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  1. Another great breakdown of the weapons. Great job man. I think this speaks volumes as to how powerful a free and consistent pierce-1 is on anything. Especially when combined with more free damage from Vibrogenerator. Gaffi stick is unimpressive at first glance. "It's just a stick with a surge for weaken" my rebel players say. Had they read your articles, they would be singing a different tune. Something akin to finding the BFG in Doom. Especially since one of my players has HORRIBLE luck with the dice. And i mean it. Rolling "1 damage" on red dice for 50%+ of a campaign is just heartbreaking. I'd bet he'd be glad if the worst thing he could roll was 3-damage-pierce-1. It would make his teammates a lot less mad at him too. Lesson learned: You must look beyond what you see. (And beware the stick).
  2. A house rule that I'm currently running to help my rebel players is to give bonuses on crates. Heres the breakdown: 1st crate = 50 credits 2nd crate = 50 credits 3rd crate = 50 credits + 50 bonus 4th crate = 50 credits + 150 bonus More rewards for crate hunting. Any cards that would otherwise discard the crate would only lose the 50 base credits, not the bonus. I have found that this rule lets them be a little more flexible with the team composition. It isn't too bad for balance as my scheming skills more than make up for the extra equipment they bring.
  3. I too have a broken Gamorean spear. Although, I dont plan to repair it as it might be cool in campaign. Should he underperform on his attacks I shall trade a good figure for the broken one, to better reflect his inability to do damage. Also, my rancor seems to be a little too large. The arms dont slot into the torso and the base is too narrow to fit the legs. Or the legs are too wide. Ive got some shaving to do!
  4. That indeed sounds like a pain. I usually run 4 heroes no matter what. Even if that means a player controls multiple heroes. I feel that the game is just more balanced that way. Playing more than two heroes per playing is kinda rough. The first couple missions aren't too bad, but it becomes a ton to manage once you start getting into the meat of the campaign. Perhaps it may be just because my group and I are accustomed to multi tasking and split attention due to the countless hours we spend playing videogames, but it is not too difficult. It's about the same as playing as the Imperials in my opinion.
  5. Anyone else super excited for the Nemesis class deck? I personally play Imperials as more of a GameMaster than competitive player. (Although that doesn't mean I don't like to win). More (and easier access to) Villains helps me make the missions all the more thematic and fun. Plus, I'm going to commit to having Greedo in every mission as I am planning to insert a subplot about how he wants to take down Vinto Hreeda to prove himself as a Merc worth Jabba's time. Should be interesting.
  6. That indeed sounds like a pain. I usually run 4 heroes no matter what. Even if that means a player controls multiple heroes. I feel that the game is just more balanced that way.
  7. You really believe this! I read you posting that somewhere else yesterday is Gideon anti-fun because the player ends up using the action to let someone else fire all the time, and he doesnt get to attack himself? Or is he just broken strong? I choose Military Might. Military Might is very fun! In my experience he is broken-strong. To beat him you have to strain him out, which is what Subversive Tactics is about. ST basically robs the heroes of their super-poweredness and Gideon FORCES the Imperial to have to take that strategy. It's a circle of fun-sucking. I do agree that ST makes the game more dull as more strain = less hero abilities = less hero flair = less uniqueness = less fun. But in terms of Gideon, perhaps you have just not dealt with him correctly? I mean no offense by that but "broken-strong" might be going overboard. Gid is a support character. As such, he is only as strong as his allies are. Command will only ever activate once (twice if you have Masterstroke) per activation. There are a lot of factors that go into taking him down, as well as variables in items, team compositions, and the like. However, I have found a lot of success in focused fire and proper unit management. He only has 10 hp and a black die. Hit him hard and he becomes wounded fairly easily. (More consistently because he rolls black die defense. No pesky dodge to worry about).
  8. I see you have also gone above and beyond with the 3D models for the crates and terminals. It's the little things that can make the campaign all the more immersive. Also, if this will be your first campaign, may i suggest looking at the multiple new player guides and common mistakes that are littered about the internet. As it is also the small mistakes that can make/break a mission.
  9. Just a small error here. Fenn has weapon expert, not Verena. Another great chapter toward the inevitable unraveling of the game of imperial assault as we know it. I fully appreciate "passive"/guaranteed damage/damage floors. I also completely agree with your blurb on Verena's point-blank shot and how incredibly bonkers it is for her to do that much damage. I am currently going through a hoth campaign with her and she has the aforementioned DL-44 with Tac-Display, Point-Blank shot, Create Opening, and now Master Operative. The imperial player is forced to watch as I take out a group of snow troopers and the officer hiding behind them in 1 activation. It is gloriously ridiculous.
  10. As an aspiring mathematician and zealous imperial assault campaign player, I have thoroughly enjoyed every word and number in this post. I have done some quick calculations at the game table myself to get an estimated reading on the effectiveness of dice combinations of a few weapons. (which has been a great boon to my rebel allies). Admittedly, in imperial assault it is much more difficult to see whether or not a certain weapon upgrade or attack will be worth doing. At least in comparison to generic rpg stats such as +1 STR for -1 INT. Or a higher damage number in general. I wouldn't fret about being "mathematically gifted" nor using programs or computations from other sources as it is all a foundation to which your probabilities build off of (plus it would suck to have to reinvent the wheel every time someone wanted to build a car). In my honest opinion, math was created for lazy people anyway (why add when you can multiply?) Mathematical philosophy aside, this has been quite the eye opener for me as I have never once looked at the armored gauntlets in any light. I wrote it off once I saw a severe lack of a red die. A great folly, to be sure. I have already printed out what you have posted so far so I may read and take notes at my leisure. To both be a better player, and when on the imperial side, be a better guide as to what everything has to offer. It is much easier to enjoy the game when you understand the risk and reward of attack/defense die and probability to succeed, rather than going in blind and raging at your "bad luck". Thank you so much for posting this and keep up the good work!
  11. These are incredibly well done. I'm curious to see how balanced they are in a real match. But at first glance, here are my opinions: 1) Flame troopers are in a weird spot. With the cost of the unit, as well as them being elite, they seem a little underwhelming.The best thing I can compare them to, gameplay wise, would be the close engagement version of the heavy troopers we already have. They are supposed to be a terror up close, right? Units freak out with flames/napalm in their face. My suggestion would be to capitalize on that fantasy, as well give them clear strengths and weaknesses. Increase deployment to 8/4 reinforce, increase health to 6 (I would say 8, but they have to trade something for all that damage), and give them guaranteed "weakened" on attacks as well. As well as remove the innate +1 block for an ability along the lines of "Heavy armor: When defending, if the attacker is less than 4 spaces away (3 or closer), gain +1 Block." This all means that you should stay the hell away from them, or risk being burned to a crisp. Flamethrowers have historically been used to clear entrenched positions, as well as corner enemies,and i believe that this flametrooper can do just that. (If you really wanted to be thematic, you could give it a last stand ability similar to the hired gun, but instead of shooting his flame-pack explodes. But that may be going overboard. xD) 2) Rathar. The jump from regular to elite is crazy. For 3 more points, you get more than double health, as well as double the chance for grapple. For 3 points. There is very little reason to take the regular one and I think that's a shame. I'm not too sure how to balance that, seeing as I don't often find myself playing mercs/monsters, but perhaps look to the Nexu for inspiration? 3) Kylo Ren might be going a little overboard with having "Deadly". I get that white die is a pain (its supposed to be), but with his attack pool, as well as 5 speed, there is no way to escape him. Which would be fun in theory, as he is supposed to be this unstoppable ball of rage, but not fun in practice having. Having every unit die to him with his awesome surge abilities. Something has got to give. If anything, he should have a debuff ability along the lines of "Arrogance/Blind Rage: When attacking a white die unit, the defender gets: Lucky" (Where the blank side turns into a dodge). This would justify his incredible damage potential and speed, and also fit thematically as he has been shown to fail numerous times because he has underestimated his opponents. 4) Finn is in a good spot right now, but i would change Fallen Hero to work on adjacent allies, instead of himself. It may seem selfish, but it would make more sense (As well as bring something unique to the table) for Finn to use a fallen comrades gun to shoot at their killer. So it would read "When an adjacent ally figure suffers damage equal to their health, Finn may interrupt to perform an attack using their attack pool, then that figure is defeated." Other than those, I am loving these cards. Very well done.
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