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  1. It does say specifically you get 1 conflict per rank you have of the talent. Check the news about the talent decks, t's one of the cards shown. Magus it's a one way ticket to the darkside
  2. Or better yet... You are facing the Emperor with his mighty 8 FR... Now the Master. Now I have 8FR... Much to Learn. Now we all do... Edit: Just thought of another cool combo with Teacher and Much to Learn in a force sensitive party. You give everyone in your party Once a Learner, they all use it to give their FR to the battle meditation guy. He uses it and commits. Profit.
  3. I wonder how Flow power interacts with a thing like supreme scathing tirade or inspiring rethoric, because if it keeps stacking upon itself , well that's a bit crazy.
  4. Well the long description of the talent clearly states that if the target is not at engaged the attack misses automatically, wich is the requirement specified for it to activate force assault. It doesn't say unsuccessful check, it says missing an oponent with a combat check. You still need advantage/triumph, so it's not like it works everytime. The dantari thing is just the trick to get something out of it. But I think it's way within the spirit that if you don't get enough pips on the draw closer you can activate force assault. I feel that is that the talent bringing some insurance when you try to use draw closer at low force ratings is well within the intent. I mean it's a 25 point talent, is it that bad that 2 expensive talents have some synergy if used with a certain item, considering hawbat and saber swarm exist?
  5. I would like to note that force assault is not worthless at all. It might be a bit of a niche use, but combined with a Dantari crystal and draw closer is quite useful. The jist is to target someone in short or medium range, then use the pips to recover strain if you get at least 3 adv or triumph so you will miss because the target is not engaged, then you activate force assault to use a move as maneuver. So you recovered some free strain and maybe some advantage and you get to attack or do soemthing else with you Move power. One of the few ways to get a chance to roll to attack twice in a turn, and you can use it fairly often.
  6. Quick strike is a generic talent found in other non-lightsaber/melee trees. So yes, it counts for any combat checks you make against someone that hasn't acted yet.
  7. By RAW cortosis weave is just for armors, not weapons like a shield. That said, you could allow them to incorporate the cortosis from the shield to the crafted one with the double triumph result in the crafting table. This would reflect the difficulty of shaping cortosis and would prevent from the shield being too crazy in stats, so it remains balanced.
  8. Or... you could bring 5 custom made energy rifles with encumbrance 1 and autofire. I'll see myself out now... XD
  9. Hmm, you might have a non-issue here. Have you spoken with this player about this and he voiced his boredom in combat? He might have made a non-combat character because he finds combat not interesting and he doesn't want to engage with it. When he made his character probably thought "This character is useless in combat, but that is ok, because I get so much fun being great at X outside of it" As others pointed out, anyone with a decent gun and using aim maneuvers will contribute to combat. Not like a combat focused character, but he will kill some minions here and there. I have done so myself with similar characters. Giving a stimpack to another character can be a very important thing to do also, that could even decide the fate of the battle. The concept that everyone has to pull their weight in combat is a D&D one. In this game combat is not the end of all. It's just one way to deal with problems. As you said yourself, this character already contributes greatly outside of combat. Don't you think is a bit unfair that he also has to get the spotlight in combat too? Are you equally concerned about combat focused characters outside of combat? They might be contributing much less than this character. In my experience I have made some combat focused characters, and sometimes I got a bit bored because I wasn't contributing much outside of it. But it was compensated by shining when a combat started.
  10. Yeah, it definitely looks legit. I hope the announcement comes soon. I'm really looking forward to this book.
  11. Richardbuxton has it right. If you need to picture it remember Yoda vs Palapatine when they fight on the chancellor seat. He is clearly engaged throughout the fight and he jumps around like a maniac, a perfect example of Hawk Bat Swoop.
  12. Yeah, Move can be powerful, but all the offensive force powers are pretty good. One good example I remember form the movies to throw people and do damage with the hit is Yoda vs Palapatine when he knocks Palapatine's guards unconscious against the wall. The first thing that I would like to point out, is that Move is pretty situational power. You need things/creatures to throw around, and big items might not be available. Moving enemies, while useful, can be hard if those enemies make opposed rolls to resist. The most controversial use of Move is the moving upwards and letting enemies freefall, wich I would argue the devs didn't really intend for this kind of use. First this requires a high ceiling, and depending on the campaign not a single combat might happen outdoors. Also considering you are free-falling I would allow for an athletics or coordination roll to mitigate/control the fall to reduce or even negate the damage. Maybe even throw a grappling hook or something like that. Another thing about this power is that is the one that scales the worst, you might get more and more FR, but it's effectiveness in combat will not increase in practice. The rules for hurl recommends you to use autofire rules to hit with several objects, wich will be limited by your discipline roll. Even if you can throw 10 things at someone, you will realistically hit only with 2 or 3. Also the size determines both the damage and the difficulty. If you start factoring in defense, adversary ranks, etc hitting with big items might not be so easy anymore. If you also count Suppress into the picture it's effectiveness will be curb stomped. So yeah, great at lower FR, but at certain point other powers or a lightsaber might be more effective. Now lets consider the other powers. Harm lets you do pretty good damage ignoring soak to multiple targets without the limitations of Move. It also can heal people and make you recover lots of strain, and even resurrect people. It's only situational in the sense that only affects living beings. Bind lets you restrain opponents, something I would argue is outside of the intended use of Move. It can do ok damage, you can scale it to other enemies just as easy as with Harm and provide reliable hard control or do big crits with the mastery. And you can commit force dice to leave them there, while you do other things And lastly Unleash is the one that scales the most with higher FR. You can add a lot of extra stuff to your damage and it scales the best of all with strength ranks. As opposed to Move, the difficulty is fixed regardless of range or sizes. You can also hit engaged enemies of the main target with no extra difficulty with those magnitude upgrades. To be honest what I think makes the Move power great is that it gives a lot of outside of combat utility, a thing the other powers do not have.
  13. Apart from the obvious planetary weapons (that would waste anyone not super hard to hit), at a first glance I can see your discipline is pretty low and you have no Supress power. That leaves you open to pretty nasty force powers, like Bind or Influence, that will take you out of the fight pretty easy if targeted by a high discipline enemy. Also if you get shot by enemies with autofire and decent rolls, you might get out of strain fast.
  14. By RAW you are right, you are not forced to use dark pips. But I think this highlights one of the problems of rolling both the force roll and the combat check in the same roll. You can metagame the force pip spenditure. One example is "Oh I don't hit so I dont even bother to spend the pips". The problem with this is that your character would not know if he hits or not. This is specially bad if you do something else with the pips, like spending them for strain with a dantari crystal. I agree with the others that you should probably just throw and lose your saber if you fail to spend the required pips. A good example in the movies is Vader throwing his saber at Luke, and he physically throws it. So I think it's correct to assume you throw it regardless of your force pips, but you should not be forced to use a dark pip. You never should. One way to solve this is roll the force roll beforehand and decide to spend the pips or not then roll to attack. It barely takes more time but all the problems with the talent are solved.
  15. I think that there is great sinergy in Soresu/Shien. because both Supreme Parry/Reflect only work when you don't make combat checks previously. So if you were focusing on that (maybe using Strategic form or a force power like Bind or Harm), it works great. Not so much if you focus on the Shien tree and be more offensive with the lightsaber. Ataru/Makashi would make for a duelist powerhouse. I would neglect the tree section that goes to Makashi Finish because it's very expensive to get there and it is redundant with the offensive power you already get with Ataru. But the Resist Disarm and many Parry talents helps you a lot. You will be very focused on melee attack/defense but you will be great at it. Soresu and Niman are very good secondary trees. They work great with anything because they give you some defensive talents and many parry/reflect talents. Soresu gives you both improved versions and Niman gives you that force point (although it's quite expensive to get it). Niman is great for force wizards because you get some defensive talents but you still get that force point. In general I would argue against picking up multiple attribute specific force talents if you can, specially the offensive ones. They tend to be a bit redundant and it's quite hard to be great at both. As a final note I would like to point out that one of the problems of focusing on 2 lighsaber forms is that you delay your force points. Because of that, your shiny lightsaber talent that depends on force rating will be quite weak for a long time.
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