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  1. Sorry again have a question about the viper legion unit. When they poisen a target, can that target remove the poisen marker away right away with two lore, as soon as the attacking player roles the poisen, or does the attacked unit have to wait until the end of the attacking players turn?
  2. The Citidal Guard's pursue ability, does one always have to use the pursue's additional attack on the unit that retreated or was forced to retreat? Or could he move in the the retreated unit's original hex and attack another unit adjacent to him? Hope that clear thanks.
  3. This is helpful thanks. So if I where to role the crown marker and a target for my two dice attack for the viper legion, could I use the piosen ability for the crown and the target for damage or I can just choose which one of the two I will use?
  4. Sorry just a few more questions about Battlelore second edition. 1. Just wondering about the viper legion's spedcial ability. The viper's ability allows you to use poisen if you role the heroic crown marker. Does one role seperatly for the poisen attempt though? For example if I roled the two dice used by the viper at a target, and roled a Heroic and a target, could I use the hit from the target as a damage and then use the Heroic emblem for my special ability in which I would role the dice again, the lore markers the only thing of value to me? 2. Would there be a time where one could not be able to play any command cards because he would not have any cards that would allow him to move? If he had no more units on one or more sides for example? Would he just miss his turn? Hope these questions are clear thanks.
  5. One other thing to clarify in the game. When you draw a command card that specifies movement, for example "order 3 units in the right section." Units can posibly be a card of 3 figures right? So when moving "3 units" you could potentialy move up to 9 figures? Thanks
  6. Okay thanks, that is what I thought it meant, but just wanted to confirm it.
  7. I just bought the main Battlelore second edition game, I just have a question on what the rule book is meaning when talking about the forest tile. The rules talk about when being in a forest hex "you role a maximum of two dice (before modifiers) when in combat." What does the before modifiers mean? Thanks.
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