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  1. Started off in Dawn of Defiance, A player brought in a YT-2400, since then the group has acquired a YT-1300(Sold it), A luxury yacht 3000(Now modded for combat), A Lambda. The players have legally bought a Lancer Pursuit-class, C-ROC, YU-410(converted from Saga), and found a Delta-12. Luckily one of the characters has a ton of ranks in Sound Investment to take care of all the docking fees.
  2. When is it set? - 16 BBY What makes it unusual or unique? - It originally started with the Saga system as we were playing through Dawn of Defiance, we converted over to FFG when we started to introduce another side homebrew campaign using all the free time in-between the major acts of DoD. This side campaign has the heroes establish the foundations that would later be the "secret rebel base" on Dantooine. The players make it unique by either being Veterans of the Clone Wars, newly enlisted Imperials who switched sides as they notice the Republic change to the Empire. As well as a surviving Jedi and his exiled Squib friend. Where did you get your inspiration? - I took over as GM mid Act 2 of DoD and Act 1 of the homebrew campaign, seeing as I was the writer of it. The original GM started getting into arguments with another player. The inspiration for the story pulls from Battlefront: Elite Squadron. The DoD campagin introduces everyone to Senator Organa, and how a Rebel cell starts out, the Dantooine side campaign gives them an opportunity to start their own. They get to meet Grey from the Battlefront game, I include X1 and X2. Another thing I wanted to drive home to the players that I felt the GM before wasn't portraying well; is the level of branded criminal activity it all takes. Most of the players thought doing the right thing was rewarding and without risk. Yet now the majority of them are wanted criminals of the Empire, and they are beginning to learn how difficult that makes moving about is. if you could summarize the campaign in one sentence, what would it be - Leverage meets Indiana Jones in a Clive Cussler novel. (Once they finish the homebrew, I do plan to compile my notes and outlines, polish it up and self-publish it all for free on here)
  3. I've taken over as GM of a Dawn Of Defiance game and we placed it 16 BBY. It also runs along side my Home-brew campaign that takes inspiration from that old Battlefront: Elite Squadron and laying the foundations for the secret base on Dantooine. The party runs at a mix of obligation and duty. Depending on what campaign they a focusing on for the game day.
  4. What's everyone's house rules for talents that specified they could only be used once per session inside a pbp game?
  5. @themensch Exactly what I was talking about. His actions did allow the other players to start thinking of other things to do. Especially when I did trap them on a Nebulon-B that was under heavy bombardment followed up by boarding parties of Imperials. Or they had to escape the prison atop an unfinished spire in Coruscant. Or they were on foot in a desert when snipers from unseen locations began lighting them up. See we had recently converted from Saga, so everyone was still sorta combat orientated anytime blasters started going off.
  6. @Degenerate Mind Oh don't get me wrong, it did allow the other players to relax and stop thinking they have to prep for survival in combat. It just really got me, when he blew two Inquisitors down even after me spending strain and penciling in "Improved Reflect" to try and keep them up for another round.
  7. @Degenerate Mind There was a post months back that talked about different house rules used by others to attempt to balance their tables further beyond the RAW. There was a mention about how Auto-fire is OP. So to counter it. Instead of the cost always being 2 advantages for another target or another application of the damage. It costs an additional advantage beyond the first. 2,3,4,...etc. The same player I mention above could literally clear rooms of minion level baddies. If they rolled the highest Initiative, nobody else really had to do anything.
  8. Get him in a ship, blow the ship to smithereens. I have/had a similar PC in my group that had the sideswinder rotary cannon. He blew down Inquisitors, with his Brace, and Double Down. Autofiring everything to death. I found that when the team was encountered in space, and they had to have a space battle. We didn't have a hotshot pilot to pull off amazing pilot rolls. So I found that even two M3-A Sycks could really punch holes in the ship. I also got my licks in by letting him go against enemies with Adversary, hope for those despairs so I could start breaking his gun. Even minor damage on it starts to hinder him and all that auto-fire. Yes, we've adopted the house rule of +1 additional Advantage needed past the first Auto-fire.
  9. I run Saga's Dawn of Defiance(Converted for FFG) intertwined with my homebrew Dantooine campaign. We shorten it to just SW:DoD. The homebrew borrows characters from Battlefront: Elite Squadron.(X1, X2, and Grey) In the grand scheme of "Canon" my players are laying the foundation of the "Secret Rebel Base" mentioned in New Hope. The players enjoy it cause we've set up a system using Duty towards Dawn of Defiance, Obligation towards Dantooine.
  10. Uhm, BUMP. due to the fact I can't get these for a birthday gift for one of my players.
  11. I like this, I listed up a prototype similar to this. Haven't flown it yet tho. 4x Green Squadron (23/28) -Auto-thrusters -A-wing Test Pilot -PTL -Veteran Instincts -[3x]Chardaan Refit [1x]P.Rockets
  12. My one question has to deal with the following section of the rules 'After Each Mission' "Then the Rebel player chooses one of his unique ships that survived the mission (if any); he may equip free upgrades to that ship. The upgrades he equips cannont exceed five squad points, and he may equip upgrades that are not listed in the "Resources" column of his roster sheet. These upgrades do not count against his available squad points for future missions. The chosen ship and upgrades are recorded in the appropriate Mission Result box on the roster sheet." So does that mean If the one unique ship survives; you may equip any upgrade regardless of type and availability on the unique ship's upgrade bar? Or does it have to follow the basic rules and can only be an upgrade listed on that ship's card including Modification+Titles.
  13. Alright so my collection is starting to grow larger than the small basic toolbox that was gifted to me by my roommates. I've always stopped by outdoors section and tool departments of stores to check out tackle boxes and toolboxes to upgrade too. I've found nothing to my liking or that looks like it would handle any of the ships for Epic play well. What sort of containers do you all use?
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