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  1. It is a neat idea. I would like to add some risk to it and make it action discard a face up damage card and action flip a damage card face up
  2. Just wanted to bump this because I am pretty sure on the Gold squadron podcast stream someone said that the judges ruled at worlds that not only could you declare Palp on the LWF die but you could modify any die in the pool with it. I was only half paying attention at the time though so I would love it if someone else could confirm.
  3. OR doing white moves on all your ships but one and still having a focus on every ship including the double stressed one.
  4. Stress isnt a counter at all right now. Mindlink lists are the most stress resistant lists in the game.
  5. well considering there was a rebel list with only one natural ept slot on 4 ships I would say that is true. Deltas were not uncommon pre x7 nerf aswell.
  6. Its on a resistance base not a first order one. Either that is a mistake or this might be a rebel ship. If you look at the whole picture from the leak you will notice the FO on a first order base.
  7. Likewise reporting a great trade with kingju13. Thanks
  8. Comely

    TIE/sf Options

    I've been playing with this backdraft in list builder for a while but my lists always fall apart because I can never figure out what to bring with him.
  9. I wax feeling like I won that game. I had 2 shields and 3 hull on Miranda when he got that range 1 shot too where everything fell appart. He rolls one blank, I don't blank my defense or I pull a card other then direct damage I win that game. That's how it goes some times though and I could have still one that game but I never changed my flying style for the situation I was in. At the end there I kept thinking, I will get a good roll on Assaj lose the second stress and I will be back in this thing but in 4 or 5 shots I never got more then 1 hit. If I wasn't stubborn and thought the dice might go against me I would have turned in at the end with Norra and maybe wind up in a better spot.
  10. http://lists.starwarsclubhouse.com/get_tourney_details?tourney_id=2723 edit: looks like just the top 8 lists and a smattering of other lists are in there right now.
  11. Never saw it once all tournament, it would have depended on the list that is carrying it. I expected to see predator chirpy with ace and in that matchup I have to kill the ace before I lose one of the girls, if I do that I have enough hull on them that I can burn down chirpy even with the couple of blinds. Not a sure thing for sure but not insurmountable. I don't think Chewbacca is enough over the recon to lose the bid, also I dont have consistent enough of stress to lose the bid for BMST, maybe if Fel was still a thing then it would be worth doing. In the end there are alot of reasonable changes that could be good for this list that I think are all meta or how you fly dependent. I like being aggressive so the recon spec gives me mods for both my TLT shots which I like.
  12. Although I doubt many people will notice it I just remembered my round 5 opponent (assuming I am not confusing round 5 and 6) He was playing Boba with navigator and 2 sycks with mangler mindlink and hull upgrade (so they had 5 health each) I was able to homing missile boba's shields away on the first engagement and put a couple of points into hull with norra, Rex died on the first joust as he so often did. On the second round of shooting he tried to navigator in the bump on norra and wound up just barely fitting in beside her which let norra finish off boba. At this point both of my girls had lost thier shields but both were also behind the sycks who couldnt turn around easy. Norra spent a few turns tanking up and going slow as I picked away at them with the tlts. This game really came down to that missed bump, I felt like I would have still won it regardless but I would have likely lost more then just Rex if he had snagged it.
  13. So I was feeling pretty down about the choice up until round 7. If I didn't have tactician, I don't win that game. Before that everyone just Focused fired him down so fast that it didn't seem to be worth the points. So I will say its pretty matchup dependent but I found EM to be a trap on Miranda and I wasn't using vector thrusters enough for it to overtake the slot but there are a few times it would have helped.
  14. So I was inspired by others to write up a battle report of my experience at Naboo, so here it goes. I am terrible with names so there will be pretty much none of them in here. Also on a side note, I was on the bus that came from Toronto, where we drank and then got to Syracuse and went to the Dinosaur (delicious) and I consumed to much of the Empire strikes bock because I felt like it was required drinking for an xwing tournament. I flew Miranda - Long range scanner, homing missile, recon spec and TLT Norra - Title. R2D2, C3PO, PTL Rex - Title, Tactician Round 1 My opponent flew two missile scouts and fenn rau. This guy was a saint for putting up with how rough of shape I was in for this game, I tried to act of fire out of order several times and he let me correct it and didnt punish me for it so thanks again.. So I deployed in a group on the left side of the map with rex closest to the inside straight across from the jump boats and ran in he brought fenn up the flank and swooped in from behind. I target locked one of the boats thinking I would take it off the field before it fired. He rolled in slower then I expected and the first engagement was just Rex vs the boats at range 3 and rex managed to take the only damage. The next round Fenn was upon me but I managed to wipe out a boat with the missile and a range 1 from norra and start breaking away. Fenn killed poor Rex. I started running for a bit and took some minor damage and with the tail gun and turret I put the other boat down to half never having a great shot on Fenn. I thought things were pretty decent at this point even though norra had a couple of damage into the hull. Fenn was in a spot where he couldn't follow a slow move from either of my ships and the boat would have to turn out of the fight if it took a stress. So I moved slow and he k turned Fenn and had the boat leave the fight. Fenn murdered Norra and then proceeded to hunt down Miranda while I did a poor job of running away. His dice didnt even help him here as he managed to do one damage on two range 1 shots, I just kept guessing wrong on which direction to run. First game first loss I did manage about 50 mov though for 1 and a half boats. Round 2 Im sorry I remember nothing about this game, if you were my opponent and could remind me of the list I might remember something. I did win this game I think 100-17. Round 3 My opponent a tie swarm, 3 academies, 3 black crack and crack howlrunner. I remember after setting up the field I felt everything looked spare. He set up on the left flank I set up in the middle I target locked howlrunner turn 1 and rushed rex up the board a bit to try and throw him into the middle of the blacks and mess up his formation. first engagement nothing much happened as rex and the academy traded some shots. I then got Rex into the path of the lead black the next turn but not enough into the path so it only messed with the one ship and left rex to the mercy of the rest of them. I also brought miranda in to slow and Howlrunner was out of range so I wound up killing a black and losing Rex. The next turn I thought he was going to swing in in formation so I changed Norra from the safe move I had dialled in for a slightly more aggressive to try and get my front arc on something. ! academy swung wide, I double bumped like a chump and norra died. I did manage a couple of damage on a black and howlrunner though. The next round I managed to either forget I took initiative or I confused howlrunner with a normal tie and bumped Miranda into her, killed the damaged black and then went down in a flames. A second loss only 3 games in this time I got 30 MOV Not feeling to hopeful at this point but my hangar bay lists were at the hotel so I figured I may as well play out that day, there is always hope. Round 4 My opponent is flying Assaj and 2 tlt ys We deploy in opposite corners I swing through the rocks with rex well up front he flew up the side of the board swinging his ys well back. At first I target lock a y because it deployed closer but when it swung wide I moved the lock over to Assaj. first engagement is assaj vs rex at range 3 with some confusion about the shadowcaster title that we get admicably worked out. He is now facing the corner pretty decently after no damage is down so I figure he is going to turn in hard so I move in for the block with rex. He turned in soft instead and wrecked rex at range 1. Miranda with her missile and Norra managed to put few damage into hull on assaj. I didnt have a great way to follow assaj next turn so the girls turned into the y wings since they had a predictable flight path and allowed them to jump out of assaj's arc. I couple of turns of hammering them and one was dead and the other injured as we made our pass. Norra limped up the side as she had lost all of her shields as we miranda pinged away at norra ending off just barely in range 3 avoiding the tractor several times before assaj went down at which point with only a half health y wing he conceeded. second win of the day 100-17 round 5 this is another game I won but cant remember, should have typed this up sooner. Also the game I typed up as round 6 might actually be round 5 and its round 6 I dont remember. If I could just recall either of the lists I will likely remember the whole game. round 6 My opponent was playing assaj and ketsu I deployed on the right side of the map and he deployed right across from me. I rushed Rex ahead and kept him 1 range infront of the girls so that I didnt have to worry about ketsu getting one of the girls. I target locked ketsu first turn and on the first exchange Rex was range 1 to both craft with the girls a bit back. It took him both shots to kill Rex though thanks to the evade token and the girls did 7 damage to ketsu. I moved up slow the next turn and ketsu bumped into the back of assaj leaving her arc facing the wrong way and she was soundly dispatched. I then swung around the rock and started chasing assaj. Miranda seemed to be consistantly out of range. He turned into a corner to avoid going over a rock and getting shot by both but the hard 2 turn left his front end a couple of milimetres off of the map. Won the game 100-17, now I am 4-2 round 7 My opponent was flying the same 3 ships as me with a naked rex, miranda with tlt, c3p0, em and long range scanners, Norra with ptl, focus regenbot kyle katarn and vector thrusters. My opponent won inititive and I thought I lost the game right there. We deployed in the far opposite corners I moved as quickly up the side as I could to try and get behind him. I target locked norra because I know she is harder to kill then alot of people think. He followed suit and target locked me back. he turned in and we did a joust in the corner. I hit his norra hard with my missile getting into hull and his missile only did a couple of points to mine since his miranda nicked a debris and got no focus. His norra did massive damage to mine though leaving her limping my norra shot Rex and put a couple of points into him. The next pass we wind up jumbled up and we both range 1 4 dice with our miranadas on the opposing norras, I I get a measely 1 damage through and he puts 3 into mind who dies to the next norra shot, my norra kills his rex before he goes. My rex who k turned in behind puts a second stress on norra stopping him from regening. My rex has a great next turn where he follows in behind Norra and dodges all the attacks that are made against him. My attacks suck to though and no damage goes down but his norra is still double stressed. Next turn I have a range 1 and I am able to kill his norra but rex takes two including the stress on white crits. His miranada never regened his two shields and the next turn I strip them and 5 straight Rex out of there. Our 2 mirandas loop around the rocks on oposite sides. My tlts are doing more damage though thanks to the double focus and I get damage into his hull while he is not outpacing my regen. I try to 3 bank into the middle of the rocks to avoid the second missile but he turns straight towards debris to get the shot off. he has no shields tho so its only 4 dice and manages to strip my shields. I just slow roll my miranda now as he has to go through the debris and swing rex back in who fixed his crit. he is now on his last couple of hull and does a 3 white straight the next turn which leaves him stressed right in front of a focused rex who he proceeds to completely miss with the 3 dice primary and rex rolls up 3 hits for the win. won the game 100-38 from 1 and 2 to 5 and 2. Day 2 I was a little shocked to make day 2 after my shakey start. but my MOV is actually pretty strong since none of my wins were close and I was never wiped I feel like 2 good wins will do it for me today. Round 8 This was against my fellow Canuck Jackie and his triple slavers. We split the shields right off the bat and he lines up across the back and i stay as close to the right as I can. He stalls the first turn and I roll Rex infront of the girls and target lock the fett carrier. I roll up the side until the first real exchange where rex dies again and I put 8 damage onto the fett slaver. I now start moving both the girls as quick as they can go to try and get in behind, they double bump the injured slaver so he doesnt get to fire at all. He gets some mediocre dice and norra loses some shields but I get in behind the next round and he tries to blast them ahead to turn around. From there he never manages to get more then 1 shot off a turn as I stay behind the slavers and just regen back the damage. won 100-17 and feeling both good and bad because I didnt want to eliminate someone I rode up with. Round 9 My opponent is playing triple jump masters with snap, apl and intel agents. One has the pain bot. I feeling pretty pleased when he describes his list because its an attrition list and avoiding attrition is what I do. I wont talk much about this one because he took notes and will likely do a better post about it later. I won 100-17 and his dice didnt help him at all. I am now 7-2 with what I think is very good MOV and lots of time to kill, so I paced nervously and talked some other guys including Paul Heaver who was in the same spot and seemed much more confident then me. Anyways I finished 6th and the promptly lost my top 8 match which was recorded so if you want to know what happened watch it when it gets posted. I was pretty pleased with how I flew in the match though with only a couple of things I would have changed. If you were my opponent in either of the matches I am having a hard time remembering, sorry for forgetting and please speak up with your list so I can remember our matches. Also sorry for the inconsistent grammar and spelling, an english major I am not.
  15. heaver won naboo also year it is a 3 ship list I was thinking of a different one sorry. I may be drunk on a bus back to Canada
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