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  1. Query regarding the timing of certain plays during a combat phase... apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. The primary question being when does a decision regarding Tyrion effect need to be decided, if there is no timing conflict been House Cards During a recent game I as Lannister played Tyrion as my house card in a combat against Baratheon who played Stannis (Power of 5 due to Iron Throne Positioning)... I fully expected to lose the combat however after choosing to draw a new Tides of Battle card and receiving a 2 and with Fiefdom advantage over Baratheon I realised that if I activated Tyrions effect I would force him to play at highest Renly a power of 3 which would be a 2 reduction from Stannis's 5 combat strength. My opponent objected stating that as Tyrions card effect said 'immediately' I had forgone that effect, however I felt that immediately was in regard to timing conflicts between house cards. Can Tyrions effect be used after revealing Tides of Battle?
  2. Is this version going to b Windows support only, currently. Do you know if it will be available to use on MAC in the near future?
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