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  1. Which Enchanted Grounds? I took a look and there are two in the Denver area.
  2. Do you have a guess on when you all might start back up again?
  3. Does your group play any of the Star Wars Edge of the Empire games? What is the normal schedule you all follow?
  4. I have recently moved to the Aurora Colorado area and I am wanting to join a group that is playing any of the Edge of the Empire or related FFG RPG games. I have played with all but the newest books and have most of the hard copies on hand. I am not interested in DMing, but would love to be able to play with a group. I am fine with joining an existing game or with joining a fresh game. If anyone knows of any sites/groups that are in this area I would appreciate the information.
  5. Ok so I am playing in a campaign that has moved from Age of Rebellion into a little of the Force and Destiny side of things. My GM is planning to include aspects of X-Wing miniatures and also a little from Imperial assault a bit further in the game. To be able to do this we are all getting miniatures of the type of ship we have and something to represent our characters. I am running a Sluissi and have been unable to find anything that will adequately represent that race. I tried to find a Naga or something like that that could be modified, but I have been very unlucky. If anyone knows of a good website that offers something like this I would be very grateful.
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