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    My go at Death Troopers. I don't like green so I did orange, canon have mercy on me Alas, I don't have any gloss varnish atm so not quite done.
  2. So just played a game with Han for the first time and... jeese, against troopers without cover he's just an attrition machine, it seems. I just want to make sure I was doing this correctly, since I don't get a lot of games in and it's been a while. Han shoots a trooper. Gets two hits. No cover, no dodge. That's pretty much it, right? With pierce it would negate the two defense rolls right out, so if Han shoots and hits someone out of cover that's just pretty much a wound? Use gunslinger on another trooper unit, two hits... two more straight out, right? So against these two stormtrooper units, he's pretty much near guaranteed with red dice to down 4 troopers a round at range 2? Now of course, if my students hadn't wandered their troopers out into the middle of an open field in the first place, or used boba fett's blaster shots to try and take out an at-rt, or stuck their snowtroopers on a roof and kept them there the entire game... sigh.
  3. You know, I'm actually curious what the in-lore references are to all these specialist troopers. Do they actually *call* them shoretroopers in the films? Do they call them Sandtroopers? Scout troopers? What's the military designation for all these specialists? I know what the outside lore says, but you know how military folk make up shorthand and nicknames for everything... all these names just sound like nicknames tossed around by grunts around a card table. *ahem*, a short story of the naming of a new canon trooper: "Hey Ted" "Yeah Bill?" "The dude has like, a spike on his head." "Dude" "Totally dude, it is most heinous." "We should like, totally let them know." *In tandem with high five* "Excellent!" Hey, how's it going Spiky Trooper dudes!?"
  4. What opinions do you guys have on dry-brushing the highlights vs. edge highlighting? For mine I feel like doing the drybrushing will save me a lot of time but I'm concerned on the results...
  5. Anyone seen some of the stuff from Multiverse gaming in their lasercut space opera range? I've tried dabbling in making my own lasercut terrain, but nothing I've put together seems as complex as this piece! Anyone ever used it or have experience with it? I'm seriously considering getting this and a few of their other pieces, though shipping from Poland adds some 30% to the cost https://www.multiversegamingterrain.com/spaceport-cantina-p-255.html
  6. I use an army painter brush set, the regiment brush mostly, with Vallejo paints. I know that Vallejo is pretty thick so maybe I'm just having trouble figuring out the right amount to thin, maybe? I'm also starting to wonder if it's got something to do with hand-brushing my primer... maybe I can look into getting into spray instead. Problem is my local climate is dry and cold, I've had bad experiences with frosting last few times I tried.
  7. So FFG sometimes makes stuff available early for events? Does that suggest that the Occupier and Landspeeder will be released soon?
  8. That looks pretty good KommanderKeldoth, one of these days I really need to pick up a compressor for the airbrush I have. Never even used the thing, it just sits in my closet while I brush primer on like a peasant
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Star-Wars-Legion-X-34-Landspeeder-Unit-Expansion-FFG/173856511379?hash=item287aa7d593:g:8K0AAOSwcCJcn5Qq Is this out? What is going on? FFG site says this is still in development. I'm confused. Tank? Tank is somewhere? TANK. 🐧
  10. I tried this but it left a really grainy look to it which I didn't care for, ended up just going back over with white. Felt like it took way too long for what this is advocating. I have spent something like... 2 hours each on the troopers i'm doing. In fact, I'm literally at this moment (besides typing :D) going back over a rocket launcher trooper after having tried to drybrush it. Bah, and watching it now she's going over parts of it like i'm doing and her paint is going over smoothly and quickly, how do I DO that!? My paint never goes on that smoothly. UGH this is getting frustrating.
  11. So I'm painting up my stormies, and I just can't get white to not be an absolute pain. I've watched Sorastro's vids on them, but his paints always seem to go on better than mine and I can't figure out where I've gone wrong. I've tried thinning to different levels with water. Too much and it doesn't coat, leaving an unclean coat that looks mottled. Too little thinning and the brush strokes are obvious. I've tried acrylic medium, similar results. Moreover, the medium, even though it says it will reduce viscosity, actually seems to increase it, leaving chunks of paint left behind by the brush or smudging the paint around with visible brush strokes. I've tried using BOTH together, and... yeah that didn't work either. Is white just a massive pain in the !@# to use as a general rule? I've painted other minis with reds, browns, greens, etc and never had this much trouble...
  12. I have some and I don't think they're bad, if you're ok with the cockpits being much smaller than your figures. The A-wing and B-Wing seem pretty large. I suspect if you don't mix them with other ships of drastically different scale they should be ok.
  13. So I'm looking to get some small scatter terrain pieces, but I'm stuck between getting the Priority Supplies vs. Terrain Crate's "Starship Scenery". Obviously priority supplies is distinctly SW and includes the setup cards, objectives, etc, but the TC set includes 26 pieces for $26 vs. PS's 12 for $20. TC also has a wider variety of pieces, including tables, wall mounts, cabinets, etc. TC however is 28 mm, though I'm not sure the difference from 32 mm would be terribly noticeable... Would the objectives in PS make it that much worth it? I always figure we can use digital versions of those cards since I only ever play casual games. Anyone have enough experience with either/both to offer a suggestion? Thanks much!
  14. the B-version increases your chances to land critical blows by replacing two of IG-88’s four blue dice with black dice. I'm confused by the wording here. Do crits have an impact on squadrons minus Vader or similar?
  15. Now I certainly see your points her, but I wonder if you’d consider an alternative perspective. I try to paint my minis, but it will be a long, long time before I’m ever done. There are reasons for this: I’m a slow painter, I have legion, historical Vikings, and historical samurai to get through, I have two young children, and other factors. Point is I’m slow, but I try. I even feel I do a fair job on them. But I’m slow. In the end, I would not likely be able to field a playable army by your standards for probably a couple more years. Thing is, when the day is done I enjoy both the hobby and game aspect. If I can’t do one without the other, then there’s a problem. In the end I enjoy the game too! So yeah, I’ll play with unpainted minis (though they will definitely be assembled properly). now that said, we have no flgs within 4 hours driving and I mostly play my stuff with my students at our school club. Maybe if there was a more official venue I’d care more. Am I happy I’m slow to paint? No, it bothers me terribly. But I’d never play if I wasn’t ok fielding unpainted stuff. I’m also the sort that brings the random heavy weapon because that’s what my guys would do, too. And my sca kit is excellent thank you 😆
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