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  1. I use a pair of D10s usually. But there was a company that made life/honor counters for Legend of the Five Rings and MTG that went up to 40+. I think they were called Flying Tricycle.
  2. What does your command deck look like? Grenadier, reinforcements x2, new orders or covering fire, focus, take initiative those are pretty standard but do you use anything gimmicky or wildly different?
  3. I don't remember exactly what was "wave 1" but Stormtroopers are a thing and they are in the core so even without vader's finest you could take some elite stormtroopers and do fairly well. You also have the royal guard champion to consider. A friend of mine does very well with Royal Guard Champion Royal Guards Elite Imperial Officer Stormtroopers Heavy Stormtroopers If you swap the heavies for regular stormtroopers or a pair of standard probe droids youre in with 5 or 6 activations and 9 or 10 figures. Plenty of speed to contest objectives and protect the RGC. His abilities alone can devastate other trooper lists.
  4. I can't say we had that problem. I would say so. But I controlled all of the contacts up until the end of the game.
  5. Command deck: Grenadier (if you're playing troopers), Take Initiative, Set a Trap, basically anything that allows you to take additional activations or ready additional groups is good. Check out this podcast about command decks https://soundcloud.com/vadersfinest/episodefive My experience is limited to probably about ten games and I've played mostly stormtrooper squads with varying gimmicks but some things I've noted are: Royal Guard Champion is very good. Stormtroopers are pretty good and Elite Stormtroopers are very good the same is true of Snowtroopers. Kayn Somos is fun and can be gimmicky with heavy troopers or some other things for firing squad but the consensus seems to be that another squad of troopers is better. On the rebel side the distracting ability paired with cunning is annoying. I had a very hard time forcing any damage through at all on characters paired together (Jyn, Han and C3po being the specific example) Speed 5 is very helpful in the early game to seize objectives and get inside your opponent's decision circle but isn't strictly necessary. (I took second place last weekend with only speed 4 troopers) Focus is an ability that is very good so anything that lets you do that is great. (Vader's Finest, Gideon, 3Po) Things you may want two of, are the gerneric trooper packs. Stormtroopers comes with one copy of Vader's Finest which is so helpful that I've considered buying a third pack. Rebel Troopers comes with some generic figures that work really well as a support to another squad but I seem to always want two deployment groups of them. I don't own any of the mercenary stuff so I'm not entirely sure about hired guns but I have considered buying another return to hoth expansion for additional snowtroopers.
  6. We played it as one activation of a contact per group. So a single group could activate any one contact but only one. We also played that each contact could only be activated once per round so even if you had tree guys from different groups clustered around the same contact you couldn't trigger him more than once.
  7. I think the most annoying list I've played so far is Jyn Odan, Gideon, Han, 3PO, Maak and Chewbacca. He just keeps his figures in a block with Jyn in the front using distraction on Han and 3po with her natural cunning ability to make her almost impossible to shoot. Even if she rolls a blank. It was pretty annoying but I was able to counter it by changing my approach.
  8. Ive only played two games but so far Ive learned that the command deck is just as important if not more so than the actual squad. The number of activations is generally more important than the number of figures but there is a balance point.
  9. I also wanted some recommendations on this list which is a General Sorin variation of the same thing General Sorin Probe Droid Probe Droid Heavy Stormtrooper Elite Snowtrooper -The General's Ranks Stormtrooper Imperial Officer -Total 40 points with the command deck Celebration Element of Surprise Urgency Take Initiative New Orders Maximum Firepower Optimal Bombardment Reinforcements Reinforcements Hunter Protocol Reposition Set for Stun Against the Odds Harsh Environment Recovery
  10. Thanks guys! I'm playing again tomorrow I'll use basically the same list except that I'll spend my extra point to give the Heavy Troopers a targeting computer and I've adjusted the command deck as follows: Grenadier Rally The Troops Lock On Reinforcements Reinforcements Squad Swarm Strength in Numbers Planning Recovery To the Limit Take Cover Urgency Celebration Take Initiative Expose Weakness
  11. I just feel like my red dice are too fickle to spend 3points on a card. I did add it to the deck though.
  12. I honestly didn't get a look at all my options. At first glance it didn't seem that useful. Ill post my changes this afternoon when I get a chance to check it again.
  13. Also, I'm curious if Vader's Finest has any real value or if the two points are better spent elsewhere.
  14. Thanks! I was considering swapping the heavies or elite troopers for the snowtroopers but didnt want to limitt he effectiveness of my strength in numbers or squad swarm cards.
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