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  1. I tried this last night and it went really well. I just threw it together so there might be room for improvement. Lieutenant Tavson (62) Captain Phasma (5) Ship total: 67 Half Points: 34 Threshold: 6 Kylo Ren (76) Advanced Optics (4) Ship total: 80 Half Points: 40 Threshold: 3 "Quickdraw" (45) Fanatical (2) Advanced Optics (4) Fire-Control System (2) Ship total: 53 Half Points: 27 Threshold: 3 Total: 200
  2. Thanks for the input. I've removed the Prox Mines and Afterburners and added Barrage rockets.
  3. I'm thinking about taking this list to my Store Championship this sunday, any suggestions on improvments? Store Champ? (199) Cutlass Squadron Pilot — TIE Punisher 36 Trajectory Simulator 3 Skilled Bombardier 2 Proximity Mines 6 Proton Bombs 5 Ship Total: 52 Soontir Fel — TIE Interceptor 52 Predator 2 Ship Total: 54 Darth Vader — TIE Advanced 70 Supernatural Reflexes 12 Fire-Control System 3 Afterburners 8 Ship Total: 93
  4. Quite old list, but fun. Rac & Ryad (100) Rear Admiral Chiraneau — VT-49 Decimator 46 Predator 3 Hotshot Co-pilot 4 Darth Vader 3 Gunner 5 Engine Upgrade 4 Ship Total: 65 Countess Ryad — TIE Defender 34 Juke 2 Twin Ion Engine Mk. II 1 TIE/x7 -2 Ship Total: 35 Use predator to reroll hits with RAC and then with the gunner shot go all in. Use Vader when needed and Ryad can juke the same ship since they'll be tokenless after the HotCop.
  5. I've held several tournaments in my local area and since we seldom fill the 16 spots there's usually AA cards left that I collect to a new pool to give to those who finish last in a tournament. They are usually new(er) players and I think it's important to encourage them to stay in the game. We haven't had the problem that @Icelom mentioned that players purposley try to finish last to claim the last place prize.
  6. Whippoorwills


    I've been playing around with this, which is quite fun. It's been a while since I made the list so some things might be upgraded. Stridan's strikers v2 (99) Major Stridan — Upsilon-class Shuttle 32 Fire-Control System 2 Weapons Engineer 3 Systems Officer 2 Pattern Analyzer 2 Targeting Synchronizer 3 Ship Total: 44 Imperial Trainee — TIE Striker 17 Lightweight Frame 2 Adaptive Ailerons 0 Ship Total: 19 Imperial Trainee — TIE Striker 17 Lightweight Frame 2 Adaptive Ailerons 0 Ship Total: 19 Imperial Trainee — TIE Striker 17 Adaptive Ailerons 0 Ship Total: 17
  7. Alpha Squadron (Tie Interceptor) with Autothrusters for 20 pts?
  8. Just add Lt. Colzet for the infinite loop of endless Blinded pilots Too bad he can't have Long Range scanners
  9. I was toying around with something like this: Unnamed Squadron (99) Kylo Ren (TIE Silencer) — TIE Silencer 35 Push the Limit 3 Advanced Sensors 3 Primed Thrusters 1 Autothrusters 2 First Order Vanguard 2 Ship Total: 46 "Deathrain" — TIE Punisher 26 Trajectory Simulator 1 Unguided Rockets 2 Bomblet Generator 3 Ship Total: 32 "Omega Leader" — TIE/fo Fighter 21 A Score to Settle 0 Ship Total: 21 Orgininally OL was an other ship and Deathrain had LWF, but I thought it would be fun to squeeze OL into the mix.
  10. Omega leader with "A score to settle" is that a good combination? IF OL have someone locked with the condition, they can't change an eye to crit back on OL. Good or Bad idea? I know juke is better but if I want to play her cheap?
  11. Constable Zuvio — Quadjumper 19 Lone Wolf 2 Cad Bane 2 Bomblet Generator 3 Pattern Analyzer 2 Cloaking Device 2 Spacetug Tractor Array 2 Ship Total: 32 Cloak, drop bombs and tractor beam people into the bombs Not sure how good it is, but seems fun...
  12. Hello hivemind, I’m gonna introduce x-wing to new players and I was wondering if anyone have any ideas for lists to play. Was thinking rebels vs empire with some iconic pilots like Vader and Skywalker. Those I’m introducing have none/small knowledge of boardgames/minatures games so I want to keep it simple. Rebels Skywalker Y-wing with TLT Random X-wing? Empire: Vader Named TIE pilots to fill up? Or maybe 65pts list is better?
  13. I've been running this which is quite fun to play. I need to practice the list a bit more but I think it has potential: Have one Trainee as blocker (the one without LWF) and line up the rest, Stridan makes a green move and gives a TL to a Striker. He then fires first and acquires a target lock with FCS that an other striker can use on his attack. With Hux everyone gets a focus. Rinse and repeat Stridan's strikers (100) Major Stridan — Upsilon-class Shuttle 32 Fire-Control System 2 General Hux 5 Systems Officer 2 Targeting Synchronizer 3 Tactical Jammer 1 Ship Total: 45 Imperial Trainee — TIE Striker 17 Lightweight Frame 2 Adaptive Ailerons 0 Ship Total: 19 Imperial Trainee — TIE Striker 17 Lightweight Frame 2 Adaptive Ailerons 0 Ship Total: 19 Imperial Trainee — TIE Striker 17 Adaptive Ailerons 0 Ship Total: 17
  14. I disagree. I think Kylo will be the new wingmate to RAC instead of Whisper/Vader. With the EU on RAC it'll be quite easy to have him out of arc for the title to proc. And re-rolling all green dice on a bad roll with say focus and/or palp might be a life saver.
  15. Yes, semi predator and semi counter measures for 2 points. How can that not be worth it?
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