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  1. It's the equivalent of "being a flirt" but automatically dialed up to 10. Compare this to "Lechery" in 4E: "Physical pleasure is a weakness of yours, and you spend considerable time pursuing it. When an opponent makes a Temptation (Seduction) roll against you, he gains a bonus of +1k1 to the total of his roll." Even if we dial it up a notch, and it's now a Compulsion. "This basic Disadvantage requires a Willpower Trait Roll of 15 to overcome. The TN of the roll increases by 5 for every additional point gained by the Disadvantage, to a maximum of TN 25." That's a roleplaying aid. My character loves the ladies, and sometimes he goes too far and has to try to hold himself back or resist advances from ladies he shouldn't. The 5E character literally just has to do it, because he has no self control or sense of self preservation. It's not roleplaying. And I guarantee you don't know anyone like that in real life because no functional person would be a irrepressible flirt in a social context where that can very quickly and easily get you killed. In Rokugan, flirting with the wrong people is often quite literally a death sentence.
  2. I'm not being overly melodramatic. The Anxieties are. Your decision to hand-wave and undersell "When interacting with someone you find attractive, you tend to be more distracted and pliant to their requests than perhaps you should be, and you act carelessly to win that person’s attention or admiration" and "you cannot help but return their advances with your own flirtation." as "being a flirt" is your own Disadvantage. Assign yourself the 3-Point Disadvantage Failure of Bushido - Honesty, but gain no points for it, lol. You can't make a caricature of a system that is already a caricature. You, like the other guy, simply aren't reading the text. Irrepressible Flirtation literally has listed gameplay Effects. The character cannot help but return flirtations. The mechanical effect below it is describing a character just trying to make small talk with someone they find attractive. If they've flirted with you first, you're now obligated, by game rules, to flirt back. This takes "being a flirt" to "The guy who hits on his boss's wife when he's sober." Dunno how much you know about Rokugan, but that's not just a paddlin'. The character also struggles to do anything other than flirt with attractive members of the desired sex, to the point that he/she suffers the mechanical effect of being penalized on rolls to remember other things going on, lol.
  3. Have you actually read the description for cynicism? Yeah, it is. No functional person behaves like that. I believe that there are definitely people who do that. They are massively dysfunctional. Your hand-waving explanation of the Anxieties is ridiculous. There is a very specific set of words used over and over. "Always." "Cannot." the Minion is always killed you always look for ways it can fail, you must always pursue it. You cannot voluntarily pass up an opportunity You cannot help but try you always spare their life, These aren't situations where "your emotions get the better of you." Almost all of them are literally "I am not a functional human being because I have bizarrely isolated obsessive-compulsive behaviors that only affect one specific thing." I mean, sure, you're right and I am wrong, lol. Not all of them are neuroses and other mental disorders. You can have a Dark Secret or a drug addiction, lol. As far as Adversities go, my problem is not with the Adversities, it's with the lack of internal balance to them. Some of them have mechanical stipulations that both won't come up often, but are also incredibly debilitating. Not everyone cares that they're getting Void points back as their Doji Hopturi lurches around one-legged. Therefore hardly any players will actually take those ones. In a 1 for 1 Advantage/Disadvantage situation, how many players are going to take a crippling disadvantage when there is very little exchange to it? In a lot of campaigns, players might not even be burning through Void points that fast. The fact that Void only comes back from all these silly mechanics makes it even worse, as you're working not to create deep, interesting characters, but trying to min/max your character's dysfunctions, lol. Forcing the GM and players to insert all this contrived melodrama into the games cannot possibly considered a "feature" by any but the most entry-level gamers who don't know how to just "play a real person."
  4. I'm not sure how clear you are on the real-world timeline of L5R, because you are putting chickens before eggs in a lot of places. The banishment of the Scorpion and the Akodo is actually the original setup. Wasn't determined by the card game. It was the card game, lol. Scorpion Clan wasn't even a playable faction until Forbidden Knowledge and Akodo Toturi was an Unaligned Samurai (though he was Lion-colored bordered in the first sets). Scorpion Clan Coup was a prequel set that was released after the Clan Wars expansions were finished. In the original game, the Scorpion Clan Coup was something that had already occurred, and the Scorpion had been banished. There are only two Scorpion personalities even in the first edition. Everything else about L5R came after. All the back-story from pre-Clan War. The Coup was a historical event when L5R started. Hitomi as the Moon, after. And I agreed very few tears would be shed if the Post-Clan War stuff got dropped. No offense, but I'd guess to the majority of L5R players, your ideas are pudu too, lol. You want to reduce L5R to a story about squabbling feudal clans. There's literally no drama in your L5R story. If you want an L5R setting where nothing changes, it exists, and it's called "Everything before the Coup" and you could run endless samurai adventures in that era. And I don't even blame you. I run my L5R adventures small scale and all Pre-Coup because I don't think war settings are all that interesting for RPGs. But the L5R story is about the Coup, and the Clan Wars that it starts. You don't seem to understand that it is the meddling of a few ignorant players that sets all the evil in motion. That's why there are 1000 years of "nothing" and then suddenly massive upheaval. Edit: To be clear, setting and story are different concepts. A setting is just a place, a backdrop, a snapshot in time. "Pre-Coup Rokugan" is a setting, not a story. The story would then be what you do in your game of L5R. It sounds like you want L5R to remain a "setting." Which I'm not going to fault you for, because personally if I were to run games, that's the setting I would use. I don't have any large attachment to the minor clans, so Mantis being a Minor Clan is no different from it being a Great Clan. If Toku hasn't established the Monkey Clan yet, it's not a problem for me. As a gamer, the Pre-Coup setting is where I would prefer to play my games because it offers the widest breadth of political possibilities and location options for a fantasy samurai game. As a person, I love most* parts of the Clan Wars story. Story is entirely different from Setting. I don't want to play RPG games in the Clan War because the war setting closes borders, creates military obligations, etc. and other secondary effects I'm not interested in playing around. But I still want that story to exist because it's cool*. To go tangentially, I love the original Star Wars trilogy and Rogue One. I have absolutely no desire to play the Star Wars RPG, so the setting is irrelevant. But the Star Wars story is still important to me. *clearly not everything in L5R was great, but like the Ewoks, I'll take the good with the bad.
  5. I would be fine with it providing a skill increase, but fixing it at two specific skills creates a pigeonhole where family choice becomes part of an optimization process rather than a customization process. If families are going to give skill bonuses, they should be in a similar format to schools, in a "Pick 2" format or something from an existing list. Ideally though, I don't like the idea of Family skills. The lore has samurai attending their schools from a young age. Give the players their school skills, then two skills of choice. In previous editions, the School gave its skill selection, and the rest was up to the player to choose how to spend experience points. This game removes way too much choice from character creation, and when you do that, you end up with a lot of character templates. I mean, sure, there are tons of Advantages and Disadvantages, but the disparity between them is so way off that 75% of them will only see the tabletop with the most ambitious roleplayers.
  6. Haha. I went through my Star Wars Hating Phase when I was younger. The prequels ruined Star Wars for me for the better part of a decade. Then I just got over it. Yeah, the first act of RotJ isn't great. And the Ewoks are silly. And the scenes added into the Special Editions are mostly bad, and the changes for DVD and BluRay were even worse. And most of the books are terrible, at least the ones I read as a kid were. But the space battle gave us X-Wing and TIE Fighter (and X-Wing vs TIE Fighter) video games, and those were awesome. Everything else Star Wars that sucked, I just let it go. Star Wars didn't have to be perfect to be great.
  7. It's all good. I personally don't mind there being an option for "I'm not like those other guys." It just needs to be more flexible than "Screw you guys and your mountains, I'm going to sail a boat." I have a similar problem with the Family mechanics adding skill points. It pigeonholes characters immensely in a game where skill points are at a premium for starting characters. Poor Ikoma Tsanuri. It's a testament to her dedication to the art of warfighting that she managed to overcome throwing away 5 of her 7 starting skill points on Composition and Performance, which apparently all young Ikoma are forced to learn.
  8. Not me. Star Wars is a license with an incredibly forgiving fanbase. Basically a couple steps short of masochistic, lol. This is a film franchise that for 20 years had 6 movies: 3 good, 3 completely awful, and a bad cartoon series aimed at children. When they finally released the seventh film with flimsy two dimensional characters with no character arcs, and a story that was basically just recycled elements from the first three films and a tentacle monster, the fact that it was "okay" and skipped over the incredibly low bar of "better than the prequels" led it to making two billion dollars at the box office. No, I'm not surprised in the least that people paid to be in the beta for Star Wars, lol. Agree it is wrong. Minds should not be blown, however. And 40K players (myself being a long-suffering one for many years) are just used to paying too much money for things. Personally, I wasn't a fan of the original Dark Heresy and its spawn, and neither was my game group, so we didn't check out the second edition.
  9. It is random, but it doesn't feel odd to me at all. The whole character creation process seems forced and arbitrary. The Neuroses Anxieties create ridiculously neurotic characters obsessed with unrealistic things in order to force roleplaying. There are no normal people in Rokugan it seems. Everyone has some sort of unhealthy obsessive mental disorder. The balance among the Adversities seems to flip between "Bitchy Wife" and "Incurable Disease" or "Broken Spine" but assigns no weighted difference to them. Personally, I don't care if it is random or not. I actually kinda like randomly generated items like that, and the way it functions in the game the random nature of it is appropriate. This game has arbitrary accumulation of Strife via die rolls. A random heritage table doesn't seem to stick out. If it is going to be chosen, however, it will need re-balancing. Because obviously there are far better choices than others.
  10. Why is this board full of so many people who want to be contrary just for the sake of. He told you how he felt. It's a valid complaint that the cost of developing the app is one that FFG should logically absorb until the game is a finished product. That's the end of it. llamaman88. Assing yourself the 3-Point Disadvantage of Contrary, but gain no points for it. Yeah, not making the app a trial seems foolish. Either that, or they don't actually care if anyone tests it
  11. I guess I should qualify that. I can't imagine them altering the Coup and Clan War storyline fundamentally. If they threw everything after the ascension of Toturi into the garbage, I doubt too many people lose their minds. But a lot of the core setting events happen between the "Now" of the FFG setting and the results of the Second Day of Thunder. Rise and founding of minor clans, important and beloved characters, etc. The Clan War is L5R, lol. It's where the game started.
  12. You're missing the point. It's not that Skullduggery isn't a possible counter-culture choice for a Lion. It's that it's silly that the game makes it the only one.
  13. I don't have any real problem with its inclusion. I think it's silly, but it's not overly problematic. I was merely pointing out that replacing the Nodachi with the Zanbato is a clear case of "Look what I Wiki'd! Isn't it special?" and there's no historical reason for replacing the Nodachi, which has existed in the setting since the oldest days of the card game (I believe it was in the first expansion and several later core sets). It's clear that the game designers want to add more Chinese influence to the game to try and make it less Sengoku Japan. Mileage will certainly vary as to what individual people think of that. Rokugan has clearly been Mostly Japanese with a little bit of Other East Asian Flavor to round it out. Personally, to me it seems that if the katana is revered as being handed down by the gods, the reason why the nodachi would be at the forefront of BigSword examples in the setting is because of its similarity to that weapon. It's a logical progression. Inserting a random Chinese sword into the lore in its place seems haphazard. It's like the game designers are just trying to show off how much East Asian history they know. "Look, it's a chokutō! That lesser-known Japanese straight-bladed sword from earlier centuries in Japan!" At least the chokutō has actual historical examples surviving in something other than anime and video games.
  14. That whole section is entirely about being SuperContrary! It's pretty bad. The Lion learns Skullduggery, which is basically the opposite of being a proud noble Lion. The Dragon learns to sail a boat because... you guessed it, living on the ocean is like the opposite of living in the mountains, where Dragons are supposed to live, lol. Crab learns to paint! Unicorn learns to be cultured! If this is going to be kept, it needs to be a selection of skills. Not every Lion who rails against the strict discipline and warlike nature of the Lion is going to become a thug, and not every disaffected Dragon is going to sail the seas. Either that or Rokugan is just full of Former-Lion Kolat and the Mantis Clan is actually just all former Dragon samurai.
  15. I'm glad we have you here to clear that up that this is a fictional setting. That doesn't change what I said.
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