagreeing with him is barbaric. Can we not engage in discourse here? Must we immediately attack the Darth? Is not this a place for discussion among learn-ed pilots?? Search your feelings, you know it to be true.
  10. The more the merrier. Maybe differentiate them somehow in case anyone wants to pick nits about their validity?
  11. So he's saying a 3 dice attack, like the one from cluster missiles, does decent damage, but not great because you can't usually modify your dice heavily. With Hotshot Copilot, you force the defender to discard their focus or calculate token, which doesn't make your attack stronger but it can make their defense weaker. Additionally, if this hypothetical defender hasn't attacked yet and was hoping to use their Focus token for something like a proton rocket (which requires a Focus token to use), then you've also denied them the ability to do that by stripping them of that token.
  12. These aren't bad, especially since the Aggressor is so close to the Bomber (and Punisher too for that matter) but is galaxies away from them both in popularity and efficiency right now.
  13. I think plo koon should assign a rattled condition by removing his face mask at range 1 in a joust. Can you imagine what's under there??
  14. I really like this idea except for the part where Vader gets both, not so sure what to do about him.
  15. Remembering the system phase
  16. Yeah it actually was kind of a cool way to play. A lot of bumping since you can't get out of the way for your own guys before the next one moves though (though we also were just way worse at flying at that point too).
  17. As far as rules flubs go, we used to "Activate" every ship by performing their maneuver only, and then go back over a second time in initiative order performing actions, and THEN do combat.
  18. Ooh, are we chatting about the new Canon? Legendary Canon Cannon Range 1 - 3 Front Arc Attack 3 Charge 1 (non-recurring) When performing this attack, if the Defender has the Legendary condition, you may re-roll 1 die. If this attack hits a Unique Defender who was not seen or mentioned on-screen in a Star Wars film, you may spend 1 charge to apply the Legendary condition to the Defender. When a ship with the Legendary condition is destroyed, regain 1 charge. Legendary The Mouse got to you. You're no longer part of the Canon, slime-o!
  19. Would love to see some pictures of this DIY Starfield!
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